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This morning…

I was out walking early today, around five-thirty.  The sun was waking up and birdsong was echoing excitedly through the tress.  There was a soft breeze, and everything looked new and happy to be back.

I couldn’t help but notice that nature’s sounds are peaceful and harmonious.  They don’t disturb, or clash and scrape, instead they blend and sway.  Robins were quick stepping across the streets and feeling for worms in the long grass, that needed to be mowed.

I wanted to breath all that beauty and gentleness in.

Then someone started a car and the spell broke, all the sweet sounds rushing away, as intrusive metal gears, rocketed through the calm.  The humans were up.


Dreaming about summer and flowers, color, sunshine, warm breezes and birdsong. A poem.

people often say
don’t long for things
enjoy the moment
don’t think about
the freezing cold
the ice
filthy snow
and all the rest
snow can be beautiful
sparkling like diamonds
under the light of the moon
on a silent night
because the wind
isn’t blowing forty miles an hour
then it’s magical
that lasts for ten minutes
but flowers
summer days
and nights
are wonders
for the senses
for the heart
and mind
showing us
the beauty
of Mother Nature
long summer days
bird song
I think those
who don’t understand that
are cyborgs
from somewhere else
in the Universe
or mole people
those who love
damp, cold, wet
definitely mole people


Photo:  Deborah L. Carlson


Nature’s wild child, a poem

Silhouette of Person Standing on Field

she belonged
to Mother Nature
always running
in the fields
trying to keep up
with the birds
reaching for the
the Goddess
and watched
her grow
that a girl child
who would change
the world
had finally been


Photo:  luizclas

On the edge…a poem

Nature, Trees, Outdoors, Exploration

life hangs on
no matter where it is
as the ground falls away
the roots of trees
hold to the soil
they can find
a flower will grow
in the crack of a sidewalk
life hangs on
striving to
except for us
we are the takers
of life
in all its forms

Background, Wallpaper, Skull

Pictures:  Pixabay

Mother Nature’s Raindrop Art…

Deborah L. Carlson

Have you ever noticed…

…how things that are left alone, or abandoned, fall apart?  They can’t survive without care.  Mother Nature is the Great Recycler and claims anything that isn’t being constantly worked on by other living things.  Nature eats everything, chewing, frying, freezing, burning, or just rusting things until there’s little to nothing left.  She does that to us too.  Mother Nature is very tidy.  It might take Her awhile to munch a plane into nothing, but She can do it.  She can do anything, if given enough time.

We have to be able to see that if we stop moving, cleaning, dusting, sweeping, painting, and doing things constantly, the same thing will happen to us.  Mother Nature doesn’t distinguish between living and non-living things, She just cleans…every second, of everyday.

She allows things to exist, as long as they can take care of themselves. The minute they can’t, She moves in and starts to deconstruct whatever it is.  Can’t have a messy planet, after all.

Good thing She doesn’t pick and choose what to keep and what to throw away, or we would have been dust a LONG time ago.  I think She has given us our last chance, however.    And it’s good to remember that Mother Nature wins…every single time.


Photo:  Daniel SeBler

Mother Nature uses all the colors in Her crayon box…

Waterfall, Cascade, River, Creek, Trees



We are so tiny and weak, when compared to the environment.  The people in the photo couldn’t even pick up one of the large rocks in the foreground.  And yet…we can destroy everything.  There’s something wrong with that.


the beauty of nature
is not only seen
we feel it
deep inside ourselves
it speaks to us
of home


Photo:  Daniil Komov

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