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The Sign…

The way our brains work (or don’t) is to allow us to manipulate EVERYTHING.  If we are looking for something, we can find it.  If we don’t want to see what’s right in front of us, we over look it … Continue reading

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Sign…a poem

if angels exist I think they’re grumpy guys with swords who go around killing other angels in gang wars they probably have a hierarchy secret handshakes and drink a lot of Fairy Wine at clandestine meetings where they laugh and … Continue reading

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Signs…a poem

people are always asking for SIGNS but signs are literally EVERWHERE we LOOK YOU ARE HERE and there’s no escaping it except through death but we don’t actually know what happens after death so we might simply be RECYCLED and … Continue reading

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Bad Habits…a poem

what is a BAD HABIT who decides bad habits are what life seems to be all about like everything else a bad habit to one may seem like a good habit to another I guess that’s just the way things … Continue reading

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Okay, so…

There are red flags, all over the place.  Like any game, there are clues, hints and flaming arrows, that players can acknowledge, avoid, or ignore, at their their own peril. Things are not going well in the world today.  Maybe … Continue reading

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Two signs…Melody Farm shopping center

One more sign telling people to smile.  Seriously, those signs are EVERYWHERE.

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