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In honor of International Woman’s Day…Melanie wrote a poem…it’s read by one of the chicklets. Yay for FEMALES everywhere. Chirp

I am a little chicklet I live safely at The Coop I’m a happy little chicklet we are a happy group! we can do anything without a fuss we dance and sing, we flap about, but only ’cause the Hens … Continue reading

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This is a reblog. I did it a long time ago but just came across it and thought it was perfect, since it’s nighttime.

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Buttercup saw the post of the girl wearing a net skirt on my blog and Resa asked if the chicklets were going to make one. Well Buttercup did just that.

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So, Holly (the poet) was the only human asked to read a poem. She did beautifully and the chicklets were delighted but she didn’t leave a copy of her poem with the poetry club. Below is chicklet Nan. She’s in the Poetry Room. The frame for Holly’s poem is empty and has a sticky note saying, “Holly’s poem.” The chicklets drew her picture, which on the bottom shelf of the bookcase. As soon as they get a copy of her poem they will let you know.

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Piggie Wiggie and Bertha are doing a short play at the Valentine’s Day party. It’s called, THE PRINCESS AND THE CHICKLET. The Piggie gets locked in a tower and the chicklet rescues her then they peep two songs and do a short tap routine.” Everyone’s sure it’s going to be a hit.

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Lola…practicing for her dance number at the show. It’s a little ballet and a little something else but she said it’s going to be wonderful and I believe her.

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Ginger is on her way to a snowperson/animal exhibit. The chicklets love to sculpt snow. After the show there’s going to be hot chocolate and cornbread with chocolate chips. It’s a good day to have fun.

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