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The chicklets are ready for summer, but…it’s just too early for that kind of fun.




The Magic Show is up next, and everyone is looking forward to it.

Ballet act…the crowd loved it…A celebration for the Bunnies.

The ballet act is over, and suzie, the bunny is on stage.  The entertainment is going extremely well and everyone is ahappy.  I can’t see what I’m typing, so I hope this comes out okay.


The photography booth is set up, so everyone can have their picture taken.


Peace…Opening the breakfast party…


The morning started out with an after breakfast puppet show…


Tumblers are the first act at The Bunny Party…Trinity the bunny, Alice Mae and Jimmi have been practicing for weeks and are expected to do a wonderful job.

And here’s Bunny Holly, art and gown by Resa. Bunny Holly is walking through The Coop handing out goodies to all she sees. Everyone loves her.


Photo:  Resa

The Sewing Committee adores Resa.  She teaches them so many wonderful things, when she visits.   She’s going to teach them how to do hems more quickly, while she’s here.

Henry, Margie, Devin and Flying Lavender…poems

My name is Margie

the chicklet in the air is named Lavender
she’s one of the ones who refuses to believe
that chicklets can’t fly
she says that they can
and she’s proving it right now
but we know that flying on a wire
is not the same thing as using one’s wings
it makes her happy
and that’s all that really matters
the bunnies love to watch her
whiz around the Party Barn
and since it’s their day
she’s happy to do it for them


My name is Henry

I love bunnies
they save lives
they are selfless
and their kindness
knows no bounds
they work around the clock
when they are needed
and never ask for anything
they are so wonderful
and we are all so grateful
for everything they do


My name is Devin

I love bunnies too
who doesn’t love them
I mean they are so cool
and sweet
with cute ears
and the best personalities
sometimes they sleep in our nests
or beds just for fun
that’s always something we look forward to
because we love them so much


My name is Lavender

I love bunnies
I fly for them
but sometimes I get dizzy
and that’s not fun
I fall over when I get off the wire
but no one laughs at me
they just try to hold me steady
until I can walk again
the bunnies appreciate what I do for them
I know that
because they tell me so
I love them
and will do anything for them

Bertha, Colin…and Bear…their poems


We are Bertha, Colin and Bear, and this is our poem

and we love bunnies
this is their day
it’s a day for ducks and chicklets too
but the warming bunnies deserve a day to themselves
because they save lives
and are dedicated to goodness
we love them very much
bear loves them too
but he doesn’t say much
so happy Bunny Day
we love you

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