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I do not have a closet full of mourning clothes I have never inked the names of my dead on my tender forearms in black in solemn homage The list too long My arms too short to box with god I am a motherless child who grieved too long for the comfort of others […]

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Okay, so…about religion…may or may not be offensive…depends on your attitude

I just saw something about sin on a blog.  What is a sin?  Who decides what a sin is?  If you believe in sin, then everyone is automatically a sinner.  A sinner can’t decide what a sin is because he/she wouldn’t be able to see around his/her own sins in order to describe what a sin is.  That’s only logical.  Anything a sinner would say would be a personal observation colored by his/her own experiences and worldview.  Some people believe god made up sins but since there’s no proof that god ever existed, that’s doesn’t really work for everyone.

The catholic church is pretty much the number one sinners in my book.  I mean raping kids and then lying about it.  Covering it up, as well as using the money form the donation plates to pay off lawyers and families seems like a sin to me and I don’t even believe in sin. I do believe in justice, however, and those priests, and the people who protected them and let them continue raping, should go to JAIL for life.  It doesn’t seem to work that way though, does it?  You wear a costume and you get away free.  Doesn’t matter how many lives were destroyed, how many kids committed suicide because of it.  Nope.  Confession, forgiveness and just dump the kids in a grave and move the priest to a new parish where he can begin raping again. Everyone knew…no one stopped it.  You do have to remember that EVERYWHERE there were priests, in the entire world, there were rapes.  EVERYWHERE!

The thing about sin is that it’s made up.  Sins control what people do.  The church, like every other money making institution, want’s power over others, they also want the children, money and assets of their believers.  No sins in the lutheran church, at least I don’t remember any but I didn’t pay attention, so I may have missed that part.  I never believed anything anyone said, so it didn’t matter.  The thing is, when you believe in sin you see sin in other people and that’s sad because sin is pretend and you are judging others by standards made up by people who told you to believe in sin in the first place.  If someone sins and confesses to a rapist priest, the rapist can forgive that person.  How does that work?  I never understood the part about having a middle man between a person and the god he/she believed in.  I’ve asked catholics about this and they just say, “it’s the way it is.”  Guess god’s too busy to listen to everyone himself.   Still, god should make better choices about those who work for him, seriously.  Who hires rapists and liars?  What other place would be acceptable to people, if they had a staff like that? Would parents knowingly bring their children to any other place if they knew, for a fact, that child rapists worked there and that by bringing their children there they were endangering their lives?  I don’t GET IT.

My friends, all six and seven went to confession because the church has to trap kids when they are young, or they will be too smart to fall for the games the church plays. I used to go with them and sit in a pew until they were finished confessing and came out of the box.  I used to ask them what they said?  I asked them what they did wrong?  I asked them what sins were.  They didn’t know.  They all said they just made things up.  They got positive reinforcement for lying, made false promises, said a couple Hail Mary’s and then we went out to play.  But the the church got them and there in lies the real sin.  They took their young minds and made them feel evil. They turned children into sinners. Made them feel bad about themselves.  Made them seek forgiveness and question everything they did, when they were only children, so they could play on that scar for the rest of their lives.  That is true evil.  To turn the thoughts of children against themselves is horrifying. That parents allow/ed their children to be tortured the same way they were, shows just how effect the brainwashing is.   I still ask people why they do what they do but they just say it’s what they are supposed to do, it’s tradition.  Well, so was foot binding.   People don’t even think about what they are doing to their kids.  That’s brainwashing at its very best.  

The nun who told my childhood friend she couldn’t play with me because I was going to hell, since I wasn’t catholic, seemed like a true sinner to me.  See that’s the thing…people who believe in that stuff feel they can JUDGE OTHERS AND SEND THEM TO THEIR FAKE AND MADE UP HELL WITHOUT EVER MEETING THEM…EVEN IF THEY ARE CHILDREN.  I didn’t know what Snooky, my friend, was taking about. She said the nun said that I was bad because I wasn’t catholic.   I didn’t know why that made me bad.  She didn’t know why either but she was told that if she continued to play with me she would be bad too.   My friend’s mom overheard us taking on the back porch.  Snooky was crying.  I didn’t know what was going on.  My friend’s mother came outside and told us that we were both good, not bad, and that the nun was wrong.   She said to forget what she said and that we could play together forever.  So, as a child I was marked for hell by a woman wearing a habit, who supposedly never had any kids (that’s another whole story) and spent her days terrorizing small children and making them cry for her god and everyone else’s sins.  Snooky’s family took me to their cottage on weekends.  I went to catholic church with them on Sunday’s, wearing a handkerchief on my head.  LOLOL  OMG how insane life can be.  I couldn’t believe people kept standing up and sitting down and kneeling and all the rest.  Just shocked me, even as a child.  It made me realize, even then, what a joke everything was.  Her mom never paid much attention to us, other than feeding us.  She never talked about religion and only took me to church because she couldn’t leave me alone.  I didn’t know why I had to wear an hankie on my head but Snooky wore one too so I just went with it.

I’ve tried talking to my catholic cousin about this stuff again and again but she just stares at me.  She never says a word.  Intelligence doesn’t have anything to do with conditioning.  People have to think about what they believe.  See, my beliefs are just different than those of the catholics who believe in sin.  My beliefs, however, don’t have ANYTHING TO DO WITH THEM.  I don’t condemn anyone to any kind hell, or eternal damnation.  I don’t try to get LAWS passed that will destroy their lives.  I don’t give money to people who rape children, or fire bomb health clinics and murder people.  Well, I could go on but you know what I mean.  So we all believe things, but when a person’s beliefs impact the lives of others, that’s when you have to draw the line.

My mom couldn’t be buried in the catholic cemetery because she wasn’t catholic, so she was a sinner who would certainly go to hell, if you believe in hell, which she didn’t, so no real threat there, but if the nun had her way, I would be there with her, so that was nice. Sadly, my father did bury my mother in the catholic cemetery, next to his parents and she’s next to my father as well.  If she could have dug her way out she would have, believe me.  Well, maybe not, that’s probably just my fantasy.  My dad had to have paid off a priest (my grandfather always did that), otherwise she never would have gotten in but you can buy off the church if you give them enough money.  There is no such thing as a catholic cemetery because the earth isn’t religious and it’s just soil, so no one really cares.

My mom tried to be catholic, once she was married.  She went to lessons at the catholic church but was asked to leave because she asked too many questions and it was making the rest of the people in the class think too much.  I love that.  Yay for my mom.  She told me that the things the priest was saying didn’t make any sense and when she pointed that out he got mad because it made other people ask questions too.  LOLOL  How fabulous is that?  Get rid of the people who ask questions, so the lies stay where they are.

So, sin is a control mechanism used to force people, through fear (withholding the afterlife/heaven and other perks), to do what the catholic church wants them to do.  But only certain people believe in sin.  Only certain people believe that Harry Potter should be banned.  The rest of us believe in freedom of choice and we don’t believe in sin. The thing is…those who do believe in sin have to stop trying to force their beliefs on others.   What they believe in isn’t REAL to anyone but them.  That’s how it works.  And if they are so worried about sinning why don’t they stop violence against women?  Why don’t they stop priest from raping children and lying about it?  Why don’t they work with kids who HAVE BEEN RAPED BY PRIESTS, so they don’t continue to kill themselves?  Why don’t they ask the church why it doesn’t melt down the billion dollars in artifacts they are hoarding and give the money to the poor?

Sin, like everything else, only exist in the mind of the believers because they were raised and brainwashed into believing in it. People worship fingers, bits of cloth and severed heads that are kept in churches.  I don’t care if anyone believes that those things have meaning.  I don’t care if people think body parts kept in hermetically sealed boxes, on alters, are worthy of their attention, although if someone kept those things over their fireplace they would be carted away and their shoelaces taken. I do care if those people attack innocent people, firebomb clinics, attack people for being gay and all the rest of the things they do that ruin the lives of others because they feel justified in doing so because of what THEY believe.  What other people do is not up to them.   It’s not their job to patrol/control the lives of others.  The rest of us are NOT any of their business.  They need to back off and take a good look in their own mirror.

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Okay, so…2 photographs

So, I was walking through the parking lot at Target and I saw a woman loading stuff into her car.  She was wearing an Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus hoodie/sweatshirt, so I stopped and we started talking.  You can see her picture in the lower left hand corner of the bottom photo getting hugs from a lovely Doberman.  This rescue shelter also takes cats, kittens and other dogs, that’s what the Plus in their name stands for.  It sounds as if they are doing wonderful work.  I love these dogs because when I was very young my friend had one and the she was wonderful and so very sweet.  I don’t know how the poor thing managed with all the kids in their house but the she was loving and kind, in spite of all the noise, activity and demands for her attention.  If anyone is interested in helping out, or making a donation, all the info is below.  Thanks and many wagging tails to you.  

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Street art…

KTM Walks
Kathmandu, Nepal

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Tulip display at Whole Foods…

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Grand opening…2 photograohs

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View from my kitchen window…

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