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Magnetic Poetry…Spring


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Magnetic poetry…

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My flamingo flock was blown to bits and they want to know why I put them out so they could freeze their feathers off. I told them I was excited about spring and they said there isn’t any spring, just a LONG winter and could I please get them blankets and some hot chocolate. So I did that.

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New leaves…

tiny new leaves reach out to spring only to find winter lying in wait

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Okay, so…Spring

I think as human animals, we’re wired for spring.  It’s kind of like being plugged into an electric socket…our spidey senses wake up and we want to clean our nests and the surrounding areas, to make room for green growing … Continue reading

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Even though we won’t have flowers for another month, the idea of flowers is alive. Happy spring.

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the cold air nips and bites at your exposed skin sinking deep into your bones reminding you to pull your arms in tight in order to conserve energy and stop your teeth from chattering as the wind beats against you … Continue reading

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