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Have you ever noticed…

…how things that are left alone, or abandoned, fall apart?  They can’t survive without care.  Mother Nature is the Great Recycler and claims anything that isn’t being constantly worked on by other living things.  Nature eats everything, chewing, frying, freezing, burning, or just rusting things until there’s little to nothing left.  She does that to us too.  Mother Nature is very tidy.  It might take Her awhile to munch a plane into nothing, but She can do it.  She can do anything, if given enough time.

We have to be able to see that if we stop moving, cleaning, dusting, sweeping, painting, and doing things constantly, the same thing will happen to us.  Mother Nature doesn’t distinguish between living and non-living things, She just cleans…every second, of everyday.

She allows things to exist, as long as they can take care of themselves. The minute they can’t, She moves in and starts to deconstruct whatever it is.  Can’t have a messy planet, after all.

Good thing She doesn’t pick and choose what to keep and what to throw away, or we would have been dust a LONG time ago.  I think She has given us our last chance, however.    And it’s good to remember that Mother Nature wins…every single time.


Photo:  Daniel SeBler

Mother Nature uses all the colors in Her crayon box…

Waterfall, Cascade, River, Creek, Trees



We are so tiny and weak, when compared to the environment.  The people in the photo couldn’t even pick up one of the large rocks in the foreground.  And yet…we can destroy everything.  There’s something wrong with that.


the beauty of nature
is not only seen
we feel it
deep inside ourselves
it speaks to us
of home


Photo:  Daniil Komov

Nature as sculptor…

brown and white cave during daytime

She uses water
to sculpt solid rock
into designs that
please Her
to give shadow
and shape
to Her work

Mother Nature
the Ultimate Artist


Nadine Marfurt

Do you ever think about how noisy, dusty and destructive we are in natural places? We act as if we’re the only ones who matter. One day, Nature’s going to start fighting back and i don’t blame her.

black car on road in between trees during daytime

Photo:  Cristofer Maximilian

Time to wake up… Quote

Apocalypse, City, Ruins, Buildings

We are living on the brink of the apocalypse,
but the world is asleep.

–Joel C. Rosenberg


Photo:  Pixabay

Waiting…a poem

green moss on brown tree trunk

and in the mossy forest
still lurk
waiting for their moment
to return


Photo:  Maeva Vigier

Wilderness… Quote

green trees on brown soil during daytimeWilderness is not a luxury
but a necessity of the human spirit.

–Edward Abbey


Photo:  Joshua Wilkinson



black and white bird on water

Photo:  Devashish

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