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Suzzette found the dress he made to wear to Paris.  The chicklets are getting into the grove.  Plans are being handed out and the work is coming together nicely.

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Sage and her friend Mitzi want the chicklets to organize a peace march. So when the chicklets held a meeting this morning, she and Mitzi did a fifteen minute presentation, highlighting their main points. Their petition was tabled until next week.

picture: rerun

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Cricket made six batches of chocolate bunnies, unfortunately, none of them…survived.

Every year the chicklets make chocolate bunnies for Easter.  Every year, they have to make them again and again, until the hens step in and make them themselves.  The hens then hide the chocolate bunnies, so the chicklets can’t eat … Continue reading

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Lois…her list

Lois was very happy with the list the spokechicklets gave yesterday, but she kept a list of her own, when they were hiking.   As you know, Lois thinks for herself and sees things that others don’t.  So, here is her … Continue reading

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Flowers to cheer you…hi from the chicklets

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Lois made pictures to cheer everyone up, during this difficult time.

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Lois, always ready to get involved, put together her own First Age kit.  No one had the heart to tell her that’s not what it’s called. It’s filled with lollipops, marshmallows, bandages, gummy worms, wash cloths, soap, toys, corn bread, … Continue reading

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Lois joined the Garden Club.   It’s her first year and she’s very excited.  The fact that she was found inside of one of the LARGE pots, while pouring dirt around herself, had the other chicklets a bit concerned.  They explained … Continue reading

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Cherí is part of the Garden Club…

Cherí is so excited about spring, that she put on her boots and started getting planting pots out.  The other chicklets think it’s still too early, but once they saw that there was no changing her mind, they all joined … Continue reading

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Lula and Devin are on their way to practice for the Valentine Poetry Slam…Everything is ready for the Party, except the last minute food. It keep disappearing and the hens are at their feathers end.

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