Sammy Super Hero…

Sammy opened the Halloween festivities with a talk about superheroes.  He loves his Halloween costume.   He runs through The Coop, his cape flowing behind him.  Everyone thinks he looks great and they have been asking him to help out with things, since he looks so strong.

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Today is: National Magic Day…

red wooden panel board

Photo:  Karly Santiago

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Hmmm…maybe I should have worn a mask…

greyscale photography of skeleton

Photo:  Mathew Scwartz

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Dolly and Zac are cousins…

Dolly and Zac are cousins, so they decided to dress in costumes that went together.  Unfortunately, they didn’t understand what MUMMY truly meant.  At the very last minute Dolly’s sister saw their mistake and wrapped a bandage around Dolly’s leg, so she could be a real mummy, in the best sense of Halloween.

I will tell you that Dolly and Zac were quite satisfied with their costumes, and everyone else liked them as well.

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Witch…a very short story

300+ Best Vintage Witch images | vintage witch, witch, vintage halloween

“What do you mean, I’m not what you expected?” she asked.

“I thought witches looked different,” he said.

“Different than what?”

“I thought you’d be…green and…ugly,” he stammered.  “You know, warts, broken nose, and things like that.”

“Sorry to disappoint you,” she said, glaring at him.

“I’m not disappointed, I’m just surprised, that’s all.”

“You should go now.”

“Why?” he asked.  “You’re beautiful.”

“Sadly, you are not.” she sighed.  “And if you don’t leave this minute, you’ll be hopping out of here.”

He laughed and shook his head.  “Are you saying that you’ll turn me into a…ribbit.”

“Yes,” she said, looking at the toad sitting on the floor.

She poked him with the toe of her boot, then scooped him up and carried him to the pond out back, where he could croak and splash around with all the others who didn’t run when they should have.




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Today is: National Candy Corn Day

Candy Corn, Candy, Treat, Halloween

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My daughter got these photographs yesterday when the blue jay and squirrel were taking turns grabbing peanuts…4 pictures

Photos by: Deborah L. Carlson

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The guests have arrived and the HALLOWEEN PARTY has begun…The first activity, will be held after breakfast. Story time…with Beth

Beth reads at all the parties.  Halloween is no exception.  Everyone at The Coop, including the guests, love her stories.  She brings her own books, so no one knows what to expect and that’s part of the surprise.  Some of the baby chicklets fall asleep, but for the most part, everyone stays awake and listens to every word.  Sometimes they have questions and Beth always takes the time to answer each one.  They all look forward to their time with her.  She is reading early today, so the younger chicklets won’t be afraid of the scary stories in the dark.  She will be reading to the older chickltes and guests before bed.

This is a wonderful way to kick off the party.

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Beauty or terror…

Park, Bench, Night, The Fog

I’m sure it has to do with
where you’re from
or where you live
but the above photo
can either be
being beautiful
doesn’t mean that women
can walk there by themselves
not without
great risk
and that is a
that men do to
the never ending
threat of
men are able to
what women
to do
and how they
are allowed
to live

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Today is: National Cat Day…YAYAYAYAYA!!!

Cat, White, Animal, Mammal, Feline

Picture:  Pixabay

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