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I’ve noticed that the most beautiful pictures are of nature…there’s a stillness about them…a peaceful way of being, that humans do not have.

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Beauty and grace…How absolutely gorgeous living beings can be…this photo is magical, to me.

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This is what beauty looks like. :) It’s so easy to fall in love.

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Life and roses…a poem

roses start out as seeds they put down roots and if their roots are allowed to survive they flourish and eventually produce a bud wrapped tightly the bud feel the warmth of the sun and begin to unfurl reaching for … Continue reading

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True beauty…horses are magnificent…they should be able to live wild and free without being herded and even killed by humans…

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Beauty…and the end of summer

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Without a doubt…this is my very favorite place…and they don’t even sell books. city escape is stunningly gorgeous. It’s an amazing place…and they have two cats. It’s a shop that has things you will not see anywhere else.

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