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Neon…a short story.


She walked into the shop and said, “I have new ideas for other times.  Where should I put them?”

“Over there,” said, the guy behind the counter.  “With the others.”

She looked to where he pointing and saw a computer next to a big cardboard box.

“You mean you want me to type my new ideas into that old computer?”

“Or you can drop them into the box.  Either way, that’s the place the ideas go.”

“But who will see them?”

“No one,” he said.  “No one cares anymore, haven’t you noticed?”

“But I thought this place was different.”

“No place is different,” he said, without looking up.  “Places are made to look different, or seem different, but they’re all the same.”

“How will that change anything?” she asked, frowning at him.

“Nothing’s gong to change.”

“That’s a terrible attitude,” she said.  “We are the only ones who can change anything.”

He stared at her.  “How?”

“With new ideas, with cooperation, with determination, with…”

“Just put your new ideas where the box is,” he sighed, picking up a pencil and checking things off on a sheet of paper.

“Why does this shop exist, if not to bring about change and ideas for the betterment of everyone?  Why do you stand there just to point to a box and an old computer, if no one cares?”

“Look,” he said, tiredly.  “This is a government facility.  It’s a place that’s supposed to give people unrealistic hope that things will get better.  Places like this exist to give people false hope, that way they feel as if they’re doing something, when they aren’t.  It keeps the masses quiet.  This place exists to stop people from waking up.  Stop them from making demands, stop them from acting out.  What part of that don’t you get?”

“How can you do this to people?”

“The pay and benefits are good.  I even get dental.  There’s nothing I can do to save us, so I’m just biding my time until it’s over.”

“So, you’re just one more government stooge?”

“Call me whatever you like,” he said, putting the pencil down.  “You’re just a cog, or slave of the system.  We’re all something.  Something that keeps the people in power going.”

“What if we all stopped doing everything?”

“China and Russia would attack us while we’re fighting among ourselves.”

“Do you really believe that?” she asked.

“I think they’re going to attack us anyway, but that would open the door for them.”

“What can we do to turn things around?”

“I’m going to go on my break.  That’s what I’m going to do.”

“So you’re giving up?”

“Giving up what?”

“Everything?” she said.  “Freedom, the right to…”

“Freedom?” he laughed.  “They know everything you do and say.  Look.  I’m going to go out back and smoke.  Then I’m going to have a slice of pizza from the place across the street.  Then, I’m going to work four more hours, after which I will go home, watch tv, go to bed and do the same thing tomorrow.  We are rats in a maze, or rats running on a wheel, if you will.  Your choices are limited and the thing is, if you want to fight back, you have to run on the wheel to get a bit of cash to even print a sign that states your purpose.  You can’t fight back.  You can’t win.  You are powerless against the machine.  We all are.”

“I don’t believe you,” she said, turning to leave.  “Enjoy your pizza.”

When the door closed, another man walked out from the back room.  “You got a dreamer?”

“Yes.  That’s the third one today,” he said.

“Some people never learn,” said the second man.

“Is that a bad thing?” asked the guy.

“I honestly don’t know.  I feel bad for them.  Once they realize the truth, what do they have left?”

“What if we took their new ideas seriously?”

The man put his hand on the guy’s shoulder.  “Go have your smoke,” he said, gently. “I think the job is finally getting to you.”


Photo:  Adrian Balasoiu

From: Bored Panda…very important.

This Online Group Is “Showcasing The Idea That We Live In A Dystopia That Is Boring” One Post At A Time (50 Posts)

I have questions…

I rarely watch tv, but yesterday I did.  I turned hulu on and started watching HISTORY, which was about Nostradamus (which I’ve already seen), Issac Newton, the antichrist, pope number 11, among other popes, devils, monsters, blood, crazy people screaming for a pope being carried in a chair like Cleopatra used to sit in, and the kids from Fatima.

I sat there wondering how we’ve been able to survive this long, being mentally ill and completely mad.  Just killing each other, worshiping whatever we think is the next best thing, believing in gods and omens, and prophets, and dictators and liars and guys who wear beanies and have their rings/hands actually kissed, because they’re so special.

Seriously.  I don’t think we can be fixed.  They mentioned all the people like Heaven’s Gate, Manson and others who talked people into killing themselves or others, for other invisible gods or space ships.

The three shepherd kids from Fatima were nice, but the evil popes, didn’t listen to what Mary told them, because hey, she’s only the mother of the god they believed in…what did she know.  Men don’t listen t women, no matter who they are.

All the horrendous dictators who just murdered millions of people and all the prophesies that fit nicely into what is happening, even though things like this happened in the past as well.

It seems so much easier to believe in aliens, than it is to believe in all this other stuff.

EVERY single thing that was ugly and murderous was because of RELIGION.  LOL  Seriously, everything.  Fighting and killing each other, and never stopping because of one god or another, one ridiculous belief or another, and they’re worried about the antichrist who is going to end the world.  We don’t actually need HIM.  We are taking care of that ourselves.

All the people saluting and screaming for hitler and the other crazy MEN who just spent their time slaughtering people.  An antichrist would be anticlimactic.

I didn’t know Newton was obsessed with the bible and numbers.  He predicted that the world will end in 2060.  He worked it out mathematically.  So now you now how long we have.

All the videos of the truly terrible things we do to each other…all the destruction and hatred, the clan, skin heads, just people filled with pure hatred and a sense of entitlement.

The thing I found most interesting is that Mary, when she was talking to the kids, said that god was mad at the humans.  I guess he said people better straighten up or no dessert and straight to bed, kind of thing.

Here’s the things I don’t understand.  How can the entire world be such a mess because of god?  How can god be the root of all evil, causing such hatred among his followers?  How can the catholic church lie constantly, rape, pillage and murder people and everyone is okay with it?

If there was a god, (who said he made us in his image) and he was pissed off, why did he, make us in a way that allows such violence to take place…unless, that god is filled with hatred and violence himself.  Also, they said at the end, jesus will come back.  My question is, WHY WAIT?  If any of it is real, what’s he waiting for?  why did he let things get this bad in the first place?  If he’s all knowing, surely he knew we weren’t going to get any better.  So he’s going to let all of the living things die, while he sends his mother to tell people to do better, rather than come here himself and fix things?  If he loved his “children” why would he allow them to be tortured and murdered?  Well, I guess jesus was sent here by HIS FATHER, to be tortured and murdered, so it’s kind of what his family does.  So people are just like the god who some believe made them.  It’s only logical.  None of it makes sense.  All the horror pictures I saw in every country were wars and hatred over one god or another.  So there are no loving gods.  No one made up any nice ones.  They are all bloodthirsty and filled with vengeance and hatred.  And we are supposed to behave with absentee parents and rapists as his representatives.  Hmmm.

Well, when we all die,  maybe in 2060, we know why.  God let it happen.  Made everyone so it COULD happen, right?  He can obviously come here to stop what’s happening, he just won’t show up.

And the hatred toward atheists was quite clear.  Personally, I think this rock we live on is a prison for the insane.  But really, it’s all about aliens.  They are the ones who are playing with us.  Pretending to be gods, etc., and people will believe anything, do anything, just to feel special, protected, part of some group, or whatever.

When I was in Italy, I saw the way a crowd, which could have easily turned into a mob, look at the pope, who had his head out the tiny window.  I saw the look on the faces of those hypnotized people and it was the same look I saw in the movie Pod People.  I was shocked at the way they looked and acted.

Anyway, all of this is god’s fault.  If the religious people are right, he made people and if he supposedly gave them free will, why is he angry and thinking of coming back to kill us himself?   He’s going to save the good ones, so they can have a thousand years of peace. Which means he’s judgmental and mean, as well as not at all the loving and forgiving god I’ve heard about.   When he returns he’s going to wipe away the tears and heal everyone who’s left.  Why he didn’t think of that sooner, is anyone’s guess.

And the people discussing these things on the shows, are deadly serious.

Here’s one of the important things.  If the jewish people rebuild a temple where the domed one is, it’s the end of the world.  That’s how easy it is to get rid of every living thing.  You build a temple on a certain piece of ground and it’s over for all of us.  I don’t understand that, but that’s what they said repeatedly.  So, if we know that, why would anyone build a temple where the domed one is?  To kill everything, I guess.  So we are suicidal, as well.

If god/jesus came back now, or if he sent Mary, she’d have to show up on everyone’s cell phone, not a burning bush, or anything.  If she was just floating round in the grass, no one would even see her.  No one would look up long enough to see her.

The things I saw were ugly.  Superstitions from a long time ago.  The catholic church came out looking really bad, as usual.  Some believe the last thing Mary told the kids, is still partially hidden because it’s about the fall of the catholic church.  I doubt anyone will ever know the truth, since they never tell the truth.

They said maybe there are those whispering in the ears of people, making them do bad things.  The devil is also causing climate change.  All of this is happening so that good and evil can fight it out here…on earth…by us.  There are multiple universes and they are going to fight it out here.  On this tiny rock, filled with insane people who live their lives and kill for invisible gods.  I’m just happy Gilgamesh didn’t make his followers in his image, although elephants are nice, so maybe that would have been nice.  Personally, I believe in Bast, the cat Goddess, but that’s neither here nor there.

I don’t believe in god, but I don’t think it will matter, when the end comes.  It  should…like all those who believe in gods sit on this side of the planet, and all those who don’t believe in god, sit on the other side and eat tofu salad for lunch.

Remember, a few years ago, when everyone thought the world would in December 2012? There were so many reasons from all over the globe, tribes, etc., who said it was true.  Well, noting happened.  Well, now it’s 2060.  I won’t be here by then.  At least I hope I’m not stupid to come back here.  But I have a theory about that.  When you die, you forget insane everything is here, so that’s another lie, and you fall for it and say, “Sure, sounds like fun,” then you wake up and you can’t see, or talk, walk, drive, eat, or even sit up.  They you hate yourself for being so stupid and that’s why people are unhappy, because they were fooled into coming back here AGAIN!  Okay, that’s just my personal theory.

Anyway, according to the programs, we no longer have to worry about the sun eating the planet, or being hit by a comet, because we’re just going to get slaughtered by two angels, or gods, or monsters, fighting it out for power, control and the right to rule.  Same old, same old.

It’s 2 a.m. so if there are typos and weird spellings, sorry about that.  I’m not reading it again.

Working together…

One of the problems, when it comes to solving the issues, is getting people to work together to reach an agreed upon goal.  The bigger the issue, the more people involved.  When the issue is huge, groups have to communicate and work together, which may seem simple, but it’s not.

Sometimes things are easy.  Marches on Washington, for example.  Someone got the permits, speakers, etc., and women from across the country just showed up.  No decisions to be discussed on a massive scale.  Time, place, be there…and we were, time after time.

It’s more difficult when you want to shut down companies that continue to pollute the environment.  When you want to change the government itself. When you want to bring about massive change, but have no voice or power.  The ACUL…what did it do again?  People poured money into their coffers when the orange one was elected.  They kept saying that they were filing suits against this and that but nothing happened…NOTHING at all.  Suddenly the organization was a lot richer, but completely silent.

I don’t think people realize how powerful the people who actually run the country are.  So, that’s what people are up against and unless we can find a way to just stop everything at once, which would bring the country to a screeching halt, I don’t know what we can do.

None of the government people who were involved in the attack on Washington were held accountable.  When the riot was over the police let everyone WALK AWAY.  Unlike the the men they kill in the street for no reason at all, they let the actual criminals leave.  The government officials behind it, were not punished.

Money.  Sometimes, grassroots groups are one bake sale away from going under.  Those who work pro-bono can only do so much and even then, remember the man who died from toxic chemicals in Area 51?   He didn’t have a case because the government said Area 51 didn’t exist.  The photographs the lawyer had proving that Area 51 did in fact exist, did nothing at all.  The government said the man didn’t work there because there was no Area 51.  I don’t know how to work around those kind of lies.

People are asking for:

a clean and healthy earth  (there’s no money in that)

health care (all the wealthy people who run the show have access to the best health care, so it’s not really an issue for them and it never will be.  they don’t sit in hospital hallways for five hours waiting for their child to be seen by an overworked doctor on his second shift).

equality  (people in charge see that as a loss of power for themselves.  it’s a threat and makes them afraid).

education for everyone  (our education system is set up to stop people from actually thinking…it’s filled with lies, and the invisibility of minorities and women, its main message is:  white men rule and children should OBEY, shut up, sit down and don’t make waves.  These lessons prepare people for jobs they will hate).

creativity (not allowed since it is one of the most dangerous things that exist…you can’t control artists, that’s why they kill them first)

freedom of choice  (the need to control women is at the top of their list)

the right to own our own bodies  (a never ending battle)

a livable wage  (too much power in the hands of people if that happened.  Also, people might be happy, and they will never allow that).

an end to violence (violence is how the people in charge control the masses…by letting it happen)

the police to stop killing people (police accountability and a reminder that they work FOR US)

an end to poverty (poverty is a program kept in place for the benefit of the people in power…poor people do not pose a threat, they have no resources)

an end to racism, sexism, ageism  (no one in charge cares, since these issues don’t touch them, and they don’t want people to have personal power because it scares those who work so hard to keep people poor, afraid and held down).

the ability to be heard  (no one is listening)

an end to being constantly watched/monitored
and the right to privacy  (Big Brother)

the right to have healthy food  (no more food deserts)

farmers not forced to raise GMO enhanced food  (government profit, money from the forced buying of seeds).

a true and real separation between church and state  (republicans and conservatives would have to be removed from the picture altogether).

a reorganization of government, laws and standards brought in to the present time  (age limits on who can run for presidents and how laws are made and passed.  An end to a two party system, and equal representation for all).

an end to being lied to  (good luck)

lower wages for people in government and more taxes on the rich and the church  (hahahaha).

a government that works FOR the people, instead of for THEMSELVES  (novel idea for sure).

Clean air so kids don’t have to be on inhalers (the right wing doesn’t care about children, they care about control over others).

the right to be whatever gender one wishes to be and the right to love anyone you wish to love (this terrifies the right wing/conservatives…gay marriages, mixed marriages, anything but the status quo scares them enough to start wars on their own people).

Feel free to add to the list.  Feel free to come up with solutions.

Remember when California was going to pull out of the US?  They didn’t, of course, because if a state leaves, they no longer have federal funding. That means no police, firepeople, or government money.  The state that pulls out will have to pay for all of that themselves.  They will no longer be protected either, or have access to anything the government provides. So it’s a big step.  If we all did it, then it would have an impact, but in reality, not all people agree with the above changes I’ve mentioned.  And there in, lies the problem.  As a country, and as a people…we are deeply divided and so is our power.  This is how civil wars start…we already had one, remember?

We can’t stop the hatred because members of the klan are teaching their children their own beliefs, the same goes for haters in all areas.  It’s like an infectious disease that follows all of us.  People are brainwashed into believing terrible things.  How do we stop that?

We all teach our kids what we think is right and wrong…the questions we have to ask ourselves…are our beliefs life affirming or destructive?  Are we including everyone, or just a few?  How will what we believe and teach, benefit the earth and all living things?  That’s something we all have to ask ourselves.

Our government, and those who actually run things, want us to feel “lucky” to have what we have, as if we live in a land of scarcity.  We actually live in a land of abundance, but the abundance is taken from the people and given to the men at the top.  It’s important to remember that.  Just one more lie to keep the masses from waking up.


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Free Dude With Sign Stock Photo

I wanted to write about current events, but when I went to get a photo, there were so many protests and so many issues, I finally gave up.  It’s overwhelming.  Everyone seems to be fighting for something.

I’ve said this before, but it’s important, so I’ll say it again.  Each group’s  issue is the one that matters to the people fighting for whatever that issue is about.  If we can be divided into small groups…if we can fight for many issues at once…we are not as powerful as if we joined together and took on one major issue and put all of our resources behind that one thing.  Yes, that means other issues will have to wait, and that’s not fair.  No group wants to wait.  I get that.

Here’s the thing.  BLM is an issue that needs to be addressed so black men, and women, are not murdered by police, among other things.  Abortion rights need to be reinstated so women don’t suffer and die in back alley abortions, or are forced to have unwanted children for ANY reason, rape, incest, whatever.  Gender issues, including health care, need to be addressed in order to keep everyone heathy.  Minimum wage needs to be raised and wages for the rich government workers need to be lowered.  Minimum wage needs to be a livable wage, starting at $25 an hour.  Health care for everyone needs to be free and everyone needs the same kind of care.  Climate change and the destruction of the earth cannot wait for LATER.  Education needs to be overhauled and the truth needs to be told.  Violence against women, children and animals needs to STOP entirely.  The police and military forces need to protect THE PEOPLE, NOT THE RICH.  Wars need to end and those begging for help need help now.  Equal pay for equal work and EQUALITY needs to be implemented immediately.  Seniors need to be safe and medication needs to be affordable.  Workers rights need to be respected.  Well, I could go on and on.

EVERYONE NEEDS HELP NOW.  We are in crisis.  We need to prioritize.  Climate change can’t be put off, or it will be too late to even save ourselves.  But every issue needs to be dealt with right now, or people will die.

Nothing is changing.  We are, in fact, going backward, when it comes to many issues.  NO ONE IS LISTENING TO US.  Our government is working for itself, not for us.

Another problem is that as a people…we are divided.  We are fighting each other.  That is not going to change.

The entire world is carrying signs, for immigrants, for women who are being murdered, for women who have disappeared, for the war in Ukraine to end, for Iran to be free, for this and for that.

Add to that the incredible rise in prices and the attack on the middle class.

There’s too much to think about.  But we can’t just look the other way.  We need to focus and work together to bring about change.  We need a new governmental system.  We need to overhaul what this country wants to stand for, right now it seems to be greed and death.

Because the masses don’t have any rights that matter, including women controlling their own bodies, marching and protesting doesn’t seem to do any good.  The only thing that matters to those in power is money.  We need to find out what the rich own, what those in power have their fingers into and then boycott all of it.

Boycotting works.  It works because it’s about money.  Boycotting works IF people actually DO IT.  Ten people won’t make a difference.  I once put a list of their holdings on my blog (I don’t know if I can find it again), but no one seemed interested.  Some people think that if they make themselves small, and don’t make waves, everything will be okay.  Things won’t be okay.  We are in the mess we’re in because we didn’t stop things sooner.

So, instead of writing about a particular issue, I ended up writing about this.  How can we change anything, if we have no voice, no power, if we have no rights, and if the people who are there to PROTECT US, will shoot us in the street and follow orders from the rich.

Any suggestions?


Picture:  Pixabay

The chicklets just watched a video on how Native American’s feel invisible. WE’RE STILL HERE, they say. Read on.

Native Americans
are still here
but they have many
due to the fact
that from the very
our government
has stolen
from them
and continues
to treat them
the chicklets
are not happy
that people
are being mistreated
so they are going to
try to do something
about it
if they can

Okay, so…

Trees, Fog, Street, Road, Lane, Lush

Here’s the thing…today I read something that said city people don’t care about the countryside and what’s happening to it.  I could easily say the reverse, that county people don’t care about cities and what’s happening to them.

I don’t think things like this make sense.  First of all, being born and raised in Chicago, the countryside to me, was the vacant lot on my block, before they built a house on it.  There was a kind of prairie, a few blocks away, but they built a school on that.  I did go into the “country,” which is now part of everything else, because I rode horses and followed trails that went by streams and trees.  I also went into the Forest Preserve, but very seldom and only with a lot of others, because some of the people who go to the Forest Preserves are dangerous.

Never saw open fields, or anything like that.  Played in the alley and on the sewer covers, which were the bases we used when we played baseball in the street.  I did spend a lot of time at the park, which was surrounded by two busy streets and two side-streets.  The wild animals we saw were squirrels.  We tamed some of them and they would sit by us to get peanuts.

Really hard to even know what existed outside of the city when you’re little, so maybe that’s why those in the country, don’t know anything about playing in allies, or living with a tiny yard and a lot of cement, a few trees, and a LOT of people right next door.  Jimmy, the boy who lived in the house next to the two-flat I lived in, would sit on his back porch and I would sit hanging out my bedroom window, and we would talk to each other.  The only thing between us was a gangway.  No open fields, sparse neighbors, or streams.  We had garages and fences.  We took buses and never even saw a real tractor.

The country is a foreign place to a lot of kids growing up in the city.  The city can seem scary, or weird, to those who never saw it and grew up in a farm area, or in the country somewhere (are those two things both country?). My cousin’s cousin’s  are always terrified when they come to her house, or when we go out in the city.  Terrified.  They only live an hour away, but they grew up in the country…which can literally BE an hour from the city.  We just never go there.  Why would we?  There’s nothing there.

It’s not that we don’t care.  We don’t KNOW the places country people talk about.  Those places aren’t part our history, part of our lives.  We don’t KNOW the details, the intimate parts of the country…just like they might not understand the city, even if they move there.  Growing up in a place is far different from just moving some place and living there.

So, city people care about the environment, the country, and everything else, it’s just that for a lot of us, our environment isn’t the same as yours.  When I read things about people just walking through the woods ALONE…OMG…seriously?  Not in a million years, because the environment I grew up in doesn’t include that kind of danger.  Our danger is a lot different.

It seems to me that no one really understands anyone else.  Like being from the north or south, different ethnic groups, or city/country…our environment is something local, even if the world is home to all of us.  Sometimes other people just don’t understand what it’s like to be from someplace else.  People make assumptions based on their own beliefs, experiences, hearsay and media.  That doesn’t make what they believe true.

The entire environment is in crisis.  We care about it, but governments don’t stop what is destroying the oceans or the land, the air or anything else.  It’s not city people, it’s regulations and laws, that even when existing are not enforced but paid off in high fines, rather than forcing industry to clean up their act.

So instead of saying things about urban or country people, I think we need to go after governments that continue to let companies get away with poisoning and destroying the earth and all the living things on the planet.

That’s just my opinion, of course.




Don’t forget to VOTE tomorrow…

black and white love print crew neck shirt

Think about these things…

the people who start the wars are never IN the wars, they send others (us) to die in their place so they can get what they want

the people who decide what minimum wage is, are rich

the people who aren’t worried about crime, live in gated communities and have bodyguards

the people who allow food deserts to exist, have plenty to eat

the people who allow our country to have a terrible live birth rate, refuse to pay for prenatal care and health care in general, have private rooms and doctors on call

the people who allow crumbling schools and no computers or other learning tools to exist in “poor” neighborhoods, send their kids to private schools

the people who think it’s okay for people to work two or three jobs, just to put food on the table, don’t work a 40 hour week, unless it’s election time

the people who won’t control the price of medications, can pay for them or get them free

the people who raise the taxes on our home, have multiple homes and can get cuts in their taxes as if it is their due

the people who are owned by the NRA (republicans) allow children to be massacred, while their children are safe in private, well protected schools

the people who stopped allowing farmers to use their own seeds, and instead forced them to PAY for them, are simply doing it out of greed

the people who banned abortion will NEVER get pregnant, and have the false belief that THEY own women’s bodies

the people who ALLOW men to beat, rape and kill women, believe that women do not deserve to have a safe life, but should always be kept in fear in order to control them and keep “in their place”

the people who order the police and military to beat and abuse peaceful protesters ,are afraid and want to make sure people don’t know they don’t have any rights.

the people who attacked the capital were spoiled rich kids who weren’t getting their own way and had hissy fits because they were asked to go through metal detectors…the very people who orchestrated the attack are still in office and no punishments were handed out

the people who put other people in jail, don’t go to jail for doing things that are much worse

the people who want the rest of us to follow the laws THEY make up, don’t follow any laws at all

the people who don’t concern themselves with the airlines, have private jets

the people who are racist and sexist, get to punish people who don’t look like them

Well, I could go on forever, but you get my drift.  We are being played, everyday, in every way, and people are suffering and dying, lost and afraid, because of “the people,” who seem to be in charge of everything.

Why do we put up with these things?






Okay, so…

We live by rules and beliefs handed down to us from the beginning of our emergence.  Rules and beliefs based upon things that no longer exist.  Old hatreds, greed, prejudices that were wrong from the start.  We keep repeating and believing things that are no long relevant to where we are in time, and it’s destroying us.  Lies, the need for power, and the conservatives determined to keep the old and outdated status quo safe from change, is literally pulling us apart.

We are in turmoil because of false beliefs that do not fit in to our current reality, such as it is. Religion, government, education, constantly reinforce outworn fears, using verbiage that makes no sense, in order to hold on to their power (over others…us).

It’s time to move into a new way of seeing things, and each other.  We need equality and kindness, not war and hatred.  We need to celebrate our differences and not demand that we all be the same.  We need to actually ALLOW freedom to exist, not just pretend that it does.

Elections are about stopping the most destructive person from getting into office, not voting for the best candidate who will make the world a better place.  The people aren’t even in the equation, it’s all about power and CONTROL.  The masses are simply the slaves doing as they’re told.  We have no voice.  Things are rigged, a joke.  Lies have become the truths we are told.  Money is god, along with power because money buys power.  Bits of paper are more valuable and important than people.  We are disconnected from each other.  Electronics and invisible friends are more important than the person sitting next to you.  We are losing our humanity, if we ever really had it.

There are currently so many problems, who can pick one to focus on, WHICH IS THE ENTIRE POINT OF THOS IN POWER, MAKING SO MANY PROBLEMS.  The problems that exist, exist because governments and those in power WANT THEM TO EXIST.  Violence runs rampant because it keeps people in line.  The government/people in power don’t have to DO anything to scare us into behaving, they just ALLOW the violence to continue and that does the job for them.

In reality, THEY are afraid of US.  They fear our rebellion as a group, so they divide us from each other, spreading lies and hatred.  They know that if people work together, they will lose their power OVER us.

We need to stop believing and accepting what is being thrown at us.  I know I’m sick of it, and I’ve been talking about this for YEARS.  People don’t want to hear it.  They don’t believe it, and why should they?  They are as safe as they can be, and they believe silence and being small will save them…but it won’t.  It doesn’t.  It never did, and it never will.

We are walking down a dark path, killing everything on our way toward the end.  We have no respect for the planet, the air, or each other.  Life cannot thrive on hatred and distrust.

We have huge drug problems because people want to escape from their lives.  Alcoholism, people running away from their lives.  Skyrocketing suicide rates, people who can’t stand to be here any longer.  All signs that SOMETHING IS REALLY WRONG.

A few disgusting men should not decide how we live, or what we do with our bodies.  Old ideas are dead and should be buried.

The extinction of the human species will give everything else a chance to thrive.  That alone, should tell you how destructive we are.  We are the destroyers of everything.  I don’t know if we can be anything else.  We never have been anything else.  It might not be possible.  Maybe we are far too broken to ever be okay…and by okay, I mean peaceful.  If it’s never been done, maybe it can’t be done.  Perhaps this is simply what we are…death to all things.  It’s sad and pathetic.  I feel bad for all the animals we have erased, all the children and adults who have been lost to needless wars, violence and hatred.

Putin, one man.  Look what he’s currently doing.  If no one followed orders, there would be no war.  But fear and the threat of death, makes men fight and kill, even when the people they are fighting and killing are their friends and relatives.  Maybe we just shouldn’t be afraid to die. Maybe that’s what courage is.  Standing up to bullies at all costs.  I don’t know.

I remember the person standing in front of the tank.  Courage.  A person who has had enough.  I hope we reach that “I’ve had enough” point, before it’s too late.  With today’s weapons and lack of compassion, people seen as numbers, after Viet Nam, after all of it…we have learned nothing.  PTS is the result of the way we live today.  Zombies, homeless, mentally ill people on the street, people bought and sold, kidnapped, used, abused, and killed.  This is what humans have made of the beautiful world we live on.  We made it ugly, cutting down trees, destroying habitat, killing, killing, always killing.  Even tomb raiding, disturbing the dead for money and fame.  Making medicine too expensive to afford, letting people suffer and die for profit.

I have fought back.  Worked for change.  Things changed, but with the rise of the evil ones, the inroads we made have been destroyed.  What does that say?  It tells us that there’s no winning.  No hope.  At least that’s what they would like us to believe.  To me, it just means we have to work harder to get the bastards out of positions of power and their feet off our necks.  We need to WAKE UP NOW.

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