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What we care about is DEATH and control over others and hatred…

Everything humans do shows how much they love death. Religion IS death.  That’s the what it’s all about…death.  Who died, who will die, what will happen when you die, give you kids and money to rapist priests so when you … Continue reading

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From the March on Washington LAST TIME THEY WANTED TO KILL US! This is a dead woman after having a back alley abortion…left alone to die and what happened to the guy who got her pregnant? Nothing at all. If you don’t think powerful men don’t want to kill us you aren’t paying attention.

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some people want to be remembered like an old record played over and over never to be forgotten they leave messages to be passed on to be thought of but most of us are not remembered for long we rarely … Continue reading

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Okay, so…

I just watched a program on death.  What people see, hear, think, feel and do, as they are dying.    It was interesting.  The biggest thing, according to the speaker, a neurologist-psychiatrist, was that we have to give up everything, … Continue reading

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Go toward the light…

Beautiful photographs of this kind, remind me of death.  Infinity…railroad tracks, roads, anything that never seems to end.  I think they are all places that lead to one thing…a new beginning and an open door.

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Think about it…

we have absolutely no idea where we came from and we have absolutely no idea where we will end up so it seems like a waste of time wondering about either of those things when we should be spending our … Continue reading

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When people KILL ANIMALS, it’s called HUNTING. When the hunted animal kills a PERSON, it’s called a tragedy. What’s with THAT?

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