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Chicago’s weather…

The day before yesterday it was sunny and 86 degrees.  Today it’s 31 degrees and it’s snowing.

Always better to fluff up your feathers in winter…

a small bird perched on a branch in the snow

Photo:  Jeremy Hynes

The night forest…

Winter, Night, Scene, Background, Space

in the cold
winter forest
under a crescent moon
where all is calm
and silent
but for
the flutter of wings
deep below the ground
a number of beings
gently sleeping
among roots and worms
waiting to awaken
at the first sign
of spring


Picture: Pixabay

Winter piggy to make you smile…words

Free Toy Pig illustration and picture

She was just a baby piglet
not even flesh and bones
but she did enjoy a winter day
playing in the snow


Picture:  Pixabay

Winter…a poem

a snow covered tree in the middle of a field

winter is heavy
it weighs on one
and breaking
it’s power is
in it’s ability
to freeze
and to pile one snowflake
on top of another
and people
buried deep
inside their coats
head for warmth
while winter snickers
and watches them run


Photo:  Ryunosuke Kikuno

From: Bored Panda…if you think you have it bad…

Arctic Freeze Hits North America, Causes Chaos In Many Areas (45 Pics)

Winter…a poem

Snow, Cold, Landscape, Winter

Christmas is over
a new year is ready
to begin
a soft
snow is falling
and if you listens
you can hear the
of winter
through the stillness

A beautiful cold place to have a warm snack…

Free A Restaurant Interior in Winter Stock Photo

Photo: Olena Bohovyk

Beauty…a poem

Christmas tree covered with snow

is in the eye
of the beholder
we know this to be
the above photo
is beautiful
to me
leaning toward
other worldly
as if one
could simply
walk into another
without even
realizing it


Photo:  redcharlie

Doors…a poem

Winter, Season, Wilderness, Outdoors

walking in silence
in a world of
white and shadow
opens doors in your mind
which cannot be opened
any other way


Photo:  Pixabay

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