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The Colosseum…2 pictures

Colosseum, Amphitheatre, Monument, Ruins

The colosseum looks the way it does, not because of age, or wars, but because the Italians tore it apart, in order to use the materials to build parts of Italy.

Picture:  Pixabay

I took this picture.

Art…Venice, Italy


Venice, Italy

When I went out today, I wore a scarf I bought in Venice.  I’ve been thinking about Venice because of that.  Such a fabulous place.  That’s the best part about souvenirs…they take you back to the place you were having fun.

The David…

Rome, Italy


Siena, Italy

Pigeons roosting by the Colosseum in Rome, Italy (2 photographs)

They had a nest in the right hand corner of the ancient arch.  This was taken right next to the colosseum. The pigeons were very busy building a nest.

Crowded street in Siena

Siena, Italy

Graffiti in Florence

Florence, Italy

Ruins of an old palace

Rome, Italy

This was a huge palace.  The outer walls are gone but it’s still beautiful.

Street in Rome, Italy

Urban renewal on the move

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