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The party excitement is increasing. Decorations are going up, costumes are being finalized and the entertainment committee has it’s list tacked up on the wall of the Big Barn. Everything is falling into place.

The ghost walked through a puddle on the way to the costume room.  He was leaking all over the floor.  The chicklet going as Peter Rabbit, just stared at him.  Puppy brought the hedgehog along because she’s so excited to know that Beth is reading a book about her species.  They will have a short meeting, then help Stage Crew, finish up the decorations.  oh, and Peetie the bird, is going to sing a song on stage.  It’s all very exciting.

The decorations are going up…


The chicklets found a photo from a past Halloween party and were inspired to have Bobbing for Apples again this year.


Lucy, Gray and Luke…

Lucy helps out in the hospital three days a week.  She decided to go to the party in her uniform. She wants to be a doctor, like the other hens, when she gets a little older.  Gray and Luke volunteered to let Lucy bandage them, and that’s going to be their costumes.

The party invitations are in the mail…the party decorations are going up and things are moving along nicely.



Fall…the chicklets are getting The Coop ready for the party. New games and a costume contest will be added to the agenda, as well as some other surprises.


Chicklets…fall is on it’s way.

Everyone feels that fall is nipping at summer’s heels, so they had an end of summer pajama party last night.  They had snacks, watched a movie, and told stories.  They had a wonderful time.  Everyone was there and they started talking about the holiday seasons ahead.

The party was held in the barn, so the horses, goats and all the larger animals could attend.  It was quite wonderful.





The days are getting shorter, so the chicklets are getting ready for a lot more moon time.



Today is EAT BREAKFAST IN YOUR ROBE DAY.  Lacy is on her way to the dining barn, where everyone will be having corn French Toast and cereal.  Once a month they get to eat in their robes, so everyone is excited.  Some of those who live at The Coop can’t really wear robes, like the horses and goats, and the adult pigs, have a difficult time but those who can, wear them.


A beautiful day for the chicklets to take rides in the Gondola…


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