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Just look at what a little more oxygen will produce…look closely and you can see we are a bit bigger than his teeth. They actually lived. When they eventually find our bones, maybe the finders will think we were tiny toys…

Okay, here’s the thing.  In movies the humans always win.  If scientists actually manage to bring dinosaurs back, we would be like ants, gnawing on their toes.  Sure, maybe, we would still have weapons, but the only reason we ever … Continue reading

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Vivian has moved on…

Early this morning, I went outside to see if Vivian was still around.  She’s gone.  I think she’s on her way to Paris to be a movie star.  Inchworms speak multiple languages and I’m assuming she’s fluent in French.  I … Continue reading

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I’M SO EXCITED!!! LOOK…AN INCHWORM (3 pictures) How amazing is THAT! SHE’S SO ADORABLE AND IN MY YARD. I’m calling her Vivian. She’s wonderful.

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Okay, so…

I went to Barnes today and many of the magazines were about the nightmares being caused by Global Warming and Climate Change.  So many articles were about crumbling governments, countries and people trying to escape death and misery.  It’s terrible … Continue reading

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Visitors are always welcome…

Picture from:  Pixabay

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Some things…a poem

there are some things that live their entire lives unseen by our eyes they are born live and perish with only their song and friendly birds or animals to touch them now and then no human voices no fear just … Continue reading

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trees talk to each other they sing and sway moving to the beat of their own songs and they laugh tickled by bird feet wings and squirrels as they jump from branch to branch they mourn their felled friends and … Continue reading

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