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I can’t stop taking pictures of this pink flower.


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This geranium is so gorgeous. I think I’ll take it inside over the winter. The one I kept from last year is blooming in my kitchen window right now, so I’ll keep this one too.

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Flower pot…The clean up of my yard better be tomorrow, as promised, or it will be the Fall Clean up instead.

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A good place for a nap…it’s foggy because I took it through two windows. Pillow is too big. It’s no longer there.

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Emily and I played for a long time this morning. She got LOTS of pets and we walked around and looked at everything, only stopping when she dances around my feet for more pets. We had a wonderful time and I was following her, or she was following me. She’s such a great cat. Putty in her paws, putty in her paws. Sigh. (2 pictures) Garden hasn’t been cleaned yet.

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I just planted this yesterday. It has to grow and fill in but it was fun. It’s too early to plant but I just couldn’t wait.

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