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PLEASE watch this documentary on HBO…it’s the future…it is SO IMPORTANT TO SEE WHAT’S COMING.


By the people who made JOHN WICK…this film is on HBO Max and it’s really great…if you like that kind of thing, I mean.




I watched THE MATRIX RESURRECTIONS, (HBO) last night and it was really good.  Neo and Trinity…really fun, if you’re a fan and lots of tie-ins to the other films.

The Trial of the Chicago 7…Netflix

The Trial Of The Chicago 7 Wallpapers - Wallpaper Cave

I want to write about this film.  But truthfully, I can’t.  I’m still hysterical from when it happened in real time.  I can’t.  I just can’t.

It makes me feel like this:


This is one of the most important independent films I’ve seen. I am a Chicagoan. This is for the whole country and is of utmost importance. Please watch it. Thank you.


Cooked: Survival by Zip Code

Cooked: Survival by Zip Code

  • FULL FILM (0:56:05) | IN SHOCKING
    Premiere: 2/3/2020 | Available until 3/4/2020
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It’s a Wonderful Life – Georgiann Carlson — Brave & Reckless

you look tired
worn out
I liked you better
when your friend
was an invisible rabbit
or when you were being seduced
by Kim Novak
surrounded by magic
but maybe
that’s why you think life is wonderful
you’ve had different experiences
than we have
you’ve met angels
been able to see your life
and you have even been able
to see what would happen to others
if you didn’t exist
most of us don’t get to see those things
if we could see what you did
it’s possible that many of us
would make different choices
but I could be wrong
I’m happy you straightened
everything out
in the time it took to run the film
it usually takes everyone else
a little longer than a couple hours
but it’s wonderful to know
that every time a bell rings
an angel gets her wings

via It’s a Wonderful Life – Georgiann Carlson — Brave & Reckless

The Movie…

Clapper, Hollywood, Cinema, Board

If our lives really were like movies, there would be music.  That’s important, since it jerks us around and makes us feel what the film people want us to feel.  The movies wouldn’t be worth watching without the music, even if we aren’t aware of it while we are looking at the screen.  Even when people went to see Silent Films, there was someone playing the piano. Star Wars know that there’s no sound in space but they added the sound to the fighting because they couldn’t just let the spaceships fight each other in silence.   No one would want to watch the truth.

The thing about our personal movies, is that there’s no script and a lot of ad libbing.  Terrible things pop up when we least expect them and wonderful things happen the same way.  We’re like leaves blown in the wind.  We can never count on things being the same way for any length of time and if we do fall into that trap, life just throws back its head and roars with laughter, then slaps us into the wind once again.

But no one is looking, or watching our lives unfold.  There aren’t any rows of seats in front of us, no popcorn, or balcony full of on lookers.  Who would stay through the whole thing anyway?  I think people think other people are pretty BORING, even with music trying to pull them in.

Another thing, if bad things happen in real life, people don’t get up and walk away without a scratch.  If they die in the film, when the director yells CUT, the guy gets off the bed, ground, wherever he’s laying, and makes another movie.  That might actually happen to us, but we don’t know that for sure and even if it does, the next movie would not be made in our current body on earth.  If we’re dead, the film’s being made somewhere else, or not at all.

Movie’s aren’t real, our lives are (I think).  If our car crashed through the window of one of the tallest buildings in the world it would NOT  fly to the next building, and the one after that.  Our car would nosedive and crash into the ground the second it went out the first window (Fast and Furious).

We don’t live with perfect lighting, or spotlights either.  No make-up artists, beauticians, designers either.  When the lights go our in the theater, our focus is directed to the screen.  Everything else is shut out.  It’s like a strange depravation room/tank.  What’s going on, on the screen, has our full attention.  A lot of people don’t pay much attention to their lives while they’re living them.  Too dull, too full of distractions and a plot that has glitches.

Most of our lives wouldn’t be box office smashes.  We’d need CGI to make it worthwhile.  Lots of fires, bombs going off, people doing upside down helicopter tricks, things like that.  The audience likes excitement and fake things, which can make everyone feel that their own lives are a bit FLAT.  I mean not many of us jump out of planes without a parachute, catch the other person going down, and hitch a ride.  Lots of people just go to work everyday.  Lots of people hate what they do and that’s not fun to watch.

Not only do we not save the world, off the screen, we can’t even change the smallest thing.  Entertainment is an escape.  Drugs, alcohol, and a million other things are escapes as well.  People want to escape.  They are willing to die to get out of here.   That’s why we go to the movies, to distract ourselves, to see the bad guys get what they deserve.  To watch even fake people make a difference, when we can’t.  We want to see someone do what we wish we could do…even if it’s all pretend.


About John Wick 4…

Word is that if Parabellum is a success, money wise, there will be a fourth film. The producer and Keanu Reeves already said they would do it, if  number 3 does well.

John Wick…LOTS of Spoiler alert/s…this isn’t actually a “review,” it’s more of a rambling commentary about things I felt or feel or whatever. Again…spoiler alerts.

First of all, they said there were going to be three films but I don’t see how they can’t make a forth…not with the ending I just saw.  No way.  And if they don’t make it…they’re just mean, since there is one person who definitely needs to be taken out.

Anyway, there’s a lot of fighting.  Hahahahah…to put it mildly.  Some of the longer fight scenes are exhausting and FAST.  A lot of blades in this one.  Halle Berry is very cool, as are her canine friends, who I fell in love with immediately.

Okay, that was a lot of random thinking so here’s the thing.  Wick, as you know, is being hunted by pretty much everyone in the entire world.  The REALLY BAD GUYS who run things are called the Upper Table.  I would have liked something other than that name, because all I could think of was sitting at a kitchen table…upper or lower,  eating cereal.  Anyway…

EVERYONE seems to be in trouble in this flick.  Everyone who was ever nice to Wick, that is.  But Wick himself bounces back and never breaks a rib, in spite of practically being kicked to death a couple of times.  Oh, Well.  Still love him.  Debbie kept whispering, “Mom, it’s just a movie.”  Right…it’s just a movie.

We see horses and a camel in this one.  Yes, a camel and a lot of sand.  I really think they could have done without both the camel and the sand and just stayed in NY and fought it out, but no one asked me for my opinion, and I don’t make movies.  Still, it was unnecessary and seemed silly, as did the dancing.   You can see the dancing for yourself.

The dogs are great, of course.  I don’t care who, or how many people Wick kills, but I was constantly stressed that the animals would get wounded, or killed, so that was hard, because you know bad guys will kill anything, right?  It’s just a movie but some of the horses in the barn seemed afraid of the gun shots.  Still, I know Keanu LOVES animals, and is an animal advocate, and he would never do anything to cause them pain or fear but…I still didn’t like it. The camel seemed happy, I guess.  I don’t personally know any camels, or even how they look when they are happy, but he seemed okay.  Thankfully, the camel had an extremely small walk-on role.  Moving on.

The front, for the bad guys, is an evil woman who is so pompous that I wanted to step on her head.  I would have shot her myself, if no one else wanted to do it, just to get her out of the film.  Seriously horrible person, who played the part perfectly.  Everyone hated her.  So, that was nice.  You don’t want a wimpy bad guy…but still, I wanted her disposed of immediately, unfortunately, I did not get my wish.  Out of the hundreds of people who were killed, he didn’t kill her…YET.  Maybe in movie #4, because they have to make another one to tie up the loose ends.

The fight scenes are insane but fun.  Amazing what terrible aim all the bad guys have but hey, Wick is just fast and reallllly good, so there is that.  Every time I see him with Larry Fishburne I think of Matrix.  Look, I told you this isn’t really a review, it’s just a bunch of thoughts.  I’m trying not to tell everything, so stay with me.

Actually, here’s how I would make Wick 4.  Fishburne and Reeves work together to destroy the Upper Table and the first thing they do is kill that awful woman.  Then they kill all the other shadow people who are part of that group who make up their rigid and stupid rules.  The Continental Hotel remains a safe haven and makes a doggie play park in the basement.  Fishburne, AKA, The King, rules his own little pigeon world and he and Reeves keep the city safe for the good guys.  Halle Berry moves to the Continental and starts a dog training school.  Marcus remains friends with Wick and they become a formidable duo who take over, and treat people fairly.  Once we know that the dogs are trained and safe, they can end the series with one final half hour long fight that brings down every bad guy who ever existed in the city and the world, if they were affiliated.  Then Wick can build a new house and live quietly with his dog.

I wish John Leguizamo was in all of the movies because he’s an amazing actor and I’m crazy about him.  He needs to be in the 4th one, if they make it, because he’s fabulous.  He can have a garage and chop shop, attached to the hotel, and take care of the transportation needs of the other guys.  He can have dinner with them, since they will be considered equals.  Because they really are.

The first film is still the best.  Not just because it was a surprise but because it made sense and was shot in the city without camels.

One more thing…when an entire city of people are trying to kill you, don’t you think RUNNING everywhere, wearing a white shirt…is stupid?  I mean wouldn’t blending in and just walking, LIKE EVERYONE ELSE, be the smart thing to do?  Maybe it’s just me, but running down the street just seems INSANE. FOLLOW THE MOVING TARGET kind of thing.

5 stars to Reeves…who was practically in every scene and should be advertising for a power bar or something, since he kept fighting when anyone of us would have been in the hospital on IVs or DEAD, right away.

2 stars for all the truly silly things in the film

4 stars overall  That’s probably high but I can’t help myself.

If you like ACTION, this is definitely the film for you.  Wick rocks and like a Timex, never runs down.  He’s fantastic.  Deb said she thought he only said 10 words during the entire film, but it was way more than than.




John Wick III…cannot wait…

THIS is a film I would sleep outside to get tickets for…if I had to…in the summer…maybe.  The only other film I’ve ever said that about was Harry Potter.  Kind of different from Wick, but hey, I like what I like, right?  Anyway,  May 17th…oh yeah!  Unfortunately,  John Wick is a trilogy, so this it the last one.  Heavy sigh.  Love this guy.

You know, the thing is, he’s not really a Bad Boy.  Not at all.  He just wants to be left alone.  He’s kind and nice.  He simply does what he has to do to stay alive.   Reeves is perfect for the part because he’s always so understated.  He doesn’t talk people to death, he just kills them and gets on with it.  I like that about him.  Well, I like a LOT of things about him, but he’s great in these films, at least so far.  It will be interesting to see how he gets out of this mess but he does ride a horse down the street, so there is that.  Uh…I don’t get that either, so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

I also love him in Constantine.  Another great film (to me).

Anyway, if you’re a fan…this comes out on May 17th, so mark it down.  🙂

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