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Another Artist Trading Card…


I just came across this old artist trading card I made a long time ago…

Sometimes our personal stories are so powerful…we have to print them on our bodies…I get that.

Adult, Tattoos, Body Art, Dark, Girl

Picture:  Pixabay

One of my many Artist Trading Cards (ATC)…fun to make


ATC (Artist Trading Card)


Made by me:)

Artist Trading Card (ATC)

Watercolor pencil

Some things just don’t matter…

Artist Trading Card/ATC

Hey u…

Artist Trading Card/ATC


Artist Trading Card/ATC

No matter how bad things get…if we look at our lives, we can always find some joy…that’s what we need to remember.  We can never let the bad things make us believe there was never any good.

Artful Girl..

Artist Trading Card/ATC

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