Art and the philosophy of life

Why we’re here and what it’s all about…according to near death experiencers…in my own words

white and brown city buildings during daytime

aren’t for everyone
they’re just part of the game
we can play while we’re here
on earth
in bodies
are just one of the rides
we can choose
in the game of life
another choice
another experience
another place to learn
different things
that’s all this whole life thing is
a ride
a play
a drama
where we try to remember
what and who
we really are
after willingly
giving up
that knowledge
so we can get
the whole earth
which seems insane
but we do it anyway
so we can raise
our vibration level
when we aren’t here
we chart a course
plan what we want to do
pick our our parents
then give up everything we know
and are born
to be helpless
once again
our lives are
all pretend
a way to grow
through misery
pain and suffering
with sparks of joy
and happiness
the harder the life
the more one can gain
how boring must life be
on the other side
that we want to come here
and war
all the seemingly bad
or evil things
are here so we can experience them
so we can live through those things
or DO those things
to gain knowledge
and those things aren’t really bad
or evil
because we are souls
who are loved
everything is consciousness
we are all the same thing
sometimes we’re the good guys
sometimes we are not the good guys
but no matter what happens
to us
or to those we care about
none of it is real
we chose to come here
to BE the love
we are
on the other side
even though that love
does not exist here
seems like a problem to me
now you know what
all the near death experiencers
have to say
Frida Kahlo
said she was NEVER
coming back
I’m with her
but who really knows
I probably said that a million times
and here I am again
in truth
when I die THIS time
I just want to live in a place
with animals who like to be petted
in a white cottage
filled with art and books
and lots of happy crows outside
by the ocean
where the sun is out
and the breeze is warm
where I can be tan
and healthy
eating chocolate
and visiting with friends
now and then
but if we’re just energy
there won’t be chocolate
or animals
or anything else
just remember
none of this is real
it only feels real
but you won’t truly understand
until you’re dead
you’ll be glad you were here
one more thing
earth is
without a doubt
the hardest place to be
our vibrations are so low here
because this is a horrible place
where we kill each other
and eat animals
among other things
so we can’t be who we REALLY are
because of the low vibration levels
and the fog of forgetting
let’s never forget THAT
and we all did this to ourselves
we are all the same thing
bored out of our minds with happiness
so we come here to
experience what it’s like to be in the lowest
level of whatever this really is
all that stuff that gets us into trouble
is good for raising vibrations
if handled correctly
we are playing a game
without a rule book
and possibly
without an ending
how many times
can we learn to tie our shoes
how many lives
do we start over
it’s exhausting
but we can choose
to go to other planets
where things are nice
earth is the lowest
place for us to visit
in my opinion
we are either warriors
thrill seekers
or idiots
but I won’t find out
until I’m no longer here
so I won’t be able to tell you
but maybe we can meet up
on the other side
where we’ll be happy


Photo:  Pedro Lastra

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