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Celebrate peace on this Earth Day…from the chicklets

The Flamingo…Chicklets and Las Vegas


I haven’t taken the chicklets to Vegas in a couple of years.  We always stay at the Aria, since they took all the fun out of NY, NY years ago.   But the chicklets love to visit the Flamingo everyday, because of the beautiful birds, koi, and garden area.  They were going through old photographs and found this one.  Now they want me to take them on a vacation.  I’ve explained that we can’t go, because of the virus, so they are thinking of having a Las Vegas party this summer.

The Stage Crew built the Flamingo on Wheels for the baby chicklets, because some of them wished they could have gone with us.  Now that all the chicklets have seen the photo, they’re getting the flamingo out of storage.  I’m sure the party will be fun, and the Stage Crew is already drawing up plans for slot machines that take corn kernels.  They said the roulette tables will be a snap.

The entertainment is going to be spectacular and very flashy, according to the costume and entertainment committees.  Still, they admit, it won’t be the same as being there.  The Sound Committee is going to work on a machine that will make a lot of noise, so the chicklets will think they are in the casino.

Truth be told, the chicklets spent most of their time in Vegas, shopping and going to shows. Pressing the button on the slot machines hurt their beaks, and the One Arm Bandits had them sitting on top of the machine, then jumping onto the lever.  Lots of accidents and not much fun.  I think they lost six and a half dollars between them.

They love the fountains at the Bellagio and sit on the railings peeping with glee and chirping to the music.  They also love the street artists, especially the violinists.  Two of them were hypnotized by all the flashing lights, which was a problem at first, but we worked it out. But because of that, the Lighting Committee is going to be very careful about how they light things up.

The excitement is spreading, and the Cooking Committee is setting up a meeting with the hens about the menu.

I think it might be fun.  The Entertainment Committee is planning on comedy acts (I’m looking forward to that one) and lots of singing and dancing.  They were thinking of doing things like Cirque du Soleil, but no one thinks they can really pull it off, and none of the chicklets are willing to dive into water, or run up and down a slanting wall, like  they do in Ká.  So it will take some time for them to get everything straight.  We just have to wait and see what happens.  I’m sure it will be…interesting.

Once again the chicklets are ready for a road trip and once again, no one can reach the peddles.

Road trip

The bike is a rubber stamp.


A couple of the chicklets got out their old flower costumes and did a songfest at breakfast, to celebrate spring…

WP will not let me reblog any longer. No idea why. But please go to Resa’s blog and see the truly wonderful post she made for the chicklets and their Easter party. I’m so grateful to her, as well as to Holly, for this wonderful scrapbook. I can never thank them enough. <3


The weather has warmed up, so the chicklets and their guests are going to have a picnic at The Rubber Duck Pond.


The final act, the spine tingling, EGG DANCE, by the FABULOUS Resa…2 pictures

Resa’s Egg Dance is something the chicklets and their guests look forward to seeing each year.  And every year The Resa’s Egg Committee, makes a different Egg for her.  It’s a wonderful experience.  Magical, really.  Everyone loved it.  It was the perfect ending for the entertainment portion of a perfect day.

This is Resa, last year:

It’s a dance of rebirth and new beginnings.  It takes about forty-five minutes.


After the wonder of the the ballet and Egg Dance, everyone will catch their breath before treats and time to discuss the events of the day.  Then there will be another Story Time, and another pajama party.

The chicklets hope that you all had fun and a wonderful Easter Day.

The sun is almost down, and the easter ballet…begins

The chicklets, along with Beth, Holly and Melanie, danced the Easter Bunny Ballet, in the main entertainment Barn, for an extremely enthusiastic audience.  It’s the first time humans have been included in one of the dancing events.

It was a free form ballet, to music by Queen. The women not only danced with the chicklets, they picked them up and twirled and leaped with them in their arms.  It was a beautiful thing to see.

Post script:

The dance lasted for thirty-seven minutes.

The ballet received five curtain calls and much wing flapping, as well as peeps, chirps and MANY other sounds, made by all the others in the barn.

A smashing success.  Thank you to all those who participated.  Chirp.


Welcome to the entertainment extravaganza…

Part of the Welcoming Committee is here to invite you in to the entertainment barn for the amazing Ballet and Egg Dance. It’s going to be wonderful, so please, enjoy yourselves.

First up is the Poetry Slam.  After which, there will be a tribute to the Warming Bunnies, who work tirelessly to heal and bring happiness and joy, to those around them.  It will be awhile before the headline dance routines take place, but have fun at the opening acts.


Today is Bunny day…hop and have fun.


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