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Amy is ready for anything.  She is on call for the duration.  She cares for those in the hospital and for those who may fall down or eat too many treats.  Everyone thinks she’s wonderful.

After popcorn, a movie, story hour and ice cream…time for bed…the large animals are snug in their barns having their own parties.

It’s been a long day and the younger chicklets and guests are sleepy and headed for bed.  The older participants will party on, dancing and snacking.  They will also meet to make plans to hit the next factory farm.

The baby chicks are in their nests and the warming bunnies are with those who may need them in the hospital.  Everyone is happy.   That’s what life at The Coop is all about…love, inclusion, joy, parties, snacks and fun.

We hope you all had a good time as well.  Thank you all, so very much.

Sparkle is opening for Beth, who will lead the audience in Frere Jacque, Row, Row, Row Your Boat. Holly, wearing her tutu, will be dancing in the background. THANK YOU BETH and Holly. Peeps and chirps.

Beth has a surprise song for the ending of her set.  She’s going to lead them in THE WHEELS OF THE BUS.  It will be a wonderful sing-along and they all love Beth, since she’s been reading to them during Story Time for quite some time.  With Holly, wearing her tutu and tiara,  dancing in the background, it should be something to see.  The chicklets are in for a wonderful surprise.

Coco Chicklet Designs…for The Paris Fashion Show ( 3 pictures)

Coco is part of the Costume Committee.  She’s heavily  into fashion and is in charge of the Fashion show.

One of her bathing suite cover ups for lounging at the Rubber Duck Pond.

And another outfit for fun on a summer day.

Jillie wants to be...

The Main Stage…Poetry Slam…The Paris Party and special poems, written by MELANIE and HOLLY (6 poems) THANK YOU MELANIE AND HOLLY!!! (2 pictures)

Muffin, MINDY, Sidney and Jeanne will be reading their poems, as well as the special treats of Melanie and Holly, who have written poems for this very special occasion.

They say Paris is always a good idea…

by Melanie

Fabulous scarves and jaunty berets
Tiny quaint corner cafes
The smell of freshly baked bread filling the air
Dainty pastry indulgences eaten without care
Museums and bookstores to browse away the hours
Sculptures and paintings, fresh markets and flowers
Rose colored glasses and twinkling lights
Lend an air of magic to brighten the nights
The City of Love ? I confess; I don’t know
I’ve never been but I’d sure love to go


by Holly

I’d love to be a Paris breeze
with wings of fluff that
trip for free defying gravity
oh, it is insanity
till whimsy flings me into the
Seine on blue green waves
where tiny crabs with side-ways
eyes escaping opportunity
live in shells of pink and tan
fine shelter for living things
when I’m done just for fun
I’ll sail through coral flamingos
asleep on one leg.


by Muffin

I was saved
as a puppy
after being left
by the side of the road
the chicklets
are loving and kind
they open their hearts
to everyone
but they aren’t afraid
to fight for the rights
of all animals
and they are more than willing
to raid factory farms
and save animals
from lives of misery
and death
I love living at The Coop
this is a good place for dogs
and everyone else
a healing place
filled with love
and best of all
it’s FUN


by Mindy

holds out her arms
to all who visit
she bestows her beauty
on everyone
flashes of petals
tiny boats on a pond
and fresh food
open air cafe’s
and young people
who want to come to
it’s so wonderful
and the airplane
was fun too

(picture from the airplane ride…with chicklets looking over the seat)



by Sidney

I was old enough
to go on the Paris trip
it’s beautiful there
and I met so many
friendly pigeons
and people
everything is white
and there are parks
and flowers all over
flower shops
and desserts
and butter
lots and lots of butter
and a different language
and statues and art
everywhere you look
and more gardens
and a river
and I saw
a tiny glove store
it’s truly wonderful
I can’t wait to go back


by Jeanne

Paris glitters
from her heart
you can feel her pulse
she sings softly to you
making you her own
so that you never
her wonder
and beauty
and she always
wants you
to return
once you go there
you can never
forget her


Party goers…on their way to the Poetry Slam. The Paris Party

Everyone is going to the Main Stage.  Jackie is wearing the jewelry she made in Art Class.  She’s ready to pierce anyone who asks, but so far she hasn’t had any takers.  She’s thinking about switching to watercolors.

THE PARIS CAFE… has been OPEN for lunch…


Resa’s macaroons have been selling like hotcakes.  There’s a line round the cafe and everyone is limited to two treats at a time.  The hens are baking as fast as they can but everyone is in good spirits and no one minds waiting for treats.

They were planning on using some of Holly’s treats but they are all gone, since everyone ate them during the night.  They made the sleepover party delicious.

The cookies, shaped like the Eiffel Tower disappeared quickly and the eclairs, well, I ate some of those.  Still, everyone is happy and eating everything right out of the ove.

Love locks…The Paris Party

Crescent, and her friend, Wing, are  in charge of the Love Locks.  A fence has been erected by the Rubber Duck Pond, so that guests can write on their locks and place it on the fence.  Just like in Paris, the Love Locks will bring good luck and spread joy, love and happiness.  The keys will not be thrown into the water, however, but saved in a special place.

Everyone is delighted by the locks and they are excited to know they will be there for all the parties in the future.


RESA, made up this fantastic menu plaque, as well as the luscious yummy dessert, for the Paris Cafe…the line was long but no one minded waiting. THANK YOU RESA

A designer goody from Resa.  The chicklets are truly anxious to try this delicious looking macaroon.  When they are ready to make them, Resa will show them what needs to be done.  The cafe will be packed.



As always, Gondola rides, on the Rubber Duck Pond, are always a big hit and available to all, other than the larger animals who simply won’t fit…


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