You should know…


You should know…

you should know that I’m not like other girls
I don’t care what you think
I don’t care what you want
See, I got tired of being a thing
a toy
for someone else’s amusement
I’m not prey
I’m not your girlfriend
I’m your worst nightmare
and if you were as smart as you think you are

you’d already be running

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Sorry the song from Brave and Reckless doesn’t work.  Please go to her blog to listen.  It’s excellent.

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Toledo Blue…53 Final chapter

“Everyone seems happy again,” said Toledo. “now that they are fighting.”

Lucky smiled and winced, as the cut on his lip split open again.  “Fighting’s good for the guys.  You can see how much more energy they’re putting into the neighborhoods.  They feel like themselves again.”

“How did things come to this?  People not being happy unless they are fighting, facing danger, killing each other, spitting in death’s eye.  It seems so….”


“Something like that.”

“This isn’t the peaceable kingdom, T.   Life is a war zone.  We’re built for it, that’s what rage is for, to get you through life.”

“Not for everyone,” she said.  “Some people live normal lives.  The go to work, have kids, then die.”

“Is that the kind of life you want?”


“Right.  I like all the new powers you’re getting, by the way.”

“Thanks.  Being able to disappear is kind of cool.  I can follow you anywhere.”

“Not exactly what I hand in mind?”

“Nick said that Pixi had kittens with a Fairy cat.  Four of them and they all look like her.”

“We could get another cat.”

“A tiger?”

“If that’s what you want,” he said.

“Not fair to the tiger and besides, we’re gone all the time.”

Lucky nodded.  “I heard from Thx.  He said they’re all happy and the rest of the demons can’t understand why.”

Toledo started laughing.

“He said it’s the perfect torture because it’s driving them crazy.”

“One of the Brownies said that Dave is happy that things are working out.  He’s notified the other Bridge Trolls to stand down, until further notice,” said Toledo.  “School breakfasts and lunches are a smashing success.  The kids can’t wait to get to the lunchrooms. The streets are clean, the shops are refreshed, people are smiling and the bookstore is always crowded.  The street art is incredible.”

“Let’s not forget the medics.  Twenty-four hours a day.”

“They’re doing a great job,” said Toledo.  “I’m happy that my Lilith crippled the government, now it’s just more of a street war.  Seems only fair.”

“Think you’ll ever see your father again?”

“I doubt it.  I have no idea where she put him,” grinned Toledo.  Maybe that pocket dimension she picked out for us.”

“Maybe,” agreed Lucky. “Your mother’s gallery showing was great.  I didn’t realize she was that into vamps.”

“Neither did I.  I thought she was still painting flowers and fairies.  Vince bought two of her paintings.”

“Are they thinking about moving here?”

“No, they want to live in the regular world,” sighed T.  “She said they’re used to it and don’t feel like changing their style.”

Lucky pulled her into his arms.  “This worked out pretty well.  We have a beautiful and relatively safe place to live and yet there’s enough fighting to keep everyone happy.”

“You realize that’s crazy, don’t you?”

“I do,” he said.  “But it’s our kind of crazy.”

“How many people are dead?”

Lucky shrugged.  “A few, here and there.”


“If I kiss you will it hurt?” she asked, looking at his lip..


“Oh, good,” she snickered, pulling her to him.

“You’re so bad,” he muttered.

“Thank you.  Want a cookie?”



Post Script

The city neighborhoods continued to thrive.  The people who lived there were happy.  The gangs became a kind of government that worked for everyone and kept things fair and equal.  No one person was in charge, although Lucky and Toledo were thought to be leaders of some kind.  School became a place of wonder and joy.  Kids of all ages went there to learn whatever they wanted to learn.  They were all students and teachers, helping each other be the best they could be, answering questions that needed to be answered.

Nick taught several classes on Fairy and took the younger kids on field trips, to see what fairy was like.  They came back enchanted and delighted.  Thx stopped by now and then.  He had a partner, her name was Bzr.  She was lovely and Thx acted shy when she was around.  Charlie, taught film, photography and television.  He gave cameras to the kids in his classes and told them to take pictures.  He matted, framed and hung their photographs in an empty shop, turning it into a beautiful gallery.

Wildlife was welcome and everyone found out how well humans and animals could get along, once they stopped threatening each other.  Foxes could be seen sunning themselves on the sidewalks, Hawks and various other birds built nests on rooftops and in trees, the usual suspects were seen here and there, often being petted, or being given treats.

Few outsiders got past the perimeter of the neighborhoods but when they did, it didn’t usually end well for them.  The government couldn’t find them, not on foot, or by satellite.  Lilith was enjoying herself.  She didn’t like governments, not one bit, so she kept them off balance, out of step, and completely confused.  That meant that she didn’t have to do very much but she still had fun.  She kept an eye on her daughter and her daughter’s chosen one.  She slipped new powers to her, every once in awhile, and would continue to do so, until she was up to full speed.

Life was good, which just proved to everyone that they really could…have it all.


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FROM: Brave and Reckless…oh, yeah!

Gorgeous and haunting. . . “No Ordinary Love” I gave you all the love I got I gave you more than I could give I gave you love I gave you all that I have inside And you took my love You took my love Didn’t I tell you What I believe Did somebody […]

via The Daily Song: You + Me (Sade)/No Ordinary Love — Brave and Reckless

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The Choice…

The choice

the bowl was a gift
from a lover long gone
she looked at it everyday
just to remind herself
that when given a choice
she always knew the right thing to keep

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Toledo Blue…52 Tomorrow is the final chapter

“Our brains are starting to eat themselves, Lucky,” said one of the guys, sitting at the table.  “I don’t even want to beat those guys up anymore,” he added, pointing to three kids, wearing different colors.  “How am I supposed to feel about that?”

“How do you feel about that?” asked Toledo.

The kid shrugged.  “Weird.  It wasn’t that long ago I would have shot them.”

“And now?”

“We’re friends,” he said softly, shaking his head.  “It’s just wrong, that’s all.  There’s no fun in life anymore.  It’s…it’s just boring.”

The guys started chanting, “Boring, boring, boring,” and pounding their fists on the table.

The demons walked in and nodded.  “The kid’s right.  Life is boring,” said Thx.  “I’m not happy anymore.”

“Were you happy before?” asked Toledo.  “Were you happy in the arena?”

“I didn’t know it then but I know it now.  Yes, I was happy.  Demons aren’t cut out for this kind of everyday, always nice, kind of life.  It’s killing us.”

T walked over and hugged him, as best she could. “I’m so sorry,” she whispered.  “Why don’t you and your men start training and go home for awhile.  You’ll always be welcome here, Thx.  Any time.  But get your skills up to par and go home.”

The demons nodded and started to leave.  “Wait,” said Thx.  “T, we learned something by being here.  We learned what we are, who we are, and what we need to be, in order to be whole.  That’s an amazing thing,” he said.  The other demons nodded again.  “The arena won’t mean the same thing to us any longer.  Now, we will go into battle knowing that we love it, that we want it, that we can’t live without it.  Thank you for that,” he added, touching her face with the side of his finger.

“Please don’t go without sayng goodbye,” she said, softly.  “I’ll miss you.”

“I’ll miss you too,” he said, and gave the signal to his men to leave. “If you ever need us, just…”

“I will,” she said.

“What about us?” asked the kid at the table.

“What about you?” asked Lucky.

“We,” he said, holding his arms out to the side, to include some of his gang members, “don’t want to be nice all the time.”

“Yeah,” said Byron, a handsome boy with bleached white hair.  “We don’t want to be carrots.”

“Would you be able to go back to hating each other again,” asked Toledo.

No one said anything.

“You gonna want your turf back?  Wanna start killing each other again?”

“I don’t remember why we didn’t like each other, before.  All the guys are cool.” said Al, one of the youngest kids.

People nodded and snuck glances at each other.

“Gangs are in our blood, T.  It’s always been our life,” said Lenny, a gang lord.  “We’re all getting along, eating together, working together, but our reason to be, is gone.  Rebuilding the neighborhoods can’t replace what we had.”

“He’s right,” said Donna, standing up.  “Nothing’s the same.  I think the idea of an equal society is great but the next generation will have to grow into it. We’re having trouble.  The guys aren’t themselves.  They’ve gone…soft.”

There was a collective gasp of horror.

“Look,” Donna said, “I think you’re all great.  I like that we can all be friends but you’re all grunts, smiling, painting, doing nice things.  You built a bookstore!” she said, snapping her fingers.  “Your PASSION is gone.  You aren’t edgy anymore and it shows.  You’re just guys.”

Lucky looked shocked. T closed her eyes.

Lois walked to the center of the floor.  “Donna’s right.  Don’t get me wrong, I like knowing that Teddie’s coming home alive every night.  His anger is gone, his rage, but so is his reason for getting up in the morning.  Everything is like oatmeal.  When he comes home,” she said, looking at Toledo, “his body isn’t strong and tense.  His muscles aren’t ready for action.  The fire in his eyes is gone. Do you understand?”

“I do,” said T. “I understand perfectly.  How can we fix this?  We can’t go back to the way things were.  You all know each other too well….”

“I got this,” said Lucky.  “Here’s what we’re gonna do.  You guys are going to finish what we started and you’re gonna stay friends.   But we’re gonna to lift the veil and anything bad that comes for us, belongs to you and is fair game.”

Shouts went up from everyone in the room. Toledo, grabbed Lucky’s hand.  “Great plan,” she said.  I love it.  You’re kid of smart…for a guy.”

“You tell ’em, girlfriend,” said Donna, as se walked by.

“When do you want to take down the Fairy Ring and lift the veil?”


“So, one more night of peace.”

“And I know just how I want to spend it,” he said.


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Tammy and Craig…


Tammy and her brother Craig were making chains for Chickmas.  Craig got carried away with the paste, as many young chicklets often do.  Tammy said that he might not have made a chain but he had more fun than anyone else, although he did say that paste doesn’t taste very good.

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