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Snow and kids…

Two teenage girls were playing outside a church around here, while the grown ups were doing their thing.  The girls dug a tunnel into one of the huge piles of snow.  When the snow collapsed, one of the girls suffocated … Continue reading

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The Pearly Gates…

God was standing outside the gates, behind and to the left of the angel statue.  He was holding a golden clipboard and calling off names.  When someone said, “Here,” or raised a hand, he put a check mark next to … Continue reading

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The walk…

He always thought death would be like this.  Just another walk down the path in the light of the moon.  He hadn’t expected the green color, however, but felt that it went well with his orange umbrella and clothing.  The … Continue reading

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Bye Penny Marshall…You were fabulous…thanks for all the laughs.

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Death…a poem

how does one stop seeing death everywhere when it’s all around us and part of everything death of hope ideas peace fairness death of kindness connection joy and life itself we work and rush toward the end wasting the time … Continue reading

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People think this sweet calf is food. Something to be slaughtered and served on a plate to people who believe they are compassionate. I don’t get it. All cattle ranches should have a sign that says: BORN TO DIE…for you.

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Okay, so…bits and pieces.

No matter who we are, or what we do, we all end up in the same place at the end…dead.  No one alive knows what happens after that.  Absolutely no one. It’s weird that so many people live their lives … Continue reading

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