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50 Times Kids Demonstrated Incredible Kindness With These Wholesome Acts (New Pics)

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Love and kindness…

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what is HUMAN KINDNESS is it feeding someone giving them money where does it begin and does it ever end does it only exist for other human beings not the the animals who are slaughtered and eaten worn on the … Continue reading

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Little boy…a poem

little boy what kind of a man will you become will you be kind and considerate sweet and respectful will you love those around you will you be creative and passionate will you stand up for the rights of others … Continue reading

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What kind of future will our children be inheriting from us…

It’s strange to me that people so easily accept the violence around them.  The fact that children can no longer play outside without supervision, the fact that they can never be left alone, because they can be taken, violated, or … Continue reading

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Teach kindness…

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Random acts of kindness…

If people live in a society where they have to be reminded to spread RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS, something’s wrong.  If people get choked up, or cry, because someone does something nice for them, there’s something wrong.  If people are … Continue reading

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Quote by: A.D. Williams

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Be kind to animals…please

Pinterest PETA by: Jo-Anne McArthur/We Animals

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