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This is pretty cool…from: Astronomy Picture of the Day

The Milky Ring

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Sandi…a short story

The used bookstore was dim and smelled unpleasantly of old books.  But she went there everyday and stayed from morning until closing.  The owners were so used to seeing her, they brought her a donut and juice each morning, since … Continue reading

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I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I promise…I’ll never say that again. Everyone can be hurt with words.

romanticfatman Pixabay

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The Conversation…

“Guess what,” she said, excitedly. “I give up.” “President Biden is getting a CAT!” “Because of your letter?” “No.  Just because he wants a cat.” “Are you positive?” “Yes.” “Paw swear?” “What?” The cat held up his paw.  “Do it,” … Continue reading

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Today is: National Pie Day


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A sea of gold…a poem

floating on a sea of gold in a world suddenly brighter one must never think a break in the clouds will last forever all we can do is enjoy the light as we float through it   Lukman Hakim Yusoff … Continue reading

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The orange one attempted to REWRITE history in favor of white supremacists just before he left…the republicans helped him do it. More lies.

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Street Art by Captain Kris (1) – City of Colours 2016 — TAB54

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“However much you deny the truth, the truth goes on existing.” ~ George Orwell — A Pondering Mind

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There’s something beautiful about this picture.  The colors, what looks like mercury, wet silver and gold, lays on top.  The splatter, the palette…it takes my breath away.   AnthonyArnaud Pixabay

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