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I don’t think bears get nearly enough credit for all they do for us…

a person holding a stuffed animal on a table

Photo:  Anita Austvika

Army women…

A little girl wrote to a toy manufacturer and asked for women soldiers so she could play with her brother.  They made them.  There are also pink soldier.  But we now have Women Army Women.

I’m all for equality.  I love that they have images of these brave women.  It’s just that I hate war and it makes me feel bad that toys are about fighting and killing each other, no matter your gender.

Toys…a story poem

Giraffe, Toy, Wheel, Colors, Graphics

are for children
but some of us know better

adults buy the toys they are attracted to
and then they give them to children
or collect them

but children
are often our excuse
to play and take home
things that make us

I would put this
giraffe on a shelf
she’s adorable
and there are probably
some of you
who think she’s cute
as well

kids get the things
we fall in love with
and that’s the way
it should be

it’s called
sharing the


Neutral gender dolls by Barbie…Melanie said the dolls are available at Target as CREATIVE WORLD.


This is the teddy bear who wanted to live in my car…with my hula girl from Hawaii…He hasn’t told me his name yet.


IKEA…$1.49…had to have it. So cute. Little kids draw pictures and IKEA makes toys out of them. It comes in a large size but this one is as big a your palm.

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