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Free A Tourist Looking at Pillars inside the Dendera Temple Stock Photo

no matter where we are
or where we’re from
we all walk on the paths
that others have forged for us
worn deep into
all of our lives
half truths
and all the rest
we are people indoctrinated
into beliefs of the past
by each generation
we are born
then have to work
to unlearn what we have been
conditioned to believe
things that no longer work
in the age
in which we live
old grudges
and ideas
passed from one
to another
and we wonder why
we don’t see eye to eye
what chance do we have
when poisoned
from the beginning
when wearing white sheets
seem normal
and inequality
is just the way things are
the status quo
= death
it divides us
turns people into
everything we know
we have been taught
we need to break
away from the old stories
and the lies his-story
told us
we need to write
new tales
have new visions
in case you haven’t noticed
in many ways
we are currently dying



Photo:  Yasmine Qasem

A short story about change and hope…and neon.

nothing is impossible signage

“You need to take down the sign,” she said, plopping her bag onto the counter.

“Why?” he asked.

“Because it’s false advertising.  It’s an outright lie.   The sign should read, HARDLY ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.  Unless, of course you know the right people, are rich, have an in someplace, or don’t really want anything that’s impossible.  And let me see you fly, and not in a plane, or turn into a unicorn.”

“Uh, I think I see where you’re going with this.”

“I’m sick of false advertisements and stupid sayings that are not true.”

“Do you want  tofu dog?”


“This is a vegetarian deli.  I think the sign just means that we can make pretty much any kind of sandwich, as long as it’s on the big board over there,” he said pointing next to him.

“That’s still a lie because if you only get to pick what’s available, then nothing is impossible but who cares, if you only have ten items to choose from?”

“No idea.  I just work here,” he said, picking up a hot dog bun.  “They’re really good.”

“Don’t you think you should question things like that sign?”

“Not really.  I already know that hardly anything is possible, like paying off student loans, actually being able to afford a one room crumby apartment and having enough money for food.  That’s why I work here.  I get to eat.”

“So you know the sign is a lie and that it leads people to have false hope.”

“I don’t know if anyone thinks about it that way.  Or, if they even care.  Most people who eat here killed their dreams a long time ago.”

“That’s so horrible,” she said, closing her eyes.

“I don’t know, people seem to be calmer once they have given up and decided things will never get better.  They don’t have to hope any longer. They don’t struggle, or strive for what they wanted.”

“That’s the worst thing I’ve heard in my entire life.”

“It’s still true.”

“How much do you make, working here?”

“Enough to pay rent and buy clothes at Goodwill,” he said looking at his t-shirt.

“Don’t you want more than this?”

“I think most people want more than what they have.  They want more for themselves and more for their families.  But life doesn’t care what people want.”

“You mean the men in charge don’t care what people want.”

He shrugged.  “Same thing, I guess.”

“You realize that this is what the bad guys want.  They want people to give up.”

“Well, then someone is getting what they want, aren’t they,” he said, smiling weakly.  “What about the tofu dog?”

“Steam the bun and add a bit of regular yellow mustard.”

“You got it,” he said, starting to fill her order.

“There are a lot of ways to be dead, you know.  Giving up is one of them.”

“Hard to keep fighting when you know you can’t win.”

“That’s what they want.”

“Doesn’t change what is though, does it,” he said, defeat in his voice.  “What do you want to drink?”

“Water, please.”

He handed her the tofu dog and placed a bottle of water next to her bag.  That’s seven dollars.

She gave him ten and told him to keep the change.  He nodded, thanked her, and rang up the sale.

“This really is good,” she said, her mouth full of food.

“I know,” he snickered.  “So, are you going to change the world?”

“That’s the plan,” she said, taking another bite.

“Let me know how it goes.  If you need help, I’m in.”

“Thanks.  Write down your name and number, in case you change jobs.  That way I’ll know how to find you.”

He handed her a slip of paper.

“Nice talking with you,” she said.  “Dinner was delicious.”

“We aim to please,” he laughed.

“I’ll be in touch.”

“Looking forward to it,” he said, watching her walk away.




Neon…HOPE without action is usually meaningless…words.

a street light at night

is one of those words
that can get us through
tough times
but in reality
it’s a false prophet
like the old joke goes
you can hope to win the Lotto
but if you don’t buy a ticket
it’s not going to happen
you can hope to get a degree
but if you don’t go to school
that’s not going to happen either
we can hope war ends
but unless people stop showing up
we will continue to kill each other
unless we DO something about
the things we HOPE for
nothing is going to change
most things
aren’t up to us anyway
simply gives us something
to hold on to
while life does
whatever it wants to do
can change things
some of the time
gives us a chance
to get what we hope for
by itself
just sits there
waiting for something to happen
it doesn’t do anything by itself
but often times
is all we have
even if it’s just a glimmer
is not an action word
it’s a word that can be used
to get us through the day
or control others
governments make promises
that give people FALSE/hope
knowing the promises are a lie
from the start
is a word that can bring about
if only for a little while
we hope it won’t rain for our party
we hope the kids get home on time
and HOPE
but  we can’t control the rain
or fix traffic
we continue to hope
it’s so weird
to believe in something
that does nothing
except get us to the next thing
to HOPE for
but without HOPE
we have to face reality as it is
and that would surely lead to
which would be horrific
but with ACTION
there’s always a chance
what we hope for
will become real
without ACTION
good luck
I HOPE I get my house cleaned today
but if I don’t stop typing and start cleaning
all the hope in the world
isn’t going to make that happen
then I’ll just have to HOPE to get it done
many of us hope that 2023
will be a better year
for everyone
but realistically
that’s up to us
because HOPE
won’t change a thing
only we can do that
through our



Photo:  Pramod Tiwari

HOPE…A poem…

Child, Hope, Future, Psychology, Galaxy

what HOPE
can children have
when adults
do little
to nothing
to stop
the destruction
that’s taking place
around the globe
we say we love our children
but buy them inhalers
instead of cleaning the air
show them pictures
of polar bears
that are dying
as we turn the pages
tell them about melting
and methane gas sink holes
show them statues
of animals and fish
made out of the garbage
found in our lakes and oceans
teach them about wars
where they will die
for the rich and powerful
feed them food
with GMOs
and additives that will
keep things
for four years
on a shelf
we say we love our
but what are we doing
to protect them
from us


Photo:  Pixabay



Anonymous, Collective, Secret, Hacker

From: Candy… I think this is what hope and the desire to live looks like…

I think she got it from face book

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