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Okay, so…

If we all married someone a different color than ourselves, it wouldn’t take very long for everyone to be one beautiful color.  People who were black or white would stand out and be considered “Other.”  Kids would look in books … Continue reading

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Oh, no….he’s still in the white house…

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Candy just sent this to me…Gag! This is so wrong, so very, very, INSANE.

From:  Feminist News

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Have you noticed…if this is too long for you, just skip to the bottom

Have you noticed nowadays there is a diagnosis for absolutely everything.  A label, a definition, a description, a reason, a cure, a probability?  Nothing is normal.  Nothing is just part of being human.  Every single thing is being explored and … Continue reading

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A TED Talk…

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Quote: Ryan Phillips

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It’s true for all of us…

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