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This is a picture of my first great-granddaughter.  She’s seven and the most fabulous kid.
She loves cats.

My grandson is engaged to her mom.  He has an instant daughter who loves him and he loves her…we all do.

We had a party yesterday, to celebrate all of our birthdays and the engagement.  Effy, the cat, belongs to my granddaughter and her boyfriend, and is very easy going.  She was okay with being played with ALL day long.  Twenty-one, the other cat, hid and slept all day. He’s a scaredy cat.

Everyone was playing, rolling on the floor and shooting nerf balls at each other.  She took all the balls and shot everyone, so she’s a perfect fit for us.  LOL  She kept reloading and going after everyone, except the cat.  It was a blast and we are so happy to have this great kid and her mom in our family.  My grandson is SOOOOOOOOO happy.  🙂   Best party EVER!

And, it was the first party my granddaughter ever hosted. She and her boyfriend did a great job.  They just moved back here from Vegas, so we had a lot to celebrate.  We pretty much spent the day laughing.



I’d gone in search of something entirely different, the 15th century chapel of Parroquia de San Lázaro. One of the first to be built in the city after it was conquered by Spanish monarchs, Isabella and Ferdinand, the chapel is home to one of Malaga’s most famous religious icons, the Virgen del Rocío. When I […]

Mi alma saluda tu alma … Malaga Street Art — Notes from Camelid Country

Today is the 126th birthday of the writer Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald. It should come as no surprise that I enjoy his work, his narratives, and his unapologetically messy life. Risks. Chances. Consequences. His life story is a cautionary tale of underutilized talent, gigantic love, and addiction. I have the last sentence of The Great […]

Happy 126th Birthday F. Scott Fitzgerald — Waldina

Free Man Lying on the Stairs Stock Photo

Photo:  Jayson Hinrichsen

Together sign

Photo:  Nicole Baster

Free Closeup Photo of Primate Stock Photo

Photo:  Andre Mouton

grayscale photography of naked stem

the thorns around the castle
were sharp and deadly
the prince looked for a weak spot
but found no way through them
it wasn’t supposed to be that way
the tale said he got inside
kissed the comatose woman
and woke her up
ready to love him
even though she had never seen him
before that moment
and while he was thinking those things
the woman in the castle
pushed the heavy drapes aside
and watched him through her open window
she had planted the thorns herself
believing she was not a powerless being
who need waking by a silly prince
she watched him bleed
as the thorns tore at his flesh
until he finally got on his horse
and rode away
she made another line on the wall
to join the 27 already there
then she picked up her book
poured herself a cup of tea
and went to her cozy chair
she curled up
just as her cat jumped onto her lap
life is good
she said to her beloved feline
very good
remind me my love
to have the gardener
plant more thorns tomorrow
the cat purred and nodded
before she fell asleep


Photo:  Andrey Grinkevich

A TED Talk…6 minutes.

Today is the 123rd birthday of the sculptor Louise Nevelson. He works are so intricate, so mechanical, I am attracted to the uniformity, the monochromatic color, and the scale. That entire sculpture is painted black. The world is a better place because she was in it and still feels the loss that she has left. […]

Happy 123rd Birthday Louise Nevelson — Waldina

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