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A corner of my garden. The whole thing is finished, as of today…now everything just has to grow.


I spent the entire day rearranging the patio/garden.  It just wasn’t right, but now it is.  I dragged pots of flowers all over the place, ignoring the fact that my arm was broken not too long ago.  But I like it and considered it finished except for a couple more plants.  Now, if I could only get the weeds to all grow in one place, that would be nice, as well as unrealistic.  LOL

I’m so happy that the sun’s been out and the weather has been nice…ish.  I try to live each second before it’s all gone again and winter’s back.  Seriously, it happens so quickly.  But for now, the flowers are ready to start growing, the ferns are fluttering in the breeze and I’m delighted to be surrounded by color and a ton of BIRDS.  Well, unless the squirrels eat al the flowers, that is.  They are already stealing entire plants, digging them out of their pots.  Sigh.

But they are fuzzy, adorable and extremely destructive, but part of our lives and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I hope you are all enjoying any nice days that happen to stop by, and that your garden, no matter how big or small, is making your life so much better.  ❤️

Is it spring yet? Some thoughts about the weather and plants.

Is it over yet?

the chicklets are ready
to garden
but the weather
is not cooperating
it’s COLD
and even when the sun’s out
it’s too cold
to do anything
and rain
is hanging around
while the temperature
dances between the
and fifties
so no plants yet
not for a couple of weeks
and even then
who knows
and it’s sad
because it won’t be long
before it’s winter again
so the plants will hardly
have time to grow up


Flowers from last years garden…I bought a pot of pansies today. :)


A tiny part of my garden from last year…I redid some of it.


More flowers from my yard…from a past sumer.


A bit of my garden from last summer…can’t wait to get started again.

The garden…a poem

Free Flower Ladybug photo and picture

it was just another day
in the garden
the sun was out
the flowers
were chatting
when suddenly
an unexpected guest arrived
and  everything


Photo:  Pixabay


These Black-Eyed Susans came back all by themselves from 2 years ago. I think they are beautiful.


A little corner of my garden…

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