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Everyone is on there way to a group committee meeting for the set up of the Valentine’s Day Party…there’s still a lot to be done.

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The chicklets are having an emergency Poetry meeting this morning…

The Valentine’s Day Poetry sign up sheet has gone missing.  An emergency meeting has been called.  If the list can’t be found, the committee will put up a new one and go around reminding everyone that they need to sign … Continue reading

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Some of the hens would like to help the humans but they only know how to take care of animals, birds, lizards, chicklets, and anything else that’s not human…like sheep, goats, piggies, skunks, hamsters, cows…well you know. EVERYTHING else.

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To the world with love…from the chicklets…PEACE

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Yoga for chicklets…

One of the hens suggested that the chicklets do yoga, to burn off some of their energy.  It didn’t work.  They fell asleep, fell over, laughed and rolled around on the floor.  The hens gave up and decided it definitely … Continue reading

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Lots of snowpeople being built around The Coop…everyone is having fun.

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The chicklets spent yesterday chirpping with friends who couldn’t make it to the party…

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Chickmas announcement…this year’s Chickmas Party will be the CHICKMAS CIRCUS

This is Sugar.  She’s going to be the Chickmas clown and announcer.  Her costume fits perfectly and she’s good to go.  Sugar is looking forward to introducing the acts and leading the Chickmas Parade.

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Some of the younger chicklets need a bit of help wrapping their gifts…

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The chicklets made a tree in the dining room, but quickly found out it was temporary. Still, everyone who saw it, thought it was quite impressive.

The chorus committee decided to surprise everyone at lunch.  They made a tree and sang a few Chickmas songs but quickly realized that they couldn’t maintain their shape, nor could they eat lunch.  So the tree didn’t last long but … Continue reading

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