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Magic…a poem

If you believe in MAGIC then you know this lovely boathouse is floating through the universe along with its pier and tiny boat which is obviously for rowing through the stars anyone who really looks can see that

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There’s magic all around us…I don’t think we can see it with our everyday eyes. We need to see with the eyes we had before we came here. We still have them, we just don’t allow ourselves to use them. If we did, we wouldn’t want to stay here any longer..


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If you found the magic lamp and had three wishes…what would you wish for?

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If you know how to SEE…there’s magic all around you.

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Magic, a poem

when you were very  small do you remember all the magic around you it was everywhere twirling and spinning above and below you keeping you happy safe and entertained as you reached out to grab it but you couldn’t tell … Continue reading

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And when the magic started…it looked exactly like this…colorful and full of joy.

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My name is Dark Matter.  My witch and I weave the world into being.  Without us, nothing would exist.  A witch and her familiar are bound together by their magick, by their hearts.  We just wanted you to know.

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