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I stopped after 13 pictures, but here are some SIGNS OF THE TIMES…no one can say people aren’t telling others what they want…there are SO MANY other signs and issues I could have added. If things don’t change…good luck

Photo:  Stewart Munro

Photo:  Jakayla Toney


Photo:  Jeremiah Amaya

people holding white and black signage during daytime

Gayatri Malhotra
Unsplashpeople holding white and red happy birthday signage during daytime

Photo: Jason Leung

people walking on street during daytime

Photo:  Manny Becerra
Unsplashpeople walking on pedestrian lane during daytime

Photo:  Mike Baumeister

Photo:  Patrick Perkins
Unsplashgreen trees near brown concrete building during daytime

Photo:  Aslihan Altin

Back view of group of demonstrators showing banners with slogans in downtown under dark blue sky at night

Photo:  Kelly Lacy

Photo of Person Wearing Guy Fawkes Mask

Photo:  Vincent M.A. Janssen

don't think do't ask pay tax vote for us text

Photo:  Pawel Czerwinski

stainless steel road sign

Photo:  Miko Guziuk





Yet another sign…see below

you are worthy of love sign beside tree and road

  1.  Who decides who is worthy of anything, let alone love?
  2.   What are the exact rules/qualifications for being worthy?
  3.   How many of those rules have to be met to make one worthy?
  4.   Exactly what does worthy mean?
  5.   Who made up the definition?
  6.   Why does one have to BE worthy, in order to be loved?
  7.   What if someone doesn’t want to be worthy, or loved?
  8.   Isn’t everyone automatically worthy just because they showed up?
  9.   If everyone is worthy, why is this an issue?
  10.   Are these words supposed to make people feel…  Loved?  Better?  Worthy?
  11.   Who is the person telling others of what they are worthy?
  12.   Is the writer worthy enough to tell other people things he has no control or authority over?  What exactly does the writer do that makes him worthy to tell others they are worthy?
  13.   Do we need to be worthy for anything else?
  14.   Will these words be meaningful to those who feel unloved because they feel unworthy?
  15.    If we weren’t told we had to be worthy of something, there would be no need for signs.  Being told we are worthy, implies that being unworthy is a strong possibility, even if we don’t know for sure what that means.
  16.   Seriously.  We are insane.  We make our own problems.  We have be bored out of our minds to worry about worthiness.  Expectations KILL.  And people reading the sign, instead of watching the road, might make them unworthy of living.


Being unworthy means you aren’t meeting the expectations of others, including your parents, religion, friends, culture, etc.  It’s that simple.  You can’t be a priest because being a woman makes you unworthy….blah blah blah.  However, if you are a priest, you can rape as many children as you like and you will still be worthy to represent your male god.

Worthy is a word that is defined by people who want to control others.  Name calling, bullying, conformity, and other people telling you whether or not you’re good enough, is so ridiculous, I’m surprised we don’t all fall down laughing, except the brain washing is really good, since it starts at birth.  Worthy pits people against each other…that’s why the word exists.

Think about it.



Photo:  Tim Mossholder

The Sign…

This is the sign you've been looking for neon signage

The way our brains work (or don’t) is to allow us to manipulate EVERYTHING.  If we are looking for something, we can find it.  If we don’t want to see what’s right in front of us, we over look it and think it’s not there.

If you’re looking for a sign…one will be there, if you want it to be.  ANYTHING can be that sign.  A feather, found on the sidewalk, a song, a sentence in a book.  There is no end to signs because we make them up as we go along.  We find them, when we need them.

There’s nothing wrong with that, of course.  It’s how we get through life.  We see what we want to, and don’t see what we want to ignore, unless it hits us hard and won’t stop.  But even then, in times of extreme stress, we can find the “signs,” we are looking for in pretty much anything at all.

I love this photo, because it means just want it says…THIS IS THE SIGN YOU’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR.  If we want to believe it…we need look no further…until the next time.


Photo:  AustinChan

Sign…a poem

no angel neon signageif angels exist
I think they’re grumpy
guys with swords
who go around killing
other angels
in gang wars

they probably have a
secret handshakes
and drink a lot
of Fairy Wine
at clandestine
where they laugh
and pound on tables
with their fists
about lack of vacation time
poor internet reception
and those
bloody awful

I wonder
if they have
cool snacks
or do they fly around
in white robes
with a rope
around their waists
looking for pizza

do they speak
other than yelling
when attacking each other
or do they communicate

do they flit through the
looking at all life forms
or do they only exist
where they are made up

do they have genders
take showers
or do they just splash around
in the rain
do they brush their teeth

has anyone noticed
that we have made angels
in our OWN image
our imaginations
only go so far
after all

the thing is
we can believe
anything we like
about angels
we make them up
just like everything else
well MEN made them up
that’s why angels are male
and because males make things up
the power always
exists in the males they invent

think about the horrible things
they make up about
and how all women
suffer because of it


Photo:  Light Backgrounds

Signs…a poem

white neon light signage

people are always
asking for
but signs
are literally

and there’s no
escaping it
except through
but we don’t actually
know what happens
after death
so we might
simply be
and immediately
start all over

what if
we are

how scary
is that


Photo:  John Baker

Bad Habits…a poem

white bad habits LED signage

what is a
who decides

bad habits
are what life
seems to be all about
like everything else
a bad habit to one
may seem
like a good habit
to another
I guess that’s just the way
things are

but one must always
define one’s terms
because life is also
all about
gets to
makes them up

Photo:  Manan Chhabra

Okay, so…

Ask, Sign, Design, Creative, Information

There are red flags, all over the place.  Like any game, there are clues, hints and flaming arrows, that players can acknowledge, avoid, or ignore, at their their own peril.

Things are not going well in the world today.  Maybe they never were and stuff is just escalating.  All of you who are tired of the WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE, things can just skip this and look at pictures of headstones, or parched earth instead, maybe bees.  Up to you.

Anyway, as I was saying, there are red personal red flags and global/worldly red flags, all letting us know that we have set this game up and left things to remind us that not only is this a horrific twisted version of Monopoly, but we are doing this to ourselves.  Players may exit through death’s door at any time.  There’s probably an EXIT sign flashing somewhere at this very moment.

This ASK sign, is a sign.  A red flag that is telling us to ASK questions.  We need to ask OURSELVES questions.  I mean, come on, how OBVIOUS do the clues have to be?  Sure, those of you who are still reading this, might be saying, “She’s crazy, it’s only a sign, there are millions of signs, everywhere.”

While I whole-hearted agree that there are millions of signs everywhere, what do you think Nike’s, JUST DO IT means?  Hmm, lots of things I suspect.  Probably none of them having a single thing to do with shoes.  Maybe, like GET AWAY FROM THE SCREENS AND DO SOMETHING!  But I’m just guessing.

Anyway, ASK yourself why people can’t overcome their intense conditioning?  Even when they know they have been brainwashed and can’t recognize it because it’s what they are.  People ARE their conditioning.  Doesn’t mean anyone should stop questioning their ideas, beliefs and what they think is true but isn’t, right?  Tell yourself that everything you know is wrong and start over.

I love this sign.

Did you know hat the highest rate of STDs is in retirement homes.  I bet they’re all wearing Nike’s, since they all seem to be doing it.  Never mind.  I digress.

As I was saying.  This is a great sign.  Think of it as an angel coming down from the sky and saying, WHAT IS WRONG WITH ALL OF YOU IDIOTS?  ASK QUESTIONS.  Angels, the pretend people we make up who look just like us but taller, prettier and with wings.  Yes, those guys.

Guys is a word used specifically in Chicago, to encompass every living being, including plants, worms, you name it and it’s one of the guys.  It’s even in books that are related to Chicago.  When Carol Moseley Braun was speaking to a group of women and said, “You guys,” she immediately stopped talking, froze, and said, “I didn’t mean…”  and we all yelled, “It’s Chicago, it’s okay, we all say,  “You guys.”  Then she laughed and went on with her talk.”  What can I say?    I did have sorority sister who always said “Youse guys,” which is strange, and she had no ties to the mob, because stereotypically, many of you may be thinking of that at this very moment.  She was so not Italian.  They always make those guys seem like they say, “Youse guys,” on TV, just ignore it.

So, you guys need to think about the SIGNS (pun intended), because one, or more of us probably set it up so that ASK,  when written in NEON, would catch our eye and make us stop and think. Unfortunately, few actually think nowadays, instead they react to a screen, but still, the sign probably meant something when we set it up.  So ASK yourself what you need to ASK yourself because surely you have at least one question.

It’s a great sign.  Don’t waste it.

Two signs…Melody Farm shopping center

One more sign telling people to smile.  Seriously, those signs are EVERYWHERE.

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