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Some of us just like being alone…

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Good news…

The tree people said the tree should survive:)  So YAY! for that.  I’ll talk to it everyday and give it hugs.  I’m so happy that it will be okay.

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The guys who are paving our street hit my tree today and ripped it in half. I am so sick about this. I put crystals in the tree and was petting it, begging it to heal but I don’t know if the damage is too great. Two people from the neighborhood are coming to look at it, when they can. They are tree people. I can’t believe those men did this. I’m horrified and so unhappy for the tree. The woman across the street saw it happen. She doesn’t think the tree can make it but I’m hoping that she’s wrong. It’s so beautiful.

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Quote by: Krishnamurti

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My friend Candy just sent this to me…it’s excellent…WOMEN WHO CHANGED THE WAY WE SEE NATURE

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Pueblo Blessing…

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Do you hear singing?

It was after the Witching Hour, about one-thirty this morning, and I was sitting on the patio with Emily, feeding, petting and dancing with her.  She was twining between my feet and head bumping me, marking me, so that every … Continue reading

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