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HOPE…A poem…

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what HOPE
can children have
when adults
do little
to nothing
to stop
the destruction
that’s taking place
around the globe
we say we love our children
but buy them inhalers
instead of cleaning the air
show them pictures
of polar bears
that are dying
as we turn the pages
tell them about melting
and methane gas sink holes
show them statues
of animals and fish
made out of the garbage
found in our lakes and oceans
teach them about wars
where they will die
for the rich and powerful
feed them food
with GMOs
and additives that will
keep things
for four years
on a shelf
we say we love our
but what are we doing
to protect them
from us


Photo:  Pixabay



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From: Candy… I think this is what hope and the desire to live looks like…

I think she got it from face book

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