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Important message from…someone. a poem

kindness has nothing to do
with political party lines
rival teams
or anything else
kindness is acting
from your heart
without thinking
when the need arises
or when a smile
and a hello
happens on its own
is what can
save the world
not love
not prayers
not hope
or good wishes
because true kindness
has no agenda
or strings attached
it just is


Photo:  Sierra Houk

Love…and what the world needs now.

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We need more love in the world.  We need more kindness.  We will never love everyone.  It’s not possible, but I think we can be a bit more kind and polite.  No one can even define what love means.  Ask the billions of people who are divorced about their definitions.

We can be kind to strangers, without loving them.  We don’t have to love people to open a door for them.  Love isn’t something everyone can do, or give, but kindness is. Being polite doesn’t carry any meaning and it’s short term.  We can’t love everyone, and not everyone wants to be loved by others.  That’s an IMPORTANT point.  Many people do not want someone’s love, or attention.  Kindness is a different thing, but even then, people have to be careful not to intrude or over step their bounds.  Every word has its own definition.

We need to be more realistic about what is possible.  Loving everyone is not possible.  It never was and never will be.  We can’t even protect children from their parents.  We can’t actually DO anything, to stop the hatred and violence that is everywhere, so loving everyone is a joke.

We need to come up with better solutions and get real, if we truly want things to change.  We need to forget about loving each other and try for something that’s possible.  Being polite.  Being kind.  And even then…what will we do with those who are filled with hatred and violence?  Those who only want power over others and more for themselves?

Look at it this way.  When someone is simply kind, it can make the news, because it’s that rare.  Think about that.  An act of kindness can be newsworthy, in a world where hatred and violence are the norm.

We need to forget about love and just try to be more polite until we can think of something better.

And, by the way, the cat in the picture could take the dog in a second.  The cat has all the power.  All she has to do is change her mind about being civil, and the dog’s toast.  Just like in human life.  Exactly like in human life.  It’s not the one who has the most toys who wins, it’s the one who has the most power over us.

From: Bored Panda

50 Times Kids Demonstrated Incredible Kindness With These Wholesome Acts (New Pics)

Love and kindness…

woman in gray coat sitting on black chair beside brown and white dog during daytime

The Creative Exchange


man holding card with seeking human kindness text

what is
is it feeding someone
giving them money
where does it begin
and does it ever end
does it only exist
for other human beings
not the the animals who are
and eaten
worn on the feet
of humans
does it exist
for those we are TOLD
are our
the people
held against their wills
in detention camps
after having done nothing wrong
their children taken from them
left to die
on cement slabs
does human kindness have
an expiration date
a book of instructions
does it apply to all living things
and wilderness spaces
and what about
is there
in any of those places
that isn’t used for
how do people
decide who gets it
and who doesn’t
is health care
child abuse
violence against any group
the sign
this man is holding
needs to be more specific
because in this day and age
when everything is in the details
no one will know what he
really wants
or what they should give him
all he wants is a hug


Picture by:  Matt Conamer


Little boy…a poem

Boy, Splashing Around, Kid, Child

little boy
what kind of a man
will you become
will you be kind
and considerate
sweet and respectful
will you love
those around you
will you be creative
and passionate
will you stand up
for the rights of others
will you be fair
and not abuse the power
you are given
for simply being
in a culture
that hates
tell me
little boy
what kind of man
will you

What kind of future will our children be inheriting from us…

Children, Road, Distant, Supportive

It’s strange to me that people so easily accept the violence around them.  The fact that children can no longer play outside without supervision, the fact that they can never be left alone, because they can be taken, violated, or killed, seems insane.  No one talks about the fact that life has become too dangerous to allow kids to play outside alone.  It would appear that adults have already accepted the fact that their kids can’t go out without them.  Children’s freedom has been erased and no one either noticed, cared or realized that it shouldn’t be that way.

It’s the same with everything that’s taken from us.  We just seem to ignore what’s going on.  I think the day will come when we won’t be able to do that.  We won’t be able to ignore the things that are being done to us.  We won’t be able to keep giving our children to the state to fight in wars for greed, we won’t be willing to spend our lives working for less, so the rich get richer, we won’t be willing to stay in our homes because it’s too dangerous to go outside.  We won’t be able to turn away and when that happens, we’ll have to fight back.  It would have been easier if we began fighting years ago, but apparently, we still need to wait for that tipping point.

And those generations behind us should have been stopping what was going on…for us.  Things weren’t as easy to see…back then, however.  Back when wars were the wars to end all wars.  When there were no computers and news wasn’t 24-hours a day.  But we know better.  No one even tries to hide today’s corruption.  They’re proud of it. They’re laughing all the way to the bank at how easy it is to make us work for them.

Meanwhile kids are growing up being monitored from the second they’re born.  No privacy, no freedom.   Rather than build more monitor to track our kids, maybe we should try and make society safe for them.  Maybe for ourselves as well.


Teach kindness…

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Random acts of kindness…

If people live in a society where they have to be reminded to spread RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS, something’s wrong.  If people get choked up, or cry, because someone does something nice for them, there’s something wrong.  If people are rewarded for doing the right thing, because  doing the right thing  is considered above and beyond the norm, there’s something WRONG.

Violence and abuse are the waters we swim in everyday.  When someone hands a person a line, it’s so out of the ordinary, that people notice.  Something’s wrong with that.  It should be the other way around.  Acts of kindness should be common, while violence and abuse should be so shocking, that everyone notices and takes action immediately.  Those are the acts that should choke people up and make them cry.

If anyone is waiting for the meek to inherit the earth, they’ll be waiting until the meek are the only ones left.  The bad guys will win, again and again, because they don’t CARE about kindness, or their own actions.  When people realize that, maybe things will change for the better.   I don’t know if it’s possible to change anything, any longer.  The bad guys are dug in, have the power and weapons, and while they’re busy running/ruining the world, other people are buying signs that remind them to be kind.  Good luck with that.

Quote by: A.D. Williams

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