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The Rubber Ducks were up early on Christmas morning…



Street art…Chicago



Rubber stamps

We are all dreamers.  Life is a dream from which we may never wake.  Death may not explain time or space but put us into another dream.  Maybe that’s all there is…one dream after another.  No one knows.

Tuesday night…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Tuesday night is Mystery on PBS.  More rubber ducks have showed up for the airing of Poirot and Miss Fisher’s Murder Mystery  They are very excited.  They have already eaten all of their corn and have requested stadium seating for next week.  I told them I would layer books for them to sit on and they were okay with that, so I did it immediately.  Then I gave them more corn.  The shows don’t start until eight o’clock but they wanted to make sure they didn’t miss anything, so they arrived at seven.



Rubber duck

Edgar asked if I would watch Start Trek with him.  What could I say?  I watched Mystery with his brother.  So, I told him that I had both Trek’s and he said he wanted to watch both of them because he loved Science Fiction and especially Star Trek.  So, I got some corn for him and hit play.  He was a very happy rubber duck and I never get tired of looking at Chris Pine.  Besides, I’m a Trekkie, so it’s all good.

Rubber duck and PBS

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis duck just waddled into my room and said that Mystery was on PBS and he would like to watch.  So I turned on the TV and gave him some corn to eat while he watches Poirot and Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries.


First Valentine’s Day Rubber Duck…


Rubber Duck sink stopper…

IMG_1598Melanie sent this to me:)  Thank you Melanie.


Another surprise from the Rubber Ducks…found this one in the kitchen…


A sweet surprise from the Rubber Ducks..

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Rubber Ducks told me that had a surprise for me and tonight, they told me to close my eyes and follow them.  Not an easy task, believe me.  I did the best I could with one eye open.  In any event, they had one of their friends, who loves to dress up as Raggedy Ann come for a visit and surprise me.  I was surprised and thanked all very much for their  thoughtfulness.  They are all swimming in the bathtub right now, happy that I had no idea what they were planning.  Most of the ducks are at The Coop, but a few decided to stay home and celebrate in their own way.  I told them it was up to them, so they didn’t have to feel that I might miss them, if they all left, but they said they were staying.  I’m going to make them some popcorn and let them watch a movie later.

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