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A TED Talk…This is 17 minutes long but clearly shows the different mindset of liberals and conservatives. He’s an excellent speaker.

This talk CLEARLY shows how different the minds/thought processes of liberals and conservatives truly are.  I don’t see how we can ever bridge that gap on the important issues, like equality, choice, or the environment. Ever.  I think that’s a … Continue reading

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OMG…read it and be very afraid…

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The real issue…

The real issue in this country is the overwhelming desire of the conservative right to control women’s bodies.  Period.   That’s it. Here’s the thing.  The religious right does not care about children. They don’t care whether they are fed, educated, … Continue reading

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From: Bored Panda (read the comments)

Arnold Schwarzenegger Offers To Pay For Reopening Polling Centers Across America So Everyone Can Vote

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The country that used to be America…

That’s the way I feel nowadays.  I really don’t watch the news anymore.  But I thought I would take a look today.  I’m really sorry I did.  In the five minutes I had it on I learned that the insane, … Continue reading

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in a country going backward we have lost a fighter for justice and equality we have lost our hero at a time when we need her the most wherever she is we send love and gratitude blessed be RBG   … Continue reading

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Photo:Logan Weaver Unsplash

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This is exactly how I feel when I think about the mess we’re in because of ONE EGOMANIAC and those who follow him..

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there are those who will always be left behind it would be nice to think that everyone had clean water food shelter education health care no violence no war but that’s never gonna happen Americans can’t even get each other … Continue reading

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what is HUMAN KINDNESS is it feeding someone giving them money where does it begin and does it ever end does it only exist for other human beings not the the animals who are slaughtered and eaten worn on the … Continue reading

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