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Planter in my yard…

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THIS…is a beautiful book…

The pictures are beautiful.    All the gardens/flowers/photographs are for real people, no mansions, cultivated mazes, or things no one would ever think of attempting in their own space.  Check it out.

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Don’t you just love fountains? I sure do. This is one of my favorites, at the Garden. It’s in the English Garden and while it’s supposed to be the Green Man, at least I think it is, it looks a lot more like a faun or the devil and that’s way more fun. Note the horns.

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Okay, so…gardens

I’m having a lot of work done on the outside of my house.  The cedar is being patched and stained (the sparrows are out of the nest/walls now and the hole patched…admittedly they sounded sweet singing in my closet, but … Continue reading

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Pinterest BritMorin

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have you ever noticed how a calm garden comes alive when the wind passes through treating us to a dance of leaves and flowers in colorful costumes moving to the beat of nature

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We found this secret garden…it was wonderful

This is right on a busy street.  That’s what I love about the city…you find so many delightful things that surprise you and make you happy.

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Angelo planted a garden this year and sent me a picture of his first strawberry.

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