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I really want to drive this…

Car, Concept, Vehicle, Auto, Speed



Santa’s new ride…

Sports Car, Pkw, Auto, Vehicle, Dare


Beautiful car…

Bmw, Baroque Angel, V8, Oldtimer


I had a blue one…Mustangs are fun.

Ford, Mustang, V8, 67, Ford Mustang


Beauty…we know it when we see it.

Maybach, Zeppelin-Vintage, Auto, Light


I am a cat person through and through…

Image result for free quote on cats


This looks like fun…wouldn’t be good in the snow, that’s for sure. Been there, done that and it’s not good when your car is low to the ground and the snow is high. Still, nice concept car.

Car, Concept, Vehicle, Auto, Speed

In need of some TLC and restoration…but a beauty nonetheless…

Chevrolet, Oldtimer, Rusted, Old


It’s a weird thing…

City, Road, Vehicles, Cityscape, Asphalt

Yesterday, I was coming home from the movies and turned onto a street and it was empty, just like this picture.  Cars were far away and there was a blank spot in front of me…really empty, free of cars.  It startled me.  I wanted to get out of the car and play in the street.  LOL  What an amazing and weird thing to see the road…without cars…when it’s not two in the morning.

Cars in Italy…the chicklets get wheels…3 photographs

The chicklets LOVED the tiny cars in Italy.  I let them drive around for a day or two but they got so excited I had to tell them, “no more.”  I was surprised at what good drivers they were.  Ginger said driving was easy because the cars were just the right size and chicklets are very good at moving at street level.

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