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The orange one attempted to REWRITE history in favor of white supremacists just before he left…the republicans helped him do it. More lies.

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flowers in her hair she sleeps dreaming baby dreams unaware of the world adults have waiting for her   Shahbaz Akram Pexels

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“Now I can breath easier.  There’s a new sheriff in town and we are no longer in an abusive relationship we couldn’t run from.  The whole country, except for republicans, is lighter and full of hope.  It’s a good day … Continue reading

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Whoooooooo Hoooooooo! Way to go Biden…what a fantastic party!!!!

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the orange one’s reign of terror is over…

yayayayayayayayayayaya   Steffi Pereira Unsplash

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The orange one is out, so…

Ikhsan Sugiarto Pexels

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Sidney and Carol…A Short story.

“What do you think about the Myth of the Virtuous woman?”  asked Sidney. “Not much,” said Carol. “It’s a huge invisible chastity belt for females.” “I agree.  Men made it up to control our lives.  It was, of course, sanctioned … Continue reading

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From: Candy…

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Tea and the Hatter…

let’s have a cup of tea with the MAD HATTER perhaps he can help us understand why the three House Republicans who organized the riot are still on the floor unfortunately I don’t think even the Hatter is THAT MAD … Continue reading

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