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Sisters Allison and Meeka are working on the stage for next weekend’s poetry reading…

Everything seems to be in order.  There’s a tall microphone for Holly, Reasa and maybe Melanie, and a short one for everyone else.  Ten chicklets are set to read one or two poems each, so it should be fun. The … Continue reading

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There was a multiple committee meeting…

The Stage Crew, the Poetry Club and the The Rubber Duck committees met about two hours ago, to compare notes for the upcoming Poetry Slam on the 23rd.  The meeting didn’t last long because everyone is on the same page … Continue reading

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Guess which movie the chicklets watched last night…

The chicklets had a lot of questions after the film.  They wanted to know why Christopher Robin was so mean when he grew up.  They could  not understand why he would give up his friends, especially when they had loved … Continue reading

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Holly and Resa are coming to The Coop for a Poetry Slam. The chicklets are very excited, since no other humans have been there, except for me. The want to make sure that everything is perfect so Rosy, part of the Costume Department is making slippers for both of them. The Bunny’s are for Holly and the Ducky’s are for Resa. Rosy hope they will like them. She never made anything that large. She hopes they fit.

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The chicklets are very excited to share a poem written by Resa and her special cat Jeep. It’s a wonderful poem and it is being read by Mitzi. Poem is under picture.

  THE CORNUCOPIA Peck, peck, peck Upon the corn of life Cheep, chirp, cheep We met a unicorn In the woods It was good. This corn A unicorn A cornucopia Peck, peck, peck. By: Jeep & Resa

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I’ve been listening to Queen a lot and the chicklets wanted to listen as well, so I got them headphones and they are having a great time.

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Pepper, her little sister, Spice and their friend Coyote had an early meeting this morning. They are planning a welcome spring party. Spice is shy and leans on her sister a lot. She’s also sleepy, but the meeting went very well.

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