Quick doodle

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI did this one while I was on the phone.  Doodles are fun.  I stopped when I hung up and that’s a good thing or the face would have ended up being a bunch of lines:)

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Glass beehive

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEach summer the Chicago Botanic Garden brings bees in to build a hive between two glass panels.  It’s fun to watch them.  The entrance is in the roof of the building and you can watch them come and go as they please.  They NEVER stop moving.  Busy Bee is right!  They seem friendly.  They never bother anyone but just do their thing.  I like them a lot.  They’re fuzzy and necessary for life.  We owe bees a huge thank you and we need to do everything to keep them safe and happy.

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Dove and Owen

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADove asked Owen if he would agree to be part of her act this weekend for the big Peace In.   The sweet bird agreed immediately.  Dove made a tiny Peace banner for him to hold. He was very pleased to be part of her act.  They have worked together before and are good friends.  They often play in the field  together and watch the Rubber Ducks by the pond.  It’s not much of an act, to be honest.  It’s more of a visual representation of a chicklet and a parakeet who want Peace to be a reality.  Still, a bit of practice is good for the soul.

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Stats… and a bit about our Constitution and war


1 out of 13 Americans is unemployed

16 million children are hungry in America

Statistics can be manipulated and used to paint any kind of picture the people using them, want to paint.  Anyway you look at these numbers…it’s not good.

Shelters are overwhelmed and so are food banks.


If I remember correctly, our Constitution clearly states that America cannot go to war whenever it feels like it. We cannot just invade another country.   Our country has to be THREATENED with eminent danger, such as an INVASION, before we go to war.  Viet Nam was an illegal war and so is Iraq.  Neither country was invading our shores. It’s in the Constitution of the United States of America.

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Submissions for http://artists4peace.wordpress.com/

All submissions must be sent to: artists4peaceproject@gmail.com  Just send a link (for your work) to this email address.  Your work cannot be found without a link sent to this address.  Just put the reason for your submission in the “subject” box, (general, August post/Friendship, etc., and that’s it).

All submissions for the August 15th posting must be in by August 1st.  The Theme is FRIENDSHIP.

General submissions for daily postings must be send to the same email address. For more information, please go directly to the blog.

We look forward to hearing from you.  Thank you.  


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Under the bridge…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADumbledore said this to Harry Potter.  I don’t like Dumbledore.  He knew Harry was being abused by his family, all those years, and did nothing to stop it.  He lied, and withheld the truth, constantly and  he used Harry as well.  Definitely not Dumbledore fan.  Blah.  Snape cared more about Harry than Dumbledore did.  Dumbledore was the real bad guy.  Supposedly he loved Harry but who cares?   Time and time again Dumbledore sent Harry to die.  Not really a useful kind of caring, if you ask me.  He did it for the “Greater Good.”  Yeah right.  I don’t think so.  Dumbledore used  and manipulated people and he was a liar on top of it.  I don’t like people who do those things, even when they are fictional characters.  And yes, I was a huge Harry Potter fan.    It’s all about the magick, after all.

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