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Today is: National Red Wagon Day…

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A Yule Time Story…

Life hadn’t be easy, but at least she made it this far.  She had helped many of the forest animals and some people, as well.  But everywhere, things were changing. The Ways were opening, allowing creatures, good and bad, to … Continue reading

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Yule is almost here…Merry meet and blessed be.

the light shall return the yule log will burn bright and love and nature shall be One

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Emily with ten billion weeds behind her…and a few flowers…there’s poison ivy in my garden and I haven’t weeded once the entire summer. It got me last year and I almost ended up in the hospital…so weeds and poison ivy…pretty much covers it…buy my cat is gorgeous.

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Happy Yule…Winter Solstice and Blessed Be my friends.

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Happy Yule and may you be filled with new light, as the days begin to lengthen.

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May the Magick be with you…Happy Yule


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