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The gap between the trees…words

a man walking down a dirt road next to a forest

it wasn’t at all what he had expected
not for a second
it was easy
he just walked through
the gap between the trees
the sun was out
he could smell the grass
the flowers in the field
everything was peaceful
and perfect
he never realized
that death
would be so


Photo”  Hans Ott

Life on earth…what many near death experiencers have to say…in my own words

white and brown city buildings during daytime

aren’t for everyone
they’re just part of the game
we can play while we’re here
on earth
in bodies
are just one of the rides
we can choose
in the game of life
another choice
another experience
another place to learn
different things
that’s all this whole life thing is
a ride
a play
a drama
where we try to remember
what and who we really are
after willingly giving up that knowledge
so we can get the whole earth experience
which seems insane
but we do it anyway
so we can raise our vibration level
and put what we learn into the WHOLE/SOURCE
when we aren’t here in bodies
we chart a course
plan what we want to do when we come here again
pick our our parents
then give up everything we know
and are born
to be helpless once again
our lives are
all pretend
a way to grow through misery
pain and suffering
with sparks of joy
and happiness
the harder the life
the more one might gain
how boring must life be
on the other side
that we want to come here
all the seemingly bad or evil things
are here so we can experience them
so we can live through those things
or DO those things
to gain knowledge
and those things aren’t really bad
or evil
because we are souls
who are loved
everything is consciousness
we are all the same thing
sometimes we’re the good guys
sometimes we are not the good guys
but no matter what happens to us
or to those we care about
or to anyone at all
none of it is real
we chose to come here
to BE the love we are on the other side
even though that love does not exist here
seems like a problem to me
but now you know what
a lot of the near death experiencers
have to say
Frida Kahlo said she was NEVER coming back
I’m with her
but who really knows
I probably said that a million times before
just like she might have
in truth
when I die THIS time
I just want to live in a place with animals who like to be petted
in a white cottage filled with art and books
and lots of happy crows and birds outside
by the ocean
where the sun is out
and the breeze is warm
because it’s always summer
where I can be tan
and healthy
eating chocolate
and visiting with friends now and then
but those are earth things
the GOOD earth things
and since we’re just energy
there won’t be chocolate
or animals
or cottages
or anything else
just remember
none of this is real
it only feels real
but you won’t truly understand anything
until you’re dead
you’ll be glad you were here
one more thing
earth is
without a doubt
the hardest place to be
our vibrations are so low here
because this is a horrible place
where we kill each other
and eat animals
among other things
so we can’t be who we REALLY are
because of the low vibration levels
and the fog of forgetting
let’s never forget the fog of forgetting
and we all did this to ourselves
so we come here
to experience what it’s like
to be in the lowest level of whatever this actually is
all that stuff that gets us into trouble
is good for raising vibrations when handled correctly
but all those things mean we make mistakes
that we may want to come back and fix
but in the next life we might make more mistakes
and on and on and on it goes
seems like a trap to me
but we might love it
who knows
just seems as if
we are playing a game without a rule book
and possibly without an ending
how many times
can we learn to tie our shoes
how many lives
do we start over
it’s exhausting
but we can choose
to go to other planets
solar systems
where things are nice
earth is the lowest
place for us to visit
in my opinion
we are either warriors
thrill seekers
or idiots
but I won’t find out
until I’m no longer here
so I won’t be able to tell you
but maybe we can meet up
on the other side
and decide then
or when we come back
for another ride


Photo:  Pedro Lastra

Okay, and death.

red roses in bloom during daytime

People re always writing about how precious life is, how wonderful it is to be alive.  I just read something by a physicist the other day, who wrote that very thing.

But the truth is, life doesn’t seem precious, or wonderful, to a lot of people.  Suicide is always on the rise.  Torture, terror, suffering, poverty, war, starvation, no clean water, or medical availability…and all the rest, don’t always make for a precious, or wonderful, life for millions of people.  I’m not saying that people in dire straights aren’t happy, because they certainly can be, but as a whole, I think a lot of humans are afraid and miserable, living on the edge.  Depends on your circumstances, a lot of the times.  Not always, of course.

We have absolutely nothing TO compare life with.  Death might be fantastic.  A new start, away from here.  If the NDE (Near Death Experiencers) are right, and there are a LOT of them, then no one wants to come back here.  They FIGHT to stay on the other side.  So, what’s everyone talking about…this precious and wonderful life?  Again…compared to what?

When you sleep, you don’t long to be awake so you can live your precious life.  You don’t feel anything, unless you have a nightmare.

This isn’t a great place, unless you’re into violence and destruction.  Sure there’s beauty all around us, at least for the moment, until we destroy it.  The Ukraine was beautiful, now it is simply dirt and dead bodies.  That’s what our species does.  And people can argue with that, but it’s still the truth.  There used to be peace time, between wars, until greed took over, now war is a constant.

Horrible things happen to people everyday.  Some fight to stay alive, other say, “I’m done,” and check out.  Still others are afraid to leave, but they’ll go anyway…no choice.

If people really believed that life was precious, or wonderful, they wouldn’t allow wars to exist.  They wouldn’t allow violence against animals, women or children to exist.  It’s only because people don’t really believe that life is precious, or wonderful, that those things are allowed to continue, well, that and the fact that men are in charge and the current belief is that some lives are way more precious than others.

If we believed that life was precious, no one would be hungry, or discriminated against.  Equality would be the only thing that mattered.

Life, like everything else, is relative.  But if life is only precious on a personal basis, then it’s just more of the same.  The real problem is that people don’t like each other.  Not if they don’t think alike.  That, and the fact that greed and power can destroy entire countries and maybe the world itself.  We will never get along, unless something so horrendous happens, that we’re forced to put aside our differences and all ten of us have to work together until it’s over.  Studies have shown that people work well together until a crisis is over, after which they go back to disliking each other agin.  So what hope is there, on a grand scale?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not actually writing about precious lives, I’m just saying that we should stop writing about it, since it’s just another saying, that might be written on a piece of wood.

A couple days ago, a woman went jogging.  They found her body later.  They caught the guy who did it.  He just got out of jail after serving 20 years, for doing the same thing, I guess.  He did it again…right away.  Another dead woman.  Women’s lives aren’t all that precious, or wonderful.  If they were, men wouldn’t keep raping, beating and killing us.

And now…a few words about kindness.

The reason kindness can make some people cry, or is always remembered, is because it’s so rare.  Kindness, is not the norm, so when it happens, people can become overwhelmed.  It’s not that a lot of people aren’t kind…they are…kindness takes place all the time, but it’s usually surprising and people are grateful for it…because it stands out.  If kindness was common, we would take it for granted, like we do everything else. We can’t help doing that, it’s what we are.

This is a weird place to be, and we have made it exactly what it is.

Hey, I’m just sayin’.


Photo:  Julia Kadel


To sleep…perchance to dream…

Photo:  Samuel Regan-Asante

A short story about a car crash…and life and death.

Free A Broken Windshield of a Car Stock Photo

“Wow.  I don’t think that guy’s gonna make it,” he said, looking at the guy laying in the street.  “He looks pretty bad.”

The man next to him nodded.  “I agree.  He doesn’t look good.”

“Whenever I see something like this, I always feel bad for the person’s family and friends.  It has to be a terrible shock.”

“Feeling bad only happens on this side.  When you leave here, you don’t think about those things because you know that this life is just an illusion.  People come here to learn what they want to learn.  When they’re here they don’t remember that they planned their trip, picked their parents, and came here to do what they wanted to do.  Forgetting is part of the game.  But once you know none of this is real, like you do now, life gets a lot easier.”

Life is an illusion?”

“It is.  People don’t actually die, they simply become pure consciousness.  That’s what we are, pure consciousness, energy.  People are still themselves when they die.  Then they make a new plan and reincarnate into a new body.  Consciousness always was and always will be, so everyone is eternal.”

“I think you’re crazy,” he said.  “And I don’t believe that guy’s going to wake up.”

“Where’s your car?”

“Right there,” he said, pointing to the mangled auto.  “Wait.  That can’t be my car.”

“Take your time,” said the man next to him.  “Then again, maybe you better hurry up, since they are loading you into the ambulance.”

“That’s me?”

“It is.”

“That’s how I look?”

“it is.”

“I thought I was bigger.”

“No one can really see themselves.”

“If I’m over there, then how am I standing here talking to you?”

“You need to follow your body.  There’s still time and you might be able to choose.”

“Am I dead?”

“At the moment.”

“What’s happening?”

“You’ll see.  You’re going to meet people who can help you.”


“Good luck.”


And then he was floating above his body in the ambulance, watching the paramedics work on him and telling someone on the phone, that they were bringing him in.”



Photo:  Artyom Kulakov

What if… (Neon)

exit neon light signage

what if
after our very last breath
EXIT sign
lights up
and tells us
where to go
what if we want to go
in a different direction
what if there are
NO directions
what if
we are all asleep
right now
our current reality
into being
and life
is nothing more
than that


Photo:  Dustin Tramel


James Cann has died at 82. He was fantastic and will be missed…very much.

america…death by guns

A toddler was found alone, after the Highland Park shooting.  Both his parents had been shot to death.  No one knew who the child was, so they put a picture out and his grandparents came to get the toddler.  Their family was destroyed for no reason at all.

And one critically wounded person died, bring the death toll to 7.

The Highland Park shooter legally bought 5 guns.  He is from Highland Park.

97% of mass murderers are white males.

98% of mass murders are committed by men.

There have been 300 mass shootings in the last 6 months in america

Women in the U.S. are 28 times more likely to be killed by guns than women in other high-income countries.

In 56% of mass shootings, the shooter exhibited dangerous warning signs before the shooting.

I’ll post more on this…articles, etc., but we can all thank THE REPUBLICAN PARTY for making it easier and easier for these guys to get guns.

Okay, here’s the thing…Highland Park

When the shooter on the roof, killed six people in Highland Park today, and it was called a mass murder, I thought, that’s not a mass murder, only six people died.   Nineteen kids were just murdered in school,  and seven people just got killed in a snow slide, so six people…not that many.

So many people are killed in this country, that six doesn’t even seem like enough to be called a mass murder any longer.  More may die, since some were critically injured. I hope the twenty-four who were wounded recover quickly and are well, but these things can take a toll on a person’s mind and feelings of safety and trust, kind of like what women feel all the time.

In a place like Highland Park, I think people feel insulated and safe from what’s going on around them.  Well, they did until today, that is.  Because now they know that money and a nice neighborhood won’t save you.

People are being killed in fast food places, classrooms, in Boston Marathons, on the streets and pretty much everywhere.  Some weekends in Chicago have anywhere from 8 to 14 people killed.  So six?  But they weren’t killed in gang wars, or drive-bys, they were “innocent” people watching a parade.

Why are males ALWAYS killing people?

Anyway, they cancelled the fireworks in Highland Park, a courtesy to those who were killed and injured by the guy, with a rifle, who shot them from the roof top.  No children were hurt, at least not physically.  They have a lead, a name, and a description of a silver car, so maybe they’ll find the guy.

Highland Park’s downtown area is tiny.  Just a couple of blocks.  It’s a cute little place and I put pictures of it on my blog, the last time I was playing there.  They used to have a great summer art fair too.

I can’t help but think the republicans should be held responsible for the deaths of all the children and adults who have been MURDERED with the guns the republican party protects for profit.

And, I just saw a guy show that around 80% of republican people want gun control, but the party lies about the stats to divide us even more.  Well, they are liars, after all.

And a nurse just lost her job and had her nursing license pulled because she and one other saved the life of a woman, by giving her an abortion while at work.   They are being charged.  The nurse said, “Well, I guess we can’t save lives any longer.”  I wish we could support her in some way.  She said they had to make a choice, the woman’s life, or an abortion.  They chose to save the woman’s life and they will pay for that.

Seeing what happened to the nurse, I’m sure other medical staffs will just let women die, rather than be fired and perhaps put into jail.  And won’t that make the christian fanatic right wing and the republican party happy.  Because to them, a good woman is a dead woman.

Oh, and one of those religious fanatics said their goal is to live the Handmaid’s Tale and they’ll do everything in their power to make it come true.

Another man said that Canada and Mexico should close their borders to save themselves, because it’s going to get really bad here.  He was one of the good guys and was warning the other countries to get ready for bad things.

So, just a few things to brighten your day from the new america, where unelected idiots, called the supremes, can destroy the lives of all women in one fell swoop, and add more guns to the streets so more people can die, as long as the supremes and republicans get their thirty pieces of silver.


Picture from Highland Park a few summers ago.

Okay, so…another thing…

Below is a picture of a dead woman who bled out after a back alley abortion that obviously failed. ALONE, she just died on the cement floor. No men died because of her pregnancy, or her non medical abortion.  All men were safe AGAIN.

I took this at one of the Marches in Washington.  Another NEVER AGAIN, THAT’S HAPPENING AGAIN, BECAUSE MEN CANNOT STOP KILLING EVERYONE.  THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED TO WOMEN BEFORE ROE VS WADE AND IT WILL HAPPEN AGAIN BECAUSE OF THE HATEFUL SUPREME COURT AND CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN RIGHT WING.  If this photo bothers you, think of what this woman went through.  The decisions she had to make to do this to herself.  The fact that she died because medical help was legally NOT AVAILABLE to help her.  Dead women.  That’s what’s going to happen again.  That’s what they want.  That’s what they will get.  THAT is what makes them happy.  That’s what gets them off.

They are passing a law with NO EXCEPTIONS.  Even children, raped by their fathers, brothers, uncles, neighbors, teachers, strangers, shop keepers, friends, will be FORCED BY LAW to have an unwanted child, when the pregnant person is a child herself.  An eleven or twelve year old’s body is not even fully grown, and physically and mentally she will be FORCED BY LAW to carry and have a child.  How will that girl ever be okay?  EVER?  She will be in grade school, have a bed time and baby sitters.


When these laws go into effect, the pregnant person should wear a tag saying she was raped by her father, brother, uncle, etc., with the man’s picture and NAME ON IT…because THE RAPISTS are left completely OUT OF THIS PICTURE.  NO MAN WILL SUFFER OR BE HARMED BY THIS UNJUST AND DEADLY LAW WHICH WILL BE USED TO PUNISH, AND SOMETIMES KILL, GIRLS AND WOMEN.  A sign that tells everyone this is a FORCED, UNJUST, UNFAIR PREGNANCY.

The men who are making the laws are sometimes the very men who are raping women, or because of THEIR positions of power, into compromising situations.

This law, when it goes through, is pointedly aimed to punish, females (including LITTLE GIRLS) for being female.  It’s male dominance over females, and since females do not have a voice, or the power to fight back, they will be mentally and physically tortured while once again, NOTHING AT ALL WILL HAPPEN TO MALES.

Write down their names and wear them on your clothing, so everyone knows who the rapists are.  Let the supreme court PAY for every hospitalization, and burial of women who try to abort themselves, or die from back alley abortions.  Names need to be taken.  Men must be stopped from KILLING US.  This is VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN out in the open, written IN LAW.  OMG  Legal violence against us.

Children forced to have children.  That is so unbelievable I could throw up.  And those UGLY BASTARDS sit there and pass those hateful laws, but no laws are passed about eleven year old boys.  None at all.

Sick, really.  Each of the supremes should be FORCED to be at the bedside of every woman who is dying and every little girl who is torn apart because of them.  Every single time.  No one should be able to pass deadly, hateful laws, specifically directed at a specific population,  and not be accountable to the people they kill and torture.  No one.


We fought for Roe vs Wade for YEARS!  So women would stop dying, now they can go to JAIL because their bodies no longer belong to them. OUR BODIES BELONG TO THE STATE.  HANDMAID’S TALE MADE REAL.  That is my son, who died from leukemia.  My shirt says ABORT THE SUPREME COURT.  I still have it.  I’m still wearing it.

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