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Street art…

purple and white animal plush toy

Photo:  Romain Morel

RBG…Street art.

Photo:  Jon Tyson

Artist:  Captain Eyeliner

Street art…

If you repeat a lie often enough it becomes truth printed wall taken at daytime

Photo:  Brian Wertheim

Street Art…

Photo:  Deborah L. Carlson

Life…a poem…street art

person holding spray bottle painting

life is like a can of spray paint
it just sits there
with all its possibilities
locked inside
until someone
shakes it up
and lets the creativity loose

Photo:  Daniel Clay

Street art…

Star Wars character poster

Photo:  Crawford Jolly

Street art/graffiti…

wall free world painting

Photo:  Adi Goldstein

She liked painting live…a poem

Man, Tattoo, Upper Body, Girl

she started doing graffiti at night
sneaking around
not getting caught
then moved to street murals
and stencils
but her love
turned out to be
body art
and she was good at it

Street Art…

Free Astronaut Graffiti on Semi-Trailers Stock Photo


Street art…a poem

Peace, Graffiti, Street Art, Art

Photo:  Pixabay

what makes people think
that love
or reason
can make
an evil dictator
in any way at all
I can’t understand
that kind of thinking
all I can imagine
is that those people
never had to face
truly bad/evil people
and that’s why they
keep believing
in love
they don’t get it
the tiny dictator wants those
who will not be controlled
to die
it’s really quite simple
and believing in things
that will not work
simply avoids the reality
of what’s happening
and prolongs
the ending

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