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Peace on earth will only come about when the unicorns return…

white and black unicorn mural

Photo:  Karen Powers

If I had a unicorn…a poem for children

Animal, Equine, Rearing, Horse

if I had a unicorn
I’d play with him all day
and sleep curled up among his legs
and dream the night away
I’m not sure where to find one
I don’t know where they live
but I think there’s some at
so that’s where I’ll begin


Picture:  Pixabay

Okay, so unicorns…

Animal, Creature, Equine, Fantasy

My daughter loved unicorns when she was young.  I mean who doesn’t, right?   She collected them.  Cards, statues, everything.  I kind of collected a few myself.  But the differences between our unicorns were obvious from the start.

Her unicorns were all white, with flowers in their manes.  Beautiful, delicate, and graceful unicorns.

My unicorns were black, or dark blue, with thick ankles and big hoofs, their wild manes thrashing in the wind, against a black and navy blue sky.  Mine were furious, ready for war.

The other day, when we were shopping, she came up to me in Barnes and Nobles and handed me a black unicorn.  She held up a white one, with flowers in her mane.  It was a sweet gesture, taking us back many years.

We are yin and yang.  She’s gentle and lives in a garden.  I’m furious and I live in a war zone.  Neither of us has changed.  We love our unicorns still, and like them, we are who we are.   I made her life difficult.  I can’t even see the garden…I just see the bodies.


Animal, Creature, Fictional, Horse

I’ve been thinking a lot about
some scoff at those who
believe in them
others are far too embarrassed
to admit they know they’re real
I’m not sure where they live
but they live
and they’re as real
as anything else we make up
kids believe in them
and kids know a lot more
about things like
than adults do
so that’s
good enough
for me

if only growing up
didn’t so often mean
killing one’s imagination


Picture:  Pixaabay



Somewhere, they are alive…

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