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Paul Gauguin…A Story poem

yes I left my wife and five children but I kept in touch at least for awhile and yes I once stayed with Vincent for a couple of weeks he wanted to start an artists’ colony but I left when … Continue reading

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Frida…A story poem

my life didn’t start out as pain it just ended up that way no one ever knows what awaits them I was happy there was an accident the pain came and it never went away but no matter how terrible … Continue reading

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Vincent…a story poem

sure not many people are willing to cut off their earlobe to prove a point but I never was like many people love makes us do strange things I admit it didn’t work out the way I thought it would … Continue reading

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Mother…a story poem

her mother was a little different than most but she didn’t mind her mom never went to meetings never took her shopping but she was a good listener and always knew the right thing to say granted she never got … Continue reading

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The little girl and the universe…A Story poem

she stretched turned over then sat up and fluffed her pillow the moon and stars were already waiting for her she had overslept so she grabbed her gray rabbit and ran outside where she waved hello so hard she almost … Continue reading

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Yes is the kind of place that angels fear and gods from the four corners of the globe visit often it’s a hungry place with a big appetite it’s definitely not for everyone since being human is not a criteria … Continue reading

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it feels as if our everyday REALITY has gone up in SMOKE life has CHANGED in the most RADICAL way ISOLATION is now the NORM with no end in SIGHT familiar things are CLOSED FEAR has replaced FRIENDLYNESS suspicion has … Continue reading

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