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A few more weeks and the flamingo herd will be put away for the winter…I added color to this photo but I don’t know how I did it.

Summer is folding her beach towels, even though we still have nice weather.  Days are shorter and things are falling asleep, or simply throwing their tired petals away and cleaning house, getting ready to shut everything down until next year. … Continue reading

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Flowers in my yard…

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With the never ending rain…everything is gigantic…

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Flowers in my yard…

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I didn’t plant these yellow flowers but I like them…

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IT NEVER STOPS RAINING AND BEING DARK…garden is eating the flamingos and I can’t save them because it’s too bloody wet…it’s always night and no spring or sun in May…don’t move to Chicago unless you’re a mole.

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My doormat…in my flamingo garden.

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So, a big branch fell down, during one of the storm, so I stuck in in the tree and tied ribbons around it. It’s good Feng Shui, movement. It’s happy and hippy. Don’t know what will happen when it rains.

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Art (not by me) in my yard…

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They finished my fence just before dark last night…2 pictures

I was so worried about Emily.  She came in the yard after they left and was freaking out.  She was terrified and wouldn’t eat.  I put her food down and went in the house.  I saw her come back later.  … Continue reading

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