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The other side…

Don’t you wonder if the only reason we can’t know what happens after death is because it’s so fabulous that if we knew, we’d all kill ourselves?  That could be the truth.  No one knows.  But being dead, could be … Continue reading

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Sail away…

This reminds me of King Arthur’s body sailing towad Avalon.  Maybe this is the way we’ll all go to Avalon, in the end.  Peacefully and with great beauty.

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Find me…

I’m right here I can’t get to you not while you’re on the other side but I’m waiting for you to find me again hurry

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I’ve heard it said that memories and photographs can bring comfort to those who have lost their loves but those are lies death makes sure of that you can’t touch memories and the person in a photograph doesn’t age or … Continue reading

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A cold night…

She was standing on the el platform, in the middle of January, shivering.  She blew on her hands and rubbed them together, hoping she wouldn’t freeze to death, when a heavy coat, long enough to reach her ankles, suddenly fell … Continue reading

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We all walk the same path…from beginning…to end…we should be nice along the way

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A letter to humans…

Humans: You are not the only living things on this planet.  What you do, affects others who share this space.  Being good at killing does not give you the right to poison and destroy those of us who are not … Continue reading

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