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From Holly…it’s so wonderful.

House of Heart

It was cold as death in our flat above the bar, the streets a hunting ground for wolves.

In dreams we could swim among the white caps, chase each other passed the sea oats to the dunes.

You with your gun on the night stand never seeing the palms fronds swaying in the wind.

We have vanished in lines on paper. Take my hand I will lift you up.


Dark skies rain down
over fading flowers
resurrecting them
day after day

submerged petals
seeped in sorrow
vain keepsakes

broken winged sparrows
taken by the wind
never to sing again

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I have two pots of yellow pansies and a geranium, so I brought them inside last night, because of the frost.  My friend just texted that it might snow on Tuesday.  Hahahahaha  winter doesn’t give up easily.  Nope, it just backs up and waits for us to relax, then it attacks again. Oh well. They look pretty inside.

Bird, Sparrow, Water, Swim, Mud, Nature

Photo:  Pixabay

Man in Black Suit and Black Pants Painting


Photo:  Eva Elijas


It has been said that the definition of insanity is: is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.

I think the definition of insanity is: spending endless amounts of money and the lives of one generations after another, fixing the problems we constantly create ourselves.  

Used Matchsticks on White Background

Photo:  Ferbugs

brown door with Dance neon lights

Photo:Georgia de Lotz

Alnitak and the Flame Nebula

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