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I turned the news on.  Big mistake.  I had to turn it off right away because Larry Kudlow was on and all I heard him say was…they (republicans) want to REWARD people for…  OMG!  That’s when I thought I was … Continue reading

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Don’t you think it’s insane that EVERY SINGLE PERSON, who is around trump, has to BE TESTED FOR COVID EVERY SINGLE DAY, so HE is protected, but he doesn’t think TESTING is important for anyone else. He’s a pathetic and … Continue reading

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My daughter went for a walk and this is the sign she saw on someone’s lawn…

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Adam, Eve and other things…

“Wow, we look terrible in this picture,” said Adam.  “And there’s a sign there, which is silly since writing hasn’t been invented, and who will read it anyway?  You look lumpy.  Definitely not a raving beauty.  Where should w hang … Continue reading

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Story time…

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful blue planet called earth.  Lots of wonderful things evolved there, dinosaurs, trees, flowers, fuzzy things, birds, scaly little ones, all kinds of things.   Then a new species came along.  One that walked … Continue reading

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Okay, so

I always told my kids that whatever they were afraid of, it was the wrong thing to worry about. Life has a way of blindsiding us.  All the lists of the ways we were going to end, asteroids, weather conditions, … Continue reading

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You can lead a man to Congress, but you can’t make him think. –Milton Berle     brainyquote.com

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From: Resa…read it and see it through German eyes who recognize Hitler when they seem him.

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Okay, so…

A friend of mine just called and said the Head of the Police Union called and asked for the feds to be sent to Chicago.  You can look him up and see what kind of a record he has. It’s … Continue reading

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From: Candy

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