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So very true…books can take you anywhere

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Huge fern…Garfield Park Conservative

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Humans torture and murder living beings and then eat them…we kill innocent beauty and stop beating hearts…how can we live with that? That’s what brainwashing does…it blinds you from the truth.


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Every daylily in my yard is blooming…

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The continuing saga of Missy Sue…who went to the vet today and is now Lucky. Seems she is a he and the vet said, “he’s Lucky he’s alive and a hawk didn’t get him.” He only weighs 1 pound and a few ounces. He’s hungry all the time. He’s safe and fed and well loved, so he truly is Lucky.

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Jesse’s kitten…he’s so adorable and friendly…love him so much…he came for a visit, played hard then jumped onto the couch and took a nap…

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