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Okay, so…3 pictures

I took this during a march on Washington, YEARS AGO.  That’s all we do is march and men couldn’t care less.  I don’t march anymore.

The American government is not working for the American people.  The republicans refuse to give an inch, and are acting like spoiled children who were never punished for attacking washington and getting away with it.  That…is the problem.  Our government officials ARE NEVER PUNISHED FOR WHAT THEY DO.  NEVER.

People, however, are punished constantly and now women’s lives are no longer their own. Men in government, can do as they please, without fear of retaliation of any kind.  It’s a fixed system, of lord/master and slave.  We the people, are the slaves of our own government.  We have no say in what happens to us.  It’s obvious that they can make up any law/s, no matter how hateful or deadly, and our rights are completely GONE.  We have nothing to say about what THEY do TO US.  We cannot make laws to control THEM, in any way at all.  That needs to change.

The country is as divided as the government and anyone who thinks compromise is possible, well, they’re wrong.  The issues are too important and wide.  The hatred too strong.

Note cards from 1991.  I made them last time they came after us and attacked Roe vs. Wade. We used them  to make a point. Men NEVER STOP attacking women. The one on the right is Clarance Thomas.  They do not stop the violence against us because they use it to make women fearful and keep them from living their lives fully.  WHAT THE REPUBLICAN SUPREME COURT IS DOING IS VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN.

I have so many buttons.  So many t-shirts and signs.  Nothing ever changes.  They men who hate us just keep at it, taking and taking and taking, until we are shadows of what we could be.

I’m so sick of them.  So sick of fighting the NEVER ENDING war against us.  Generation after generation, their hatred never wanes.

I’m ashamed of my own country.  All the lies and the facade we put on before, when we have been rotten at the core from the very beginning.    The country is founded on murder and white patriarchy and that has never changed.

Okay, so…one more thing…

Don’t you think that doctors should be speaking out in droves?

After all, their medical freedom is at stake.  Their hands are being TIED.  Their right to help their patients is being TAKEN from them by non medical fanatics.

I don’t understand why doctors are not doing something about what is happening to THEM.

What if the right wing decides other things are not appropriate for doctors to do?  What if they make laws about those things?

And what about the privacy between a patient and her doctor?  How can they let that be taken away as if it was NOTHING AT ALL?

Will they eventually put right-wing supreme court judges in examining and operating rooms, to make sure everything is being done their way?  That no INSANE LAWS are being broken?

I’m angry with medical professionals who are not DEMANDING the right to do what is necessary for their own patients well being.  I’m furious, that they are not demonstrating, or refusing to have their hand tied by these idiots.

I feel that doctors should be on television 24 hours a day demanding their freedom to treat their patients as they see fit.

Where are they?


Choice…a poem…Becky Bell…a teenage girl

when choices
by others
we wear bracelets
with the names of girls
who died in back alley abortions
to remind people of what happens
when a female has no right
to safe health care
has no right to her own body
who is owned by the state
who is property
who in reality
has no choice at all

Becky Bell
died because the law
took away her right to choose a safe abortion
Becky Bell sought help
where she could find it
the price she paid
for not having a legal access
to health care
was death

that’s the only choice
she saw

our bracelets
all had
names on them

the conservatives
will never stop abortion
they’ll just add more names
on bracelets
because having a child isn’t really a choice
not if it’s someone else’s choice

they don’t care how many females die
they only care about control

Sign of the Times…

Photo:  Gavarri Malhotra

From: Bored Panda

35 Reactions People Posted Online To The Impending US Supreme Court Decision To Overturn Abortion Rights

Roe vs Wade…Choice

The Attorney General of Arkansas, a woman who could not stop smiling, said they have a trigger law waiting, so that when the Supremes hand down their verdict that Roe vs Wade is over, all abortions will be completely banned from the state except to save the mother’s life in an emergency.

The reporter asked her about other instances and she just kept repeating that all abortions would be illegal, other than to save a mother’s life in an emergency.

The reporter said, “But what if an eleven year old girl gets raped and becomes pregnant?”

All abortions in Arkansas are illegal, except to save the mother’s life in an emergency.  No exceptions.

So innocent children/girls will be forced to cary a fetus to term, no matter their age, if impregnated by their father or anyone else.  No exceptions.

Every person alive should be outranged by that.  Everyone.  And that woman just sat there smiling.

The reporter said, “What will you do with all the unwanted children?”

“Oh,” said the smiling woman, excitedly. “We’re gonna love them and educate them…”

And the reporter said, you can’t afford to care for the children in your orphanages now.”

And they can’t.  And those people who take away the rights of others are evil, and they do it with a smile.


America the Barbaric…

I think this should be our new label.  No longer America the Beautiful, but America the Barbaric.

Our own government is voting for violence against women, by TAKING AWAY THE RIGHT OF A WOMAN TO CONTROL HER OWN HEALTH AND BODY.  Removing safe and legal abortions, is a violence that targets ONE SEGMENT OF THE POPULATION.  Women.

Overturning Roe vs Wade is a crime against women, a literal death sentence for some, that men have the power to make legal.

This is such a hateful and horrific thing to do.  To vote to destroy the lives of women, to let them die, or suffer, is barbaric.

Margaret Atwood was right.  Men just want to kill us.

A list of things that are the absolute truth…


  1.  No man has ever died in pregnancy
  2.  No man has ever died from an illegal abortion
  3.  No man has ever gotten pregnant from being raped by his father, brother, uncles, strangers, teachers, neighbors, or anyone else
  4.  Women do not have the power to say what men can ,or cannot, do with their bodies
  5.  Women have no power…not even over their own bodies
  6.  Women are owned by the state

My daughter, son-in-law and me, before we were arrested for writing on the sidewalk with chalk. For Choice. There were teams of us throughout the Chicago area but we were the only ones arrested.


The bracelet on my arm is for Becky Bell, a teenage girl who died from an illegal abortion.

This is me with my son, who died from leukemia. We were demonstrating in front of the police station after we were arrested for CHOICE.



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