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Christmas tree…

the tree laid in the street her lights still lit she couldn’t believe this was how her life was ending she’d barely had time to grow and now she was alone and dying she tried to remember where she sprouted … Continue reading

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Sleeping Beauty…a Story Poem

the story you’ve heard about Beauty is a lie made up by men who think their KISS is somehow magical and life giving it’s a poor substitute for actually bringing life into the world but men do keep trying to … Continue reading

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Arthur…A story poem

for awhile there was hope Arthur took the sword from the stone and everyone believed that goodness and better times would be the result Arthur was good he trusted those around him he loved with an open heart he wanted … Continue reading

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Reality…a story poem

he didn’t know how beautiful he was he just knew the joy inside of him had to be expressed he didn’t realize the world was falling apart around him he just wanted to dance he didn’t see how twisted everything … Continue reading

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The Apple…A Story poem

Eve held the apple gently against his shoulder and looked away he wasn’t sure if it was poisonous but he had eaten everything he found growing around him and nothing had harmed hm so far he was tired of being … Continue reading

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Hector…A Story poem about a life.

Hector had what most people would consider to be a rather dull life he got up ate went to work came home read a bit ate some more fed his gold fish did the dishes brushed his teeth then went … Continue reading

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Tech…A story Poem…

no one remembers the exact date when people stopped recognizing facial expressions and voices the time when humans especially those under the age of twenty-one could only speak through code and lyrics eyes closed they sifted through the music hoping … Continue reading

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Virus…A Story Poem…

a virus released by the government in order to thin the herd so that fewer would starve from the food shortages that began once that same government hoarded and genetically mutated seeds so that farmers had to buy seeds rather … Continue reading

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Gillian…A Story poem…

she never knew safety her magic was smoke wisps of  warm cloudy air where she could appear and disappear into the shadows you had to know how to hide if you wanted to survive in a world where danger was … Continue reading

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Kate…A Story poem…

Katie was born outside on a clear night under a crescent Moon the first thing she saw through her blurry vision was that beautiful sliver of white hanging in the sky above her she cooed at it and kicked her … Continue reading

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