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Mimi is head of the menu committee for the Valentine’s Day Party.  She had the same job last year, so she knows exactly what to do.  Since last year’s menu selection was  fabulous, everyone is wondering what she will select … Continue reading

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Snow day…Winter chicklet

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Blue Bell won the Santa contest. She’s the official chicklet Santa for 2020

Blue Bell won the Santa contest.  She has her Santa suit, but refuses to wear the beard because it makes her sneeze and she looks silly.  Everyone agreed that the beard didn’t matter in the least and the chicklets and … Continue reading

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Chicklet Alex, part of the Clean-up Crew, has been sweeping up a bit, so the guests could enjoy breakfast and the last of the treats, before they get ready to leave and return to their homes.  Everyone had a wonderful … Continue reading

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Mimi is going to the party as Frida…


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Sweetie is going to be John Lennon for Halloween.  He’s very sweet, hence his nickname, and loves Lennon’s song, Give Peeps a Chance.  The other chicklets have long ago given up on telling him it’s, Give PEACE a Chance, so … Continue reading

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Mitzi is going to the Halloween party as RBG. The chicklets loved her and miss her.

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Suzzette found the dress he made to wear to Paris.  The chicklets are getting into the grove.  Plans are being handed out and the work is coming together nicely.

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Sage and her friend Mitzi want the chicklets to organize a peace march. So when the chicklets held a meeting this morning, she and Mitzi did a fifteen minute presentation, highlighting their main points. Their petition was tabled until next week.

picture: rerun

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Cricket made six batches of chocolate bunnies, unfortunately, none of them…survived.

Every year the chicklets make chocolate bunnies for Easter.  Every year, they have to make them again and again, until the hens step in and make them themselves.  The hens then hide the chocolate bunnies, so the chicklets can’t eat … Continue reading

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