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Today is EAT BREAKFAST IN YOUR ROBE DAY.  Lacy is on her way to the dining barn, where everyone will be having corn French Toast and cereal.  Once a month they get to eat in their robes, so everyone is excited.  Some of those who live at The Coop can’t really wear robes, like the horses and goats, and the adult pigs, have a difficult time but those who can, wear them.


A beautiful day for the chicklets to take rides in the Gondola…


The Rubber Duck Committee…

Ann and Jeffery are currently in charge of the Rubber Duck Committee.  Their purpose is to make sure the Rubber Duck Pond is fully stocked with colorful and happy Rubber Ducks.  They do a wonderful job and everyone is delighted when they spot a new Rubber Duck in the pond.  There are twenty-five chicklets on the Committee and they are very dedicated.

This is Ducky…and here’s his story…

Ducky read a book about school and patrol boys and girls.  He was very excited and went to the Costume Department, with his drawing of a patrol belt.  The chicklets in the Costume Department were happy to make the belt, according to his instructions. It only took them a couple of days.

Once he had his patrol belt, he immediately ran into two rather large problems. One, school was out and two, there aren’t any real streets at The Coop, just paths and lanes.  Ducky was disappointed and everyone could tell that his dream wasn’t coming true.

So, the Stage crew stopped working on the sets for the Vegas Party and made a street sign for the path in front of the kitchen.  Now, several times a day, chicklets line up behind Ducky, as he stands by the path, and wait for him to give them the all clear, so they can cross to the other side.

Ducky is thrilled, and the chicklets are happy to help him fulfill his role as Patrol chicklet.

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to help out a friend who’s looking for a rainbow.


the chicklets
don’t understand
how Christopher Robin
could outgrow his friends
the chicklets
love their friends
for life
I tried to explain
about growing up
and all the rest
but it just made them
because as I said
chicklets love
their friends for life
and I had to tell them that
that just doesn’t work
for humans





The chicklets are working on rides for the Vegas Party…The Flamingo is definitely on the list…



A reminder from the chicklets…

The chicklets are getting ready for summer…




Just a reminder from the chicklets. Tomorrow is MOTHER’S DAY!



The chicklets are getting their shirts ready for Mother’s Day. Everyone is looking forward to celebrating the hens.

Mother's Day

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