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This is what I want…

I want a world that is FAIR to all people and to all living things. A world that accepts and welcomes creativity and different points of view. A world where differences are appreciated and explored. A world where schools are … Continue reading

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Okay, so…

My granddaughter called me yesterday. She was furious over a class she had to take.  It was a day long business class where she said the female teacher spent ages telling women what not to do while telling the men … Continue reading

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From the ACLU…here’s the thing…

This came in the mail yesterday.  The problem I have is that the 84 lawsuits the ACLU has filed might take YEARS to get through the courts and there’s no way to know who will win.  The law moves slowly.  … Continue reading

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Would you EVER see shirts with these stupid messages in the MEN’S department? (2 pictures)

THESE are the messages we are sending out to women.  Work hard, be nice, be SUPER and expect to be EXHAUSTED, working for OTHERS.  Insane!  And you’ll NEVER see anything like this on men’s shirts. “Be NICE???”  OMG  I’m surprised … Continue reading

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People have been brainwashed, by religion and culture, to do things in moderation.  The people who want us to believe in moderation, however, do not practice what they preach.  Have you ever noticed that?  The pope has a driver, a … Continue reading

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Blah…a bunch of white male faces carved into a mountain on Native American Holy land, against the wishes of the Native Americans…you know, those people who ARE actually one hundred percent AMERICAN. Sucks…big time. Maybe the noses on the statues will fall off. They were going to do their bodies but ran out of money…they didn’t care what the Native Americans wanted, even though the land belonged to them. White guys in power don’t have to care about what anyone else wants…ever. Mt Rushmore is a monument to white male power. If you are tired of me saying that, it’s only because it’s everywhere and it’s true. Diversity and ownership don’t enter into it. Rich white guys get to take whatever they want, and they do. Links to the eleven most racist presidents, and presidents who owned slaves, are at the bottom of this post.

When I was a kid, far too young to stay home alone,  my parents FORCED me to get in the car and drive forever to see this thing.  Gag.  We parked, walked to a rock, and looked at the mountain.  … Continue reading

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A very short story…

“Who am I supposed to ask about the book?” he asked, looking around. “The white woman in the black t-shirt,” she said, turning back to her list. “Who?” “Talk to the white woman in the black t-shirt,” she said, more … Continue reading

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