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I like to change the stuff on my kitchen table around…so this is the new look…second photo is on the dish cabinet…I went rustic and used old crates and old tools. The flower pots came from the coolest garden shop in Chicago…”city escape.” And picture three…a few more of my kitchen plants.

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if you treat things with LOVE and water them NOW AND THEN they GROW be careful how you treat others people aren’t that different from PLANTS without love and care we can also WITHER and DIE if you YELL at … Continue reading

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Okay, so…gardening

I hate gardening with a passion.  I love gardens and flowers (that’s why I’m a member of the Chicago Botanic Garden0, but hate doing the work.  I plant my pots and that’s it.  I did all the in ground planting … Continue reading

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I just planted this yesterday. It has to grow and fill in but it was fun. It’s too early to plant but I just couldn’t wait.

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Holly wanted to see the plants in my kitchen…so…here they are…8 pictures

  I do leave a few snowpeople out during the winter.  They like being able to see the snow.

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My plants have friends…

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Lush foliage at the Hyatt on Maui…

Trust me, when you’re from Chicago, seeing plants this large outside is amazing.  I’ve seen things like this in Florida, even Vegas and it’s such a treat.  by the time our wee plants get going it’s winter again.  I remember … Continue reading

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See, this is what we in Chicago are worried about…We had a few warmer weeks and things woke up too soon

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Plants…from The Garfield Park Conservatory in Chicago

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New plant stand…

I finally found a tiny stand for my plants.  I needed to get them off the floor and this is how I did it:)

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