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Okay, so…the world…why not.

blue, green, and yellow world map

Here’s what I think.  The world is broken up into wee patches of this country and that country.  Until recently, many people didn’t know much about the people who lived “far away” from them.  Travel was difficult and not many people did it.

The people who lived in their own wee patch of the world, did things their own way and spoke their own language. They had traditions, rituals, beliefs and everything that went with them.

Often times rumors about others would find their way into those wee patches, and not knowing the actual people the rumors were about, they believed them.  Whether they were  true, or not, didn’t enter into it.  That still happens today, or course, and there are rumors about most countries, that all of us have heard.

People are quick to believe, judge, and act.  That came with us, when we crawled out of the ooze.  To sit around trying to figure out what was true, got you killed.  We react quickly and try to apologize later, if anyone is still alive.  Everyone does it, even if they say, or believe, they don’t.  It’s a survival thing.  It’s like in the old Sci-fi movies where we killed the aliens immediately, before they killed us.  We didn’t bother to find out if they were peaceful, which they usually weren’t because then the movie would be boring and we wouldn’t have anyone to fight.  But since we live by the rule, kill or be killed, we do a lot of killing.

While we are all dumped into the species bucket labeled human,  primate, homosapien, or homo safety pins, if you like, we hardly know each other at all.  That’s understandable because in each of our heads, there is a tiny country all of its own, with its own laws and, opinions and view points.  You’re reading mine.

In wars, each side wears a different costume so they can tell each other apart.  Costumes and uniforms, are a necessity.  Just like in sports.  You don’t know who to cheer for if both teams are wearing the same thing.  How can you hate the other side, or hope they lose, if you don’t know who they are.  Right?  Imagine a world where you couldn’t tell who the other team was, so it was impossible to hate them.   In war, you may kill the wrong people if you can’t see their costume.  Because in war, there are right people and wrong people, although most of the people fighting, don’t even want to be there.  They’d rather be home with the people they love, no matter which side they’re on.  That doesn’t matter to the two or three men who start the wars and are always SAFE.

So, America.  Cue the flag and all the other patriotic and propaganda visuals there are.  Amber waves of…well you know.  We love our country.  We’ve been TOLD and TAUGHT that we love our country and why we love it.  We have been brainwashed to love America to the point that we can’t even think of any way not to love it, no matter how terrible it can be.  Because every American knows that we are the best and that even when we suck, we are still richer and better than anywhere else in the entire world and maybe the universe.  That’s what we are conditioned to believe, whether it’s true or not is something we don’t even think about.

Our streets are not paved with gold, especially in the ghettos.  America is a big place with huge differences between people.  I think we have lost our perspective.  The words that come out of our mouths were put there by others and years of conditioning.  Do I love America.  Yes.  I do.  Would I fight to defend Her?  Yes.  I would.  To the end?  Sure, why not.  That’s what it means to be an American, isn’t it?  I have a flag.  I know the songs.  Well, most of the words to the songs anyway.  I didn’t like it when they added “under god,” to the pledge (which started in 1892 and is still being fought over in court).  We HAD TO SAY IT EVERY SINGLE DAY IN SCHOOL, so we wouldn’t forget we were hard core Americans dedicated to our country, when we were too young to even know there WERE other countries and people who loved their country as well.  The words  “under god,” were added to the pledge in 1954 and immediately proved that in spite of the fact that there is supposed to be  a SEPARATION BETWEEN CHURCH AND STATE, none exists.  The Constitution doesn’t really matter.  And,  WHICH GOD?  WHOSE GOD?  THERE IS NO GOD is still in the courts.   It’s a First Amendment right not to have someone’s god mixed up in America.  I should have said it WAS a First Amendment right, because that didn’t seem to matter either.  And the part that states, “With liberty and justice for all?”  Seriously?  Where is that happening?  Maybe there’s liberty and justice for rich white males and the women who are married to them, but I think the demonstrations in the STREETS are a clear indication that liberty and justice don’t exist for all of us.  The pledge is an indoctrination tool full of lies and false promises.  We even fight over that because GOD DOES NOT BELONG IN POLITICS.  THERE ARE TOO MANY OF THEM AND THEY AREN’T HERE SO IF GANESH WALKS INTO THE WHITE HOUSE, WE CAN LISTEN BUT WE DON’T HAVE TO INCLUDE HIM UNLESS HE DOES.

Anyway, while I have plenty of room in my head for most of the other wee patches of countries, even if I couldn’t point them out on a globe, or map.  Geography isn’t one of our strong suites, since we were led to believe that we are the only ones who count.

I have a shirt with a ragged American flag on it, right next to my Anarchist tee’s.  I also have a kind of American flag on my front storm door (poster) but it has a huge skull on it, because, hey, that’s a big part of who we are.

America is a LARGE place.  I think people can almost walk across some of the smaller countries.  Here, it takes hours to get to the grocery store and some states are so flat and empty, you can’t be sure you’re really moving, when you’re going over a hundred miles an hour.  The middle of the country is…well, never mind.  Because of this, we have mini countries, inside our own country.  This can sometimes be a problem.

And another thing…the Pledge of Allegiance says, “ONE NATION INDIVISIBLE…”  Uh, hmmm…about that.  We are “divisible,” if you think about it.  The Civil War is still being played out in the south.  Reenactments, flags, and the idea that maybe they really won.  The north, doesn’t think about it because the war ended in 1865 and, well, we won, I guess, and I don’t think the war played out in Chicago.  So, really, a lot of us don’t get it, and some people even believe it was just a movie, called Gone With the Wind.  A horrible war, pitting us against each other.  Brother against brother, something like how friends and families broke up over the Orange One.  Although that was more a war of words and people leaving each other.

Another thing.  America is EVERYBODY.  We don’t have people who are all the same.  We aren’t all Swedish, Italian, French, Polish, Chinese, et al.  The only real Americans are Native Americans.   Even though a lot of us were born here, our roots are elsewhere and because of that, all of our traditions, beliefs, grudges, prejudices and the lot, are here as well.  They were all brought here on ships, in baskets and worn, torn, suitcases and in the minds of our immigrant ancestors.  Mine didn’t bother passing on anything at all.  They just got here young and forgot Italy.  Never had an accent and never said a word about where they came from.  Tight lipped, silence.  My cousins and I don’t know ANYTHING at all.  At least there were no traditions, just good food.  The only thing I got from the Scandinavian side were delicious desserts and Lucia at Christmas.  But she was just a statue with a candle wreath on her head.  No idea who she is.

Getting back to the “indivisible” thing…we are more divided today than anytime since the civil war.  Secession has been threatened, more than once.  States wanting to leave the “Union.”  Red and Blue States, Right and Left, Democrats and those other people.  WE ARE DIVIDED.brown rocky mountain under blue sky during daytime

We aren’t one big happy country.  We’re just a big country with some people who get along and some people who don’t.  Our differences are too big for all of us to be friends.  We can’t even understand each other, our accents are so different.  We only come together when nature shows us who the boss really is.  Once the crisis is over, we’re back to “normal,” whatever that is.

We can’t understand each other let alone people from other countries and they can’t understand anyone else either.  Conditioning sets us up to be what we are and while we can overcome some of that, we can never NOT be what we are.  Once an American, always an American mindset, even if we can be  flexible.

I don’t think people want to hate and kill each other in wars, because they aren’t really enemies to begin with.  That’s why we can go to Viet Nam and like the people and their beautiful country.  We could have always liked the people, but some men with power just wanted more for themselves and sent people who were loved, to get whatever it was they wanted, at all costs.

Right now, our country is deeply divided.  I see it as a huge chasm between Red and blue.  But on each side, there are other divisions as well.  All of this is caused by differences in beliefs, world views and perspectives and conservative fear and religion.

America, one of the richest countries on the planet is number 33 out of 37 countries in live births.  THAT is shameful beyond belief.  We are also at the bottom of the list when it comes to longevity.  We basically talk a lot.  We don’t actually put our money where our mouth is, because it goes into the pockets of the rich and greedy.   
We criticize other countries and ignore the things we do, or don’t do, ourselves.
I don’t see how we can solve our problems.  I don’t think there’s a way to do it.  There are too many important issues we will never agree on.   And we are truly blinded by our conditioning.  So much so, that we have a hard time even understanding anyone else, or each other.  That’s why the saying, “Birds of a feather…”  because sometimes it’s just to hard to be with people when you don’t have a shared vision, on certain issues.
Another civil war?  Maybe.  States leaving the Union?  Perhaps.  But no one knows what the future holds, so all we can do is guess.  I mean imagine California, saying that it’s no longer part of America.  If a state does pull out, it would no longer receive government funding IN ANYTHING.  That would be difficult beyond belief.  Still, it could happen.
Here’s the really important part.  Conservatives don’t have to do anything the liberals want to do.  We don’t care.  But the Conservatives want everyone to live THEIR way, their religious way, their controlling way, and that can’t stand.  They want to control all of our lives.  Liberals just want to be free to do what they want to do.  Conservatives hate that, because they really hate freedom, when it comes to people having it.  To conservatives free will is their will.  They hate anyone they can’t control.
Well, if you made it all the way through, thank you, and may you live in interesting times…. but just a little.
Photo of division:  Neroli Wesley

Okay, so…


I suppose it depends on your definition of stronger.  I mean what doesn’t kill some people actually makes them kill themselves.  For others, the sun never comes out and for still others, they pass their misery on to generations to come, so everyone can remember the thing that didn’t kill them physically, but killed the joy, trust and hope, in their lives forever.

Yes, of course, there are those who do get a new lease on life and blossom, or are grateful that they are still alive and use those feelings  to go forward and do great things.  Or at least get on with it.

It’s possible that we all know someone who never stop complaining about the thing that happened to them forty years ago.  Or even something that happened to someone in their family years ago…the message being handed down in order to keep it alive.  It can be something their children did, a war that took the lives of the people the loved, disease, suffering, whatever.  Things like that can literally kill parts of people, so not dying physically is not the only way to die.

The thing is, BAD things happen all the time.  We just have to survive those things.  We don’t have to get stronger or do anything else.  We just have to do the best we can with what we have left inside of ourselves.  Sometimes we just have to get up in the morning.  That’s enough.

I’m sick of seeing people feel bad because they don’t feel they are living up to the stupid signs and sayings that are everywhere.

And we each cope in our own way, in a world that makes every single problem that it has…all by itself.  Death camps, war, pollution, hatred, poverty, hunger, greed, selfishness, racism, sexism, religions that are worse than the mob, crime, violence, pretty much everything that can destroy life, is something someone chooses TO DO TO OURSELVES.

Okay, here’s my point.  WE ARE ALWAYS TRYING TO FIX THE WRONG THINGS.  We never solve any of the problems we have because we never actually get to the root cause of anything.  We constantly put bandages on things and pretend that something has changed for the better, when it hasn’t.  It’s kind of like, “Okay, we gave you food, now shut up and be grateful for what you have, since you’ve had it much worse before, and I’m going to buy a new yacht and travel around the world, so you just be happy with your lot and if you do shut up maybe I’ll give you something to drink when I get back.”

How can we end hatred?  Hatred is unreasonable.  It doesn’t make sense.  It’s a learned feeling, passed down from one generation to another.

Because of INEQUALITY AND HATRED, entire segments of our population is poor and desperate…uneducated, or simply unable to make enough money to live.

I’m not talking about how you might hate the guy across the street because you don’t like the way he mows his lawn.  I’m talking about the systemic hatred against women, African Americans, Gays, or anyone who isn’t someone, someone else think others should be.

It’s hatred, greed, power and those twisted men who can do whatever they like and thee are no consequences for their evilness.  NONE of the men who were in the chambers, the ones who were part of the attack in Washington, lost their jobs, were jailed, or had any other fall out.  But other people are shot to death in the streets, often for no reason at all.  That’s sick.

America has been built on the OWNING of people who were kidnapped from their own country and brought here…to work for the white men in charge.  They were made slaves by our founding moronic fathers, after we got rid of the people who actually lived in America and were native to this land.  Nothing to be proud of.  Murder and kidnapping are supposed to be illegal.  How about kidnapping people from another country.  No problem for the ugly men who thought they had the right to do anything they pleased…no punishment for them.  Just more money and power.  NOTHING AT ALL HAS CHANGED.  That’s why none of those representatives were punished for what they did.

See, we reward the rich and powerful…when we should be bringing them down and trying to bring equality to everyone.  But men hate women as a group, that’s why the violence against them goes unpunished and is ALLOWED to continue.  It’s okay to kill African Americans in the street because like women, they don’t have the power to do anything about what happens to them, because they aren’t rich white males.

But in all those groups there are also different drawers to be opened.  Well do do, white women have more rights than poor women of any color and African American men, beat women and are violent as well.

I realize that nothing will change in my lifetime, or in the generations to follow.  Nothing will change because there’s only one voice and that’s the voice of men.  White men, most of all.  As long as men have all the say over what is done and not done…the rest of us have no voice at all.

The point is…What doesn’t kill you, doesn’t always make you stronger.  Sometimes it just turns people into the walking dead.

Okay, so…

Sea, Sky, Seascape, Sunset, Shore

Life, is a fixed game.  It’s a hierarchy of power, from the smallest living thing to the planet itself.  Anything bigger than anything else has power over it.  Anything stronger has power over anything weaker.  Unfair and hateful, but true.

If a bigger thing isn’t hungry or angry, or greedy, or crabby, or just a moron, then we might live to see another day.  If those things aren’t in effect…well, it’s all over.

When you think about it, it’s pretty simple.  Our lives truly depend on what the bigger and stronger ones feel like doing.  Period.

If you step on an ant, you normally don’t stop to think about the ending of a life.  You don’t know if anyone is waiting for the ant to come back to the colony, or whether or not the ant had plans.  We are too self important and egotistical to think about anyone but ourselves.  We are stronger and far bigger than the ant, so the ant’s desires and wishes don’t matter.  WE don’t like to be treated that way, but it’s okay for us to treat the rest of the world that way, including the planet itself.  That’s what the bigger and stronger beings do.  They don’t really care anyone but themselves.

Life is set up around death.  Animals have to kill to survive.  Their instincts don’t really give them a choice.  A lion will go after a zebra, not because she doesn’t like the zebra, but because her body is already running after it.   For many animals, run and they will chase you.  Stand still and a lot of them aren’t interested.  It’s all about instincts.

We, on the other hand, believe that we have a choice.   Sadly, we almost always choose destruction.

Volcanoes, earth quakes and weather conditions don’t count, when it comes to deaths.  None of those things have intent.  Those events aren’t out to get anyone, they just are.  A storm doesn’t think itself into being so it can attack the coast and kill people.  Only we do those things.  We enslave, torture and kill.  Other species don’t have holding cages, cells and electrodes.   That’s just the human way.

Pretty pathetic and misguided, if you ask me.  But it’s what we are, or we wouldn’t be able to do it.  Of course, the ability to hate has a lot to do with some of the terrible things we do.  Hate and just not caring about who is suffering as long as it’s not us.  That makes sense in a strange way because our lives are so complex we can’t possibly deal with all the horrible things going on, and we have been made to feel hopeless, so we often just give up.  Which is exactly what the bigger and stronger beings want, because then they don’t have to deal with the weaker beings, while they’re trying to  get a tan and count their assets.

The electronic age has desensitized us in a big way.  But you already know that.  We don’t know what’s coming next because we are never told what’s going on and we are constantly lied to by everyone, including scientists.   Where there’s money to be made, there are lies.  And besides the sheep don’t need the truth…they’re just sheep.  A herd to use as needed.

We could ever trust anyone, it’s just that we didn’t see how crazy they were before.  Their craziness and evil weren’t on full display all day and night.  The truth is…we were always at the hands of the biggest and strongest/richest, who saw us as ants.  Except for Eleanor Roosevelt.  Yes.  Except for her.  She used the little power she had for the good of the people.




What’s it all about?


many people believe that
is the answer to
every question
but no one
ever defines
the word
in the context
of the
being asked



Photo:  dont worry

POWER…we have it, we just don’t realize that we have to work together in order to use it.

This goes for all of us, no matter the issue, climate change, violence against women, racism, police brutality, CHOICES, how our money is spent and everything else you can imagine.  We don’t have a voice in our government and they are supposed to work for us.


Photo:  Jakayla Toney

Is everything connected? Why do people believe that line?

Everything Is Connected Neon Light Signage

I don’t get it.  What’s connected?  If a butterfly flaps it’s wings in California will a storm reach Miami?  I don’t think so.  And if we are connected to anything, why is the wold the way it is?  Is violence our connection?  Hatred?  Meanness? And don’t even start with love (gag).  People kill and torture each other over love, ALL the time, so that’s not even on the table.  I think this statement is simply one more lie.  One more thing to make some people feel good, hopeful, or connected.

Like the saying that we’re,  all made from stardust.  So what?  What does being made from stardust add to our lives?  Does it stop violence, hunger, racism, war?  What?  We say the dumbest things as if they matter.  No one believed we were made of stardust before and knowing it, or believing it, hasn’t actually changed a single thing.  In reality, stardust is just more stuff to wipe off our furniture.

Nothing can change anything but US.  Connections, stardust, blah, blah, blah and meanwhile, people are dying and starving and being tortured, while others are smelling the roses.  I don’t think the neo-nazi’s in Germany are thinking about our connections, or the idea that we’re all made of stardust, do you?  I don’t think they want to made of the same thing other are made of.  Men can’t even stand to be compared to women, so they certainly don’t want to throw like a girl or be connected to anything female.  The worst INSULT you can give to a boy is to say he’s acting like a girl.  So no connections or stardust there.

I think we’re crazy, spending our time IGNORING what’s happening and hoping it will go away if we don’t look.  Maybe it’s a throw back to when we were tiny babies playing peek-a-book and we thought we disappeared if we put our hands over our eyes. If only that truly worked.

It’s NOT that I don’t see the beauty that’s here, because I really do.  It’s just that I want everyone to be able to see it.  I think people should be able to live without constant fear or misery.  How can I be okay and not see that other people can’t feed their kids because OUR GOVERNMENT has a minimum wage FOR OTHERS, JUST NOT FOR THEMSELVES?  It pisses me off.  I wish it pissed everyone off.  How can we ALLOW those people to give themselves raises while raising taxes and pushing even more people into poverty?

It would be so easy to sit back and just enjoy life, but somehow, I can’t seem to do that when women can’t be safe wherever they are.  Even their bodyguards (the men they are with) have to be bigger and stronger than the guys who may decide to take her. Yeah, no connects or stardust there…at ALL.  Just hatred which, sadly, may be our only real connection.

I don’t understand how the catholic church is still filling pews after they hid the raping of innocent children in EVERY SINGLE PARISH ACROSS THE ENTIRE GLOBE for years and years and years and years.  What is wrong with people?  What’s WRONG with the god they believe in, you know, the one who sent his kid to die instead of dying himself.  I think that’s the way the story goes.  Male god, so there HAS TO BE killing and death.  That’s what males do, so everything they touch has to have torture, violence and death included.  No one seems to notice that, do they?   The only reason Mary is there is because the men who made up the religion, couldn’t figure out how to have a baby show up WITHOUT a woman being present.

Oh well, I certainly don’t have any power, or influence any longer. The things we used to do won’t work anymore.  So,  I’m going to read while everything just keeps on being the same and getting worse.

Weird that Germany is doing it again.  Maybe hate, prejudice and murder recycle like bell bottoms.  Earth seems to be an insane asylum flying through space and WE make it that way, unless this is just what we are. I mean some women are awful, but I usually attribute it to being a woman in a society that hates all of us.

Oh, and the orange one is working on his comeback with LOTS of money being sent his way and LOTS of support.  Just sayin’.  Be ready for that and trust me, he’ll want to be president for life, and he’ll make it happen if the republican’s can get him back in.

Anyway, we aren’t CONNECTED, believe me.  Not even a little.  All we really are is locked onto a rock in a solar system from which we cannot escape.  THAT’S our connection.  Prisoners riding around on an outdoor jail, with hateful wardens.  Basically, we all doing time.


Photo:  Daria Shevtsova

What you’re looking at is…money.

Yachts, Boats, Sunset, Marine, Sunlight

Sometimes we don’t think about what pictures like this represent.  We see yachts, sunsets, calm water and a lovely setting, but what we’re really looking at is inequality.  We’re looking at the haves…not the have nots. The have nots clean and repair the boats, they sometimes keep them stocked.

We have been raised, conditioned, brainwashed, whatever you want to call it, to NOT think about the fact that we have so much more than others, for no other reason than what we were born into.  Luck, choice, fate, destiny, call it what you will but, the only difference between the haves and have nots has nothing to do with ability, beauty, beliefs, attitude, talent, or anything else.  It’s about position.  It’s about power and your place on the ladder of who gets what.

We often take our toys for granted, as if they are our right.  We don’t alway even see what we have, our things are just there.  Well, they aren’t there for everyone, and that’s not fair.  Nothing about life is fair and we don’t do much to change that.  I’m not sure we can actually change very much at all.

It’s like the riot in Washington.  All those out of touch senators and house reps, thinking nothing could touch them.  The elites, above it all, their positions safe and assured.  The only reason the riot worked at all was because their own peers led the attack but they must have been surprised that ANYTHING could ever happen to them.  They forgot that they are just like everyone else.  We are all like everyone else, no matter what you drive or wear.  No matter where you live, or who you are.

The thing that divides us is the fact that some people unjustly have the power to withhold money by capping wages, withholding insurance, eduction and housing.  The elites, the masters, power mongers, force people to suffer while they vote themselves raises.  Who gets to vote themselves raises, other than out fat, rich government?

Poverty is purposely imposed upon those with no power to fight back.  That’s sick, evil and insane.  It makes for a violent and weak society and that’s exactly what the white guys in power want.  It’s easier to control people in those situations.  I’ve said it before but happy, creative people, cannot be controlled.

Anyway, a picture is worth a thousand words…visualize the above picture with minority owners on board, women owners or poor people, and see if it looks the same way.  This picture represents wealth, it’s not just a pretty picture, it’s a political statement.

Okay, so…

Blue and White Sorry We're Closed Wooden Signage

…said every mind everywhere

Here’s the thing…EVERYTHING is bigger than we are.  EVERYTHING.  That’s partly because we don’t actually know anything.  We get by, by making things up and letting our EMOTIONS control us.  Our GIGANTIC EGOS are connected to our fantasy which, unfortunately, we believe to be reality.  We have been taught to forget that there are as many realities as their are people.

The “paths,” we supposedly follow/walk, are littered with pitfalls, lies, explosions, along with a few patches of grass or sand, and maybe a waterfall or two.

Emotions can sometimes drags us around because we are never realllllly taught how to interpret and control them. And don’t forget that some of the emotions we have that are labeled BAD, are actually good for us, it’s just easier to control the masses, if those emotions aren’t allowed to surface.  Those “BAD,” emotions are terrifying to those in power.  Our communal reality, is based on power, greed, lies, control and fear.

Emotions can sometimes be like riding on an out of control rollercoaster.  They sit quietly on the platform, then they start crawling along, being dragged upward, until they peak and then, well, it’s straight down from there, until they’re caught and dragged up again.  Some people say it’s just the ups and downs of life.  And life certainly does have its ups and downs.

It’s pretty much the intensity of what people feel, that leads to one thing or another, good or bad, creative or destructive.  But what we FEEL aways leads us somewhere.

Most people don’t clean out their brain’s file folders on a regular basis, or EVER.  They believe what past generations have put into their heads, or the greedy church, who asks for nothing less than blind obedience, their children, their money and their SILENCE.  Hate and prejudice is passed from one generation to another, with no real reason for it. Sometimes it’s simply called, tradition.

The murder and eating of animals begins with baby food.  Generations of children are taught to believe that the torture, fear, and the death of innocents is not only okay, it’s  it’s the way things are.  Children are TAUGHT that cruelty only counts some of the time.  It only counts when it’s convenient and doesn’t get in the way of what anyone wants to do, or have, or kill, or wear, or eat, or enslave.

We act as if we make decisions based on actually information, but the information we have digested since birth, plays a part in everything we do.  People need to DEPROGRAM, as much as possible.  People need to review what they believe and what they are a part of.  The hatred that hurts all of us, has been TAUGHT and allowed to exist.  The violence against women and children, animals and nature has not only been taught, it has been encouraged and celebrated.

There is no way anything is going to change, because the men in power will not change.  Gun control will never become a real thing, no matter how many school shootings there are. People will not change.  Most people don’t want to change, or even know that they can.

Money, control and power are the real gods.  They aren’t invisible to the men in power, just to us.   People need to wake up.  We’re zombies, programed by our culture and the men in power who benefit from keeping us ignorant, seemingly helpless, and asleep.

I am encouraged by all the young kids who refuse to eat animals.  It’s encouraging to see that THEY are looking at things in a new way. They aren’t listening to past generations and some are changing their eating habits.  They are choosing a way that will help stop true suffering.  We still have such a long way to go, because egos let humans put themselves at the center of everything, lording over everything else that lives and breaths.  But while animal lovers are fighting for the rights of animals to live and be free from experimentation and free from being debeaked and killed, they are dying, screaming in fear, and THAT is what people eat.  People eat the hormones that have been shot into animals, along with the hormones fear and terror produce.

Beings in the sea are dying from our garbage, plastic, and poison.  Beings are going extinct at an alarming rate.  Our air is making kids SICK.  Inhalers are more common than ever.  There are days where there are air quality warnings.

Most people don’t realize that it only takes a second to change their minds.  A priest can change his mind and NOT rape a child.  A man can do the same when attacking a woman.  No one HAS to eat animals, it’s just one more choice people can make, but they don’t.  People don’t.

If people aren’t satisfied with the way the world is…it’s because of the choices they made that allow things like this to happen and keep happening.

EVERYTHING IS A CHOCE.  War, hatred, love, kindness, gentleness, friendship, murder, tenderness, all of those things are choices in how they are felt and expressed.

I think people can be truly strong, strong enough to change their points of view, strong enough to overcome their conditioning.  They just have to want to do it, but from the way things look…they just don’t want to.


Photo:  Tim Mossholder


From: Candy

Absolutely NO ONE should be in charge of HANDING OUT rights, or TAKING THEM AWAY.  NO ONE.  And MEN do it all the time.  They discriminate and hold power over all of us.  It’s sickening and WRONG.

Wheels, gears and cogs…a poem

black and brown wooden wall decor

the wheels
and gears
but we don’t get
any smarter
not about what matters
we build better
like guns
and other weapons
instead of building
I don’t think
our species
is capable
of those things
on a grand scale
we are death
to living things
as the wheels
and cogs
and guns
keep getting made
because that’s
what’s important
to the men in charge
to the men
we have allowed
to threaten
and destroy
all life
on this planet


Photo:  Zolan Tasi

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