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New and interesting point and shoot Nikon camera…from Bored Panda

Artist Trading Card

Hand painted watercolor ATC

Fantastic cheese shop in Paris

Paris, France

This place was amazing.  If you wanted to take cheese home with you they would simply shrink wrap it so that you can get it through customs.   Sorry about the reflection on the glass but I couldn’t seem to avoid it.  The people in the shop wore crisp white jackets and were extremely professional.  Realllly sharp knives were here and there in case you requested a sample.  The cheese I had was delicious.   Cheese, a crusty loaf of French bread and everything in the world seemed to fall nicely into place.  LOL  Yum.  Everything was so incredibly fresh and delicious.


Paris, France


IMG_2765Rubber stamps

BE BRAVE…Artists Trading Card (ATC)

I love to make these Trading Cards.  They are a lot of fun.

Sunspots…from Astronomy Picture of the Day


IMG_2779Let your imagination run wild…that will inspire you, as well as others.  Have fun.  Play. Do your art.  Dream of giraffes standing on top of umbrellas that are raining stars.

Delicious, incredible and YUM!

IMG_2208Cafe food in Paris, France


Beautiful cactus

Chicago Botanic Garden

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