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People think this sweet calf is food. Something to be slaughtered and served on a plate to people who believe they are compassionate. I don’t get it. All cattle ranches should have a sign that says: BORN TO DIE…for you.


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Okay, so…bits and pieces.

No matter who we are, or what we do, we all end up in the same place at the end…dead.  No one alive knows what happens after that.  Absolutely no one. It’s weird that so many people live their lives … Continue reading

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I think death is like a fabulous party you see people you haven’t seen in awhile and meet new folks as well the music is just what you want to hear you dance all night and catch up on old … Continue reading

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The other side…

Don’t you wonder if the only reason we can’t know what happens after death is because it’s so fabulous that if we knew, we’d all kill ourselves?  That could be the truth.  No one knows.  But being dead, could be … Continue reading

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Sail away…

This reminds me of King Arthur’s body sailing towad Avalon.  Maybe this is the way we’ll all go to Avalon, in the end.  Peacefully and with great beauty.

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Find me…

I’m right here I can’t get to you not while you’re on the other side but I’m waiting for you to find me again hurry

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I’ve heard it said that memories and photographs can bring comfort to those who have lost their loves but those are lies death makes sure of that you can’t touch memories and the person in a photograph doesn’t age or … Continue reading

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