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Reality…2 pictures

this is nature this is us   we are cementing in too much of the earth for its/our own good

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A few more weeks and the flamingo herd will be put away for the winter…I added color to this photo but I don’t know how I did it.

Summer is folding her beach towels, even though we still have nice weather.  Days are shorter and things are falling asleep, or simply throwing their tired petals away and cleaning house, getting ready to shut everything down until next year. … Continue reading

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Mother Nature…

It amazes me that we think we are so important, so in control, when all Nature has to do is stir up a tornado, or produce a gale wind, to put us in our place.  We are ants, crawling on … Continue reading

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The living art of Mother Nature…

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So, I’ve been thinking.  Nature doesn’t need anything to exist.  It doesn’t need libraries, books, plates, cups, cars, boats, shoes, clothing, or  ANYTHING AT ALL.  If it stops raining, it just turns into something else.  We do too, if we … Continue reading

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Everyone turns toward the thing that makes them feel good…

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Just look at what a little more oxygen will produce…look closely and you can see we are a bit bigger than his teeth. They actually lived. When they eventually find our bones, maybe the finders will think we were tiny toys…

Okay, here’s the thing.  In movies the humans always win.  If scientists actually manage to bring dinosaurs back, we would be like ants, gnawing on their toes.  Sure, maybe, we would still have weapons, but the only reason we ever … Continue reading

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