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FREEDOM includes protesting a government gone bad…

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Pass it on…

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Kids…words/my personal opinions

younger generations
and all the other words
they are told/taught to use
in order to define
and their feelings
if our kids
who are now adults
used those words
when they were young
people wouldn’t
know what they were
talking about
there weren’t any words
to describe what they were feeling
so they just kept going
the world is a
but what lies ahead
for future generations
if everyone is too
so far
no one seems to be able
to pass gun control
or stop any kind of violence
BLM seems stalled
women are going backward
and have been deemed
the environment is a nightmare
our government
is a violent
and dangerous
and no one seems
to be able to do anything
about that either
are normal
that are
being blown out of
making them seem
as if they shouldn’t
or as if they are
when they are in fact
they are absolutely
those feelings
are our brains way of
telling us something is
so instead of complaining
about how they feel
might want to take action
or come up with some
new idea
on how to bring about change
and never forget
that greedy people are
interested in making money
by turning normal feelings
into abnormal feelings
so they can sell books
and services
I remember when doctors
tried turning menopause
into a
women were all over them
I also remember
with ads telling people
to drug their children
so they wouldn’t be
on their first day in
that did not
sit well with anyone
so suddenly
it was no longer a problem
and we never heard about
the DRUGS again
living in the real world
is HOW we all learn to
and the truth is
a lot of our problems
are given to us
by those in power
not only to make money
but to increase the amount
of control
they have over us
anxious and depressed people
are unlikely to fight back
they can be easily controlled
I don’t think we should
the use of the word
since four year-olds
are now saying it
the world is a mess
but it’s where we live
so we need kids
that will be able to
deal with what’s happen
deal with the incredible
have made
and are leaving
we need strong young people
those who won’t be
easily overtaken
by those who want to
rule over them
we need fighters
not weak people
yes things suck
but so what
we need our kids to be
and brilliant
we need everyone
to be
in the face
of what’s
or all is lost



Photo:  Leonid Shaydulin


*This is not about bullying, or mass shootings.  It’s about everyday life, and the small things that a lot of kids no longer seem to be able to handle.  They are constantly tended, watched over and given words to use by adults.  I think this is a dangerous thing to do.  Putting words into their mouths, defining THEIR feelings for them, is making some kids weak and depressed.  It’s making them afraid.  It’s making them “anxious.”  If adults have to put words into the mouths of children, they should use powerful words, words of strength and kindness, of overcoming problems and difficulties.  Then perhaps kids will no longer be anxious, they’ll be able to change the world.

Teachers of young children are complaining that helicopter parents are making their lives miserable.  Children take no responsibility for their actions and parents are alway making demands that are unreasonable.  It’s difficult to teach any longer, at least according to what some teachers are saying.

A lot of kids don’t have a life of their own.  Their parents have taken over.  It’s very sad and I’m not sure when, if ever, those kids will be able to think for themselves.

A republican…thinking of how else he can destroy freedom.

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Fight back…

Raised fist

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The winds of change…

the winds of change
batter our bodies
and minds
reminding us of
Dust Bowl days
where shelter
is where you can find it
and no matter how hard
one tries
the desolation
and hopelessness
tries to
find a way in
be strong
and wrap yourself
in thoughts of freedom


Photo:  Sergey Vinogradov

Sign of the times…

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Photo:  Pavel Danilyuk

Okay, so…republican males

painting of man

Republican men are terrified that women have become so independent that they won’t be forced, by poverty, to NEED THEM any longer.  That’s the way they have gotten their women in the past.  Desperation.

Women have been kept poor and helpless, which forced them to be with men who could provide for them, and their children, and keep them safe.  All of this was done on purpose, of course.  The republican men want to go back to the good old days where women died, if they didn’t behave.

Since things have changed, more and more women are able to take care of themselves.  When that happens, women no longer have to fight each other, in order to get a male, so they can survive.  They don’t have to attach themselves to horrible men, in order to have enough to eat.

These are tiny brained men, once again demanding that women be needy and dependent, by FORCING them to become pregnant and keeping them from having fulfilling and productive lives, that keeps them independent.  Republican men really hate women because they truly fear them.  They also fear whatever they think women are, or might be taking from them.

We can’t let these tiny brained, throwbacks to the dinosaur era, destroy our lives and the lives of future females.  We have to get rid of their party and their power.  VOTE, VOTE, VOTE and if that’s not enough…we will have to do something else.  But the future of all women, depends on what we do right now.


Picture:  Aarón blanco Tejedo

Okay, so…swearing

Free Closed metal door on street with vandal inscriptions made by aerosol spray paint Stock Photo

Let’s take a few minutes to think about swearing.  We have been TOLD, that it’s not lady like to swear, or use “bad language.”  We have been told, that if we have to resort to such childish things as name calling, or swearing, we won’t be taken seriously, and we will be seen as “uneducated,” and verbally poverty stricken.

What they didn’t tell us is that swearing can get a point across.  It can show anger, strength and a sense of fearlessness, as well as the ability to not give a flying fuck what the rules  actually are for WOMEN ONLY.

Being lady like is killing us, in case you haven’t noticed.  It’s kept us poor, violated, silent and in our place.  I mean why do women believe they SHOULD be proper and never swear?  They were TAUGHT to be that way by a culture run by men, who want women to be docile and easy to control.

People frown upon uppity women.  Crass women, vulgar women and well, just pick any negative adjective you like, that will keep us quiet and uphold the status quo.  That’s what those negative adjectives are for…keeping us quiet, keeping men in power, keeping the status quo in place.

Men are not labeled for swearing.  They are not punished, frowned upon, or considered uneducated, if they swear now and then.

Women are judged for everything they do.  Therefore, we may as well do as we please.  We are dismissed and ignored no matter how we act, so have fun and say whatever you like.

Some men are horrified when women swear, because that’s not what women are supposed to/or expected to do.  What exactly ARE we supposed to do?  Sit quietly, while we are hunted, and smile when we’re caught, afraid to say a bad word for fear of being called uncouth?

Women are not expected to say anything offensive.  There’s that word offensive.  Women are NEVER allowed to be offensive, and men define what “offensive,” means for WOMEN.  They can kill us and get away with it, but we can’t say fuck, or they are horrified by our behavior.  Men can take away our right to have an abortion, they can TAKE ANYTHING THEY LIKE FROM US, but we shouldn’t say anything they find offensive!  That is MALE CONTROL AND OWNERSHIP OF WORDS AND WHO USES THEM AND HOW.  We are not allowed to be OFFENDED by anything men do.

See, that’s a double standard.  That’s keeping women in their place, so they can be up there on the rickety pedestal where virgins stand and press their lips together, so they don’t say the wrong thing, no matter what the men say or do to them.  And guess what…WOMEN remain silent because they BELIEVE they will be offensive, crude and vulgar.  That’s how it works.  WE police ourselves and keep OURSELVES in line.  They…don’t have to do anything, other than frown, or give us a disgusted look, when we say something they don’t like.  And they can punish us in all kinds of ways.  Punish us by rejecting us, ignoring us, tut tutting us, talking about us, or beating us.

Swearing is not polite.  And women are always expected to be polite. It’s not womanly to be crude, vulgar or offensive, even if men have 10,000 ugly words for every part of our bodies.  They have the FREEDOM of speech.  We do not.  Just one more thing that’s kept from females.  WORDS do not belong to us.  It’s risky to “shoot off our mouths,”  to say what we think, to use the SAME WORDS that men use.  Just one more thing that men own and we don’t.

Think about it.  Words, expressions are important.  That’s why they keep them for themselves.  The orange one and the current republicans say terrible things about women.  Imagine if a woman attacked a “fat, short, ugly, disgusting looking man with skinny ankles.”  Hmmm.  Think any MAN would be upset about THAT?

Women rarely think about how language is turned against women.  Used against them, kept from them.  Women had to use male names to get published, because the power of words belong to men alone.

This is not even close to what language does to us.  It ERASES us.  By PRETENDING that saying he, or man, INCLUDES women is a lie.  It does NOT.  It eliminates us.  It makes us invisible.  Would a man feel included if we used SHE instead?  PEACE ON EARTH GOODWILL TO WOMEN?????  Well, women includes men, it’s even in the word…wo man.  They shouldn’t complain at all.

We have been conditioned to believe what they tell us to believe.  We are punished in all kinds of ways, if WE don’t behave.  Words are for all of us and it’s time we take them back.  WE should decide what’s offensive and what’s not.  Like a president who gets to stand in front of the nation and talk about grabbing pussy.  How can THAT not be offensive to everyone in the world.  Men get away with everything, and everything they do shows how they control the lives of women.  But women grabbed the word and started wearing hats with little cat ears, and t-shirts, making women’s groups of pussy power.  That’s taking back the language and defining words in a positive way, that works for women.  Because men use words to attack and control us.

Sometimes it takes a little practice for some women to start swearing.  It’s so frowned upon by society.  But words are simply words, and a lot of them, have been kept from us.  It’s just brainwashing.  But even we are offended by ourselves, which shows just how deep the conditioning goes.  Telling ourselves that it’s improper, or ugly, or whatever, is just what we have been taught to believe, and by doing so, the power of words ends up being just for them.

Women have been rescuing other words from male control.  Take bitch, for example.  A lot of women are proud to be called a bitch, and feel it means standing up for oneself, being strong and powerful.  They have taken another word that men used to attack women, and embraced it, changing its definition so that it works for all females.

There aren’t a lot of ugly words for men, because we have not been allowed to use the language for ourselves.

Swearing isn’t for everyone.   But being told you shouldn’t, or can’t…because you’re a female, well…that just pisses me off.



Photo:  vlad Chetan



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