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Real men…Kindness matters

Pinterest LION This is so very, very true.  Anyone who is cruel to animals is someone everyone should stay away from…no excuses…ever.

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Pueblo Blessing…

Pinterest Pueblo Blessing

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Pinterest Quote by:  Lee Hutch

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Okay, so…I have to admit…and thank you

I’m tough.  People are often afraid of me.  Seriously, they are.  I have tough skin and I am not emotional (unless it’s about cats, then that’s a different story, or maybe pretty much any animal).  I can work, no matter … Continue reading

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Quote by Gary L. Francione

From:  Pinterest Go Vegan

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Heartfelt TED Talk, that’s so important…for kids and the futue

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Picture from Pixabay Animals are not ours to hunt, capture, train, use for entertainment, kill, eat, experiment on, wear, or profit from. They are living beings with complex lives and emotions.  They have a right to live, a right to … Continue reading

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