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Our bikes…a poem

Children, Tricycle, Toys

our bikes
gave us our first sense
of real freedom
we could go anywhere
peddle fast
peddle slow
fly down the sidewalk
turn the corners
on two wheels
get up
and do it again
this time
with bandaids
on our elbows
and knees
we were dizzy
with excitement
the world faded away
as we flew past trees
and bushes
riding like
Hell’s Angels
to get to the end of the street
we’d even have a
standing behind us
our bikes
showed us
what we could do
on our own
and you could tell
what each child was like
by how they rode
their bike
safe and secure
or hell-bent on
taking off
like a rocket
I loved my bike
but was disappointed
that it never left the
I still think
it should have

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