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This is hanging on my wall.  Medusa was actually a beautiful woman who really liked snakes.  She studied them and just wanted to be left alone.  Men were furious that she hid herself away, so they couldn’t have, or control, her.

Because of her independent nature and scientific mind, the men of her time slandered her and made her into someone to be feared, a man hater.  This practice continues today, of course.  Women who refuse to fit into assigned patriarchal roles are still slandered and hated by society.  Still labeled and hunted, in the name of the fathers.

Medusa was a brave woman and a role model for women today.  It’s too bad nothing has changed since her time.  Men still want the heads of women who won’t obey.


Greeks, Medusa, Monsters, Mythology

I was never sure about the whole snake thing
a lot of “girls” like snakes
Medusa was not an exception
she thought reptiles rocked
so she kept them around
and they liked her
so they stayed
it was a symbiotic
men like to pretend that she was a
a monster
but all she really wanted
was for men
to leave her the hell alone
it was because of that
that men despised her
after all t
heir egos
couldn’t take being shunned
so they made up stories about her
labeled her
hunted for her
but they never found her
the pictures you see
of a guy hold up her beautiful lead
is just one more lie men tell
to make themselves feel better
the stories about her
and what she could do
are lies as well
Medusa was part of a coven
but she simply wanted to live in peace
with her garden and her asps
and that made her
to the establish
to the patriarchal
status quo
when she was better at hiding
than they were at finding her
the men did what they
they always do
they LIED

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