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Don’t miss this…from Bored Panda…

Texan Valedictorian Addresses The State’s Anti-Abortion Bill After Dropping Her Approved Speech At The Last Minute

The real issue…

The real issue in this country is the overwhelming desire of the conservative right to control women’s bodies.  Period.   That’s it.

Here’s the thing.  The religious right does not care about children. They don’t care whether they are fed, educated, have health care, or whether they have shelter.  They CARE about forcing women who have have sex, or are raped, to bring a fetus to term.  They care about CONTROLLING WOMEN and making them less threatening.

Over the past few days I have seen people on TV asked who they were  going to vote for.  These people live in swing states.  Almost every one said, “Well, I don’t really like trump but the democrats believe in abortion, so…”

Now, over 700,000 people have died from a virus.  TRUMP has allowed that number to continue to rise every single day.  He refuses to save the lives of HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF HUMAN BEINGS.  OVER ELEVEN HUNDRED A DAY are dying and that number, according to the experts, will continue to rise.  But STILL, PEOPLE ARE UPSET OVER THE FACT THAT A WOMEN HAS THE FREEDOM TO CHOOSE WHETHER OR NOT TO HAVE CONTROL OVER HER OWN BODY.  They are willing to let thousands of people die, everyday, rather than vote for someone who is pro-choice.

People are TAUGHT to hate women on such a deep level that you can’t even see it’s roots.  It’s systemic.  The fact that people can ignore the horrific number of daily DEATHS AND VOTE FOR the person who is responsible for those deaths, rather than vote for someone who believes in a woman’s right to CHOOSE, is beyond insane.  They would rather have a liar, egomaniac, in charge, than someone who would give them affordable healthcare, and better schools, than allow women, who will have abortions anyway, to have SAFE ABORTIONS.

The major goal of the religious conservative right wing crazies is to overturn Roe vs Wade.  The RIGHT WING WOMEN will continue to have safe abortions, as THEY ALWAYS HAVE, while poor women will once again DIE in self induced, or back alley abortions, which the conservatives feel is their due, for having sex, or being raped in the first place.

It’s not a matter of whether they can stop abortions, they can’t, and they never will.  It’s how many women will die because they can’t get safe ones.  They get off on how many women they can kill.  They really do.  It’s sick, really sick.



From my friend Candy…from fb


Stand up for Choice…

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Women speak out…

Okay, so…1 picture

Here’s the thing.  When men fight for things, they are heroes.  They put up statues for them and give them medals.  When women fought to get us the vote they were jailed, handcuffed to their cell, their medication withheld, force fed (Alice Paul) and put in wet, horrible places where they became ill, and were left to suffer.  They were NOT called heroes, for fighting for what was right.  No statues were erected in their honor.  They were not given medals.  They were shunned.  Tomatoes were thrown at them.  Men dragged them down the street by their hair.  They were beaten and called names, but they persisted.

When have women EVER done that to anyone?  Men’s hatred of us is so deep that even when we ASK to be included in the simplest thing, we are jailed and they try to silence us.

During the years when women were fighting for the vote, they were only supposed to get their names printed in the paper twice in their lives.  Once when they were married and once when they died.  The brave women who fought FOR ALL OF US, had to overcome conditioning and brainwashing that was intense.  Husbands and fathers, were horrified, but the women continued.  Susan B. and Alice Paul REFUSED to marry, because it would interfere with their work.

WOMEN ARE BRAVE.  WOMEN ARE HEROIC.  WOMEN DESERVE MEDALS.  WOMEN ARE POWERFUL AND STRONG…but you won’t learn about the things they do because men hate us and do everything they can to make us invisible and silent.

It’s pretty simple really.  No matter what we do, as a group, they want us locked up or dead.  Individual men can love the women in their lives but we need those men to FIGHT with us now.  We need everyone to stand up and be counted.

Isn’t this OUR country?  It doesn’t BELONG to a few, but to ALL of us.  The mentally decayed men in charge are NOT IN CHARGE OF OUR BODIES.

Just remember, WOMEN helped settle this country, WHILE HAVING BABIES AND CARING FOR THE SICK AND DO ALL THE CRAPPY WORK, just like they do now but, for what they teach in school, you would think men did it alone.

What would men do WITHOUT us?  Think about it.  Blow up dolls don’t do dishes.

Worst of all…a woman force fed Alice Paul, while the male police guards tied her up and watched.  Hateful women hate women too and they work for the other side.  How sick is that.  Just like genital mutilation and foot binding.  Women do it to women and girls because it’s the only way for them to stay alive in woman hating societies.  Women can’t earn enough to live so they have to be mutilated in ways that men demand, so they can find husbands, in order to live.  That’s how much women are hated.

Think about it.  It’s happening right now.  To us.



We are going to wear safety pins to show support for the freedom of women…

Safety Pin, Needle, Sew, Hand Labor

Okay, so…no safety pins for choice…any ideas????

We need a rallying point.  Ideas?  What would you be willing to wear, or do, so that we can show our outrage at what’s going on?

Art?  What?


Women are not owned by the state…

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