I saw GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY today.  Music is great, could have been more of it.  The film seemed just a tad too long but it is a lot of fun, as long as you leave your logic at home:)  The hero is perfect and after the horrific and completely unnecessary opening scene, he dances his way across a planet…and that was all it took, I would follow him anywhere:)  If you like really silly space movies with a lot of action…don’t miss this one.


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Lonely bench

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALittle used bench behind the Museum of Science and Industry.  I feel as if it’s trying to attract someone but failing miserably.  It’s set in a place not visited by people very often.  I think it wants to talk.  Benches are made for resting and conversation and I believe that when they are left alone too long, they lose their sense of self.  They need to hear words and have the weight of bodies on them to make them feel useful.  Isolated and alone, I think they just feel lost.

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The Taylor sisters

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Taylor sisters, Mitzi and Mia, were very nice children.  The loved flowers, and they loved the beach.  They often carried tiny bottles filed with sand and a small shell on their person, just so the beach would be with them wherever they went.  They lived right on  the edge of the ocean and in the summer, when their bedroom window was open, they could hear the waves lapping against the shore while they lay there in the dark, waiting for their dreams.  The girls, as they were often called, spent most of their free time on the beach.  They picked up bits of sea glass and helped stranded fish and other creatures, find their way back to the water.  Mitzi, the youngest of the two, spoke to the birds who wandered across the sand, and the birds listened and often spoke back.  Mia had a relationship with fish and crustaceans which came in very handy, since the fish always told her when sharks were in the vicinity.

Unlike other children of their ‘class,’ the girls were tanned and weathered looking and their hair was often streaked from the sun.  Other children were not allowed to play with them, since they were considered to be, ‘too wild for their own good.’

Their mother was tan and her hair was also streaked, long and free.  She believed in Nature, not people.  People had too many silly rules about what was proper and what was not.  Milly believed in fun, beauty and the feel of sand between your bare toes.  She wanted her children to believe in those things too.  All summer long meals were served picnic style and every now and then the entire family slept on the beach all night, trying to count the stars, before they fell asleep.

When the weather turned cold, the girls felt trapped.  They bundled up and continued to walk on the beach but their movements were restricted by coats, hats, scarfs and mittens. They had one or two winter picnics but they not nearly as much fun. The birds had flown to warmer climates and the fish became less talkative and went deeper into the ocean.  Snow often covered the sand.  Darkness took the place of the sun.  Skin turned pale and drab.  The wind raced back and forth in a fury, pushing the water hard against the shore. Entire days were spent inside, looking through the windows and longing for summer.

But this household wasn’t like all the others.  When the winter blahs got them down, out came the tutus and rowan sticks.  Out came the ribbons and candles…the flowing capes, cardboard crowns and paper flowers.  The dining room furniture was pushed against the walls and the rug rolled up and shoved to the side.  Mitzi drew a huge circle on the floor,with chalk and Mia drew the pentacle inside it.  Candles were place inside the circle, as well, along with a special goblet, various herbs, a very sharp knife, some fruit and a few shells and stones.

Everyone put on their favorite tutu, fluffed it out, tied long, lovely ribbons in their hair, sprinkled fairy dust EVERYWHERE and finally sat in a circle on the floor.  The circle was closed. Five candles were lit, one for each direction and one for the Great Mother Isis.  All, were asked to join their magick circle.  Several other rituals took place and then there was silence.  Mia asked the directions to protect the sea creatures and to keep the water clean and beautiful.   She asked Isis to watch over those she loved, no matter what their species.  Mitzi asked that the birds and animals stay safe and happy.  Milly, looked at her girls and asked that they always be beautiful and kind…loving and aware.  After the wishes were made, written down and burned, they all sang songs and danced.  The candles were extinguished and the circle opened.  Each person then chose a rowan twig and set about carving and decorating their own wand.

The winter months dragged on but the days were filled with homemade cookies, hot chocolate, freshly made bread and thick steaming soups.  Yule came and went and the cold weather hunkered down and build a nest.  The snow was storybook perfect and many snow people and animals were built along the water’s edge.  Snowflakes were cut from paper and hung from the ceiling, as well.  Brews were made and potions were sealed into small clay pots.  Pictures were drawn and colored.  Stories were told in front of the fireplace and blankets were thick and warm.

All in all it was a very good life.   Of course, once they stopped burning witches alive, it was a very good life for all of their kin.

And yes, they could have cast a spell to bring summer back early but it’s not allowed.  No one is supposed to play with the weather.  No one can play with time or space either.  Oh, it happens.  It happens ALL the time.  But it’s just not allowed.


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Historical Vessel Vega Humanitarian Mission Update. Pls help to reblog and share their story


This is a wonderful organization. They do so much and not paper pushing, just getting the materials to the children.

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Earlier in the year, in March, I wrote about meeting the couple behind the Historical Vega Humantiarian Mission. Captain Shane Granger and Meggi Macoun were the most inspiring and passionate people I have ever met. I met them when they docked at Straits Quay Penang to collect donations for schools in the remote areas of Indonesia and East Timor areas. They were looking for school bags, school supplies, musical instruments and medical supplies. They had a list of things that people could donate. They didnt want money, they wanted specific things which involved people having to go out to buy or donate from their homes or schools. It gives people a sense of involvement. It surely did for me. I got a few of my friends to donate money so that I could go out to buy musical instruments for the school band.

1380656_695746133827954_225938993694593623_n School and medical supplies aboard the…

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Mourning dove nest


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Love orange…


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Let there be light

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is at a hotel in Vegas.  The light fixtures are very cool and the play of light on the walls is interesting.  It’s too hot to go to Las Vegas right now, but maybe soon.  I think I need some neon and bling.  I just realized that I posted this photo a long time ago.  So this is a reblog.  I’m sorry about that.  

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