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Okay, so…another thing…

Below is a picture of a dead woman who bled out after a back alley abortion that obviously failed. ALONE, she just died on the cement floor. No men died because of her pregnancy, or her non medical abortion.  All men were safe AGAIN.

I took this at one of the Marches in Washington.  Another NEVER AGAIN, THAT’S HAPPENING AGAIN, BECAUSE MEN CANNOT STOP KILLING EVERYONE.  THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED TO WOMEN BEFORE ROE VS WADE AND IT WILL HAPPEN AGAIN BECAUSE OF THE HATEFUL SUPREME COURT AND CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN RIGHT WING.  If this photo bothers you, think of what this woman went through.  The decisions she had to make to do this to herself.  The fact that she died because medical help was legally NOT AVAILABLE to help her.  Dead women.  That’s what’s going to happen again.  That’s what they want.  That’s what they will get.  THAT is what makes them happy.  That’s what gets them off.

They are passing a law with NO EXCEPTIONS.  Even children, raped by their fathers, brothers, uncles, neighbors, teachers, strangers, shop keepers, friends, will be FORCED BY LAW to have an unwanted child, when the pregnant person is a child herself.  An eleven or twelve year old’s body is not even fully grown, and physically and mentally she will be FORCED BY LAW to carry and have a child.  How will that girl ever be okay?  EVER?  She will be in grade school, have a bed time and baby sitters.


When these laws go into effect, the pregnant person should wear a tag saying she was raped by her father, brother, uncle, etc., with the man’s picture and NAME ON IT…because THE RAPISTS are left completely OUT OF THIS PICTURE.  NO MAN WILL SUFFER OR BE HARMED BY THIS UNJUST AND DEADLY LAW WHICH WILL BE USED TO PUNISH, AND SOMETIMES KILL, GIRLS AND WOMEN.  A sign that tells everyone this is a FORCED, UNJUST, UNFAIR PREGNANCY.

The men who are making the laws are sometimes the very men who are raping women, or because of THEIR positions of power, into compromising situations.

This law, when it goes through, is pointedly aimed to punish, females (including LITTLE GIRLS) for being female.  It’s male dominance over females, and since females do not have a voice, or the power to fight back, they will be mentally and physically tortured while once again, NOTHING AT ALL WILL HAPPEN TO MALES.

Write down their names and wear them on your clothing, so everyone knows who the rapists are.  Let the supreme court PAY for every hospitalization, and burial of women who try to abort themselves, or die from back alley abortions.  Names need to be taken.  Men must be stopped from KILLING US.  This is VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN out in the open, written IN LAW.  OMG  Legal violence against us.

Children forced to have children.  That is so unbelievable I could throw up.  And those UGLY BASTARDS sit there and pass those hateful laws, but no laws are passed about eleven year old boys.  None at all.

Sick, really.  Each of the supremes should be FORCED to be at the bedside of every woman who is dying and every little girl who is torn apart because of them.  Every single time.  No one should be able to pass deadly, hateful laws, specifically directed at a specific population,  and not be accountable to the people they kill and torture.  No one.


We fought for Roe vs Wade for YEARS!  So women would stop dying, now they can go to JAIL because their bodies no longer belong to them. OUR BODIES BELONG TO THE STATE.  HANDMAID’S TALE MADE REAL.  That is my son, who died from leukemia.  My shirt says ABORT THE SUPREME COURT.  I still have it.  I’m still wearing it.

The PBS news…(with a bit added from other PBS or BBC AMERICA newscasts)

I watched the news tonight.  Saw the 11 year old girl tell how she covered herself with the blood of her dead friend, who was laying on the floor next to her.  Her friend, who had been murdered by the shooter in her school.  She did it, because she thought the shooter would come back and murder her.  Heard her say that the shooter looked at her teacher and said, “Goodnight,” then shot her in the head.  Her teacher was next to her as well.

Saw the distraught parents of dead children, begging politicians to ban assault rifles and magazines.  Saw them begging, that there be restrictions on guns.  Saw their pleas, fall on deaf ears.  The politicians listened because they had to be there.  It won’t change anything.

The republicans will not allow anything to change.  One of them said that respectable gun owners shouldn’t be punished for what someone else did.  Dead kids, or should I say slaughtered kids, don’t count, or mean anything to them.  Why don’t people understand that?  Why do people believe, even for a second, that anything will be done THIS TIME?

The bills the democrats propose will be shot down in the Senate.  We already know that.  Watered down and useless things will be all that comes of this, AGAIN.  They won’t even vote to raise the age one can buy a gun from 18 to 21.

One person interviewed, said they need to show the bodies of the dead kids in order to SHOCK the public into DEMANDING that something be done.

Another person said they should see the body of the headless nine year old boy, his body blown to bits, and maybe THEN, people would realize what those weapons do to the bodies of children.  Maybe THEN people would DEMAND that the republicans DO SOMETHING, AND STOP PROTECTING THE GUN LOBBIES. (Some of the parents had to have DNA tests to find out which child was theirs.)

I seriously doubt that the republicans, even if they walked over the bodies of all the children in all the mass murders, would vote differently.  Money, greed, power, their jobs, and their loyalty to their party, seem to be all that matters to the them.  One remark to support ANYTHING but their own greedy agenda, and that republican will be out of work.

America is failing its children in every way possible.




It’s all about the sun…well Venus too, but still, the sun is the big thing.

One of my first pieces of digital art

So, the sun gets bigger as it ages.  Eventually it will turn into a Red Giant and eat us, but that won’t be for a few billion years and we will evaporate before that , so it’s nothing to worry about.  I’m not saying you won’t reincarnate around that time, but it would be silly to do so, unless you’re into the end of days kind of thing.

Anyway, Venus, described as the bully of our universe, could start roaming again, or something could hit Mars and throw it out of it’s orbit, which would screw up all of our orbits and we would die that way.

Sometimes I think we don’t understand how precarious our situation is.  The only reason we’re alive is because of the Magnet Field around our planet.  The Aurora Bdoriallis shows us what it looks like.  Mars lost its protection so it’s a dead, dusty planet.  Too small to take care of itself, it lost it’s atmosphere.  Nothing to protect it from radiation and solar winds.

Eventually the sun will take all the rocky planets, because that’s just what stars do as they age and die.

Anyway, it seems to me, that while we have the time, we should plant trees and turn the world into a garden.  We should LISTEN to the EPA and stop killing ourselves, the animals and the planet, while we still can.  I’m not sure if we are just insane, or simply that stupid, but we seem to ignore the things that are right in front of us. We have been TAUGHT to do the things we do.  We have been taught not to LOOK at what’s going on around us.  We have been CONDITIONED to ignore the fact that everything is dying because the rich want to get richer.  We have been taught, all of our life, to NOT ASK QUESTIONS OR THINK FOR OURSELVES.

We need to spend money on trees, not guns. We need to spend money on peace, not war.  We need to spend money on habitats for our living neighbors.  We need to stop clear cutting forests and fracking.  We need to WAKE UP NOW!

We saw the difference in the environment when we were in lockdown.  People are sick because of our polluted air.  Kids are on inhalers.  We do nothing to make things different/better.  We need to have representatives who are GREEN.  Not these greedy thugs who are so busy controlling women’s bodies, they don’t even know there IS an environment.  We need to do a lot of things, if we want to be healthy ourselves and keep our planet healthy as well.

But we won’t.  Brainwashings is hard to overcome.  We all need rehab, but there’s no one who could run it because they would have been brainwashed as well.  I’m a city person, and would die in two days, if I had to farm, or do anything to  take care of myself in the wild.  But I do know that even the little things we can do, can make things better.  Plant butterfly gardens, and plant bee friendly flowers.  Support those who plant trees and work to protect our forests and the animals who live in them. Do research and decide where you want your donations to go so they will make a real difference.

If the bees die, so do we.  Eight years and we’re gone.  Kind of like if the sun shuts off, we will be dead in 8 minutes.  I never liked the number 8, maybe that’s why.

So, the truth is, we have nowhere to go.  As they say, there IS NO PLAN B.  If we don’t take care of the earth and get rid of all the horrendous governments who do nothing but lie and destroy, well, I guess we will get what we deserve.

While we can thought, plant flowers and trees and do what you can.  Everything on the earth is innocent, except for US.  WE, are the destroyers.  Just us.  No one else.  It’s all on us.

First RBG and now Madeleine Albright and there is no one…who can take their place. No one at all.

I think that we all know what evil is.
We have a sense of what’s evil,
and certainly killing innocent people is evil.
We’re less sure about what is good.
There’s sort of good, good enough,
could be better –
but absolute good is a little harder to define.

Madeleine Albright


Why is it, that in all the old cemeteries, especially in Europe, it’s always statues of women mourning? Seriously, men do not seem to care, or mourn. The only time they are seen is if it’s a statue of themselves…no angels, weeping men, thrown across tombs…nothing. I guess that’s just one more job women are expected to do…lay on graves.

Grave, Graveyard, Cemetary, Milan, Italy


Nothing can save us from ourselves…nothing

Grayscale Photography of Human Skull

Trolly 10…a very short story poem.

Trolly number 10
only showed up
on foggy nights
and only
when there were enough
to make the trip
not everyone could see
the Trolly
it wasn’t there
for everyone
it’s just that
the Ferryman
grew tired of being on
the River Styx
and when that happened
ho came ashore
and drove
Trolly number 10


Photo:  Georgi Kalaydzhiey


The Wonderful, Fabulous, Betty White…dead at 99. Her 100th birthday is January 17th…huge loss.



Joan Didion has died at 87. Terrible loss.

Candle, Light, Candlelight, Flame, Wick

Welcome to earth, a…

brown wooden cabinet with mirror

nothing is
ever finished
and everything else
what if…
when we die
it’s just more of the



Photo:  Gaelle Marcel

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