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A collage I made a long time ago…


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Never gonna happen but still…

Collage (rerun)

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Mr. Poe and his Raven

I wrote this in April of 2014 but thought it was appropriate for Halloween:) Rethinking Life Collage I made the collage and the poem just dropped onto the page.  It’s not at all what I had in mind but here … Continue reading

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Collage…Happy Boo Day…

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One of my collages…I’ve pt this one on before but it’s relevant to the mood I’m in

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everyday words and voices soft and sweet the most beautiful thing  

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Be brave and always shine brightly…


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Stop the lies, the government isn’t doing anything for US, so NO trespassing on OUR lives…

Collage Politicians lie.  They tell us everything is for OUR own good when it’s really for their OWN good and we become less with everything they do.  They can spray paint their lies everywhere but we know the truth.

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