The Moon and Stars…a poem

she couldn’t keep track
of all those
who had gone on
before her
so she asked the Moon
when it was in its crescent form
if She would hold a star
for each of them
in Her arms
that way
she could
wave at everyone
and send them
the Moon said
She would be happy
to oblige
and from then on
whenever the Moon
was a crescent
She held the
girl’s loves
in Her embrace

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Today is: National Button Day

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Meet Joyce…

Hamster, Golden, Strawberry, Grass

Joyce is a lovely, free roaming, hamster.  She lives in a field behind a house with a garden.  She feels quite fortunate, since there’s a ready supply of food always available.  Once, the being who lived there came out of her house, so Joyce froze in place, and tried to blend in.  She thought she’d done a good job but from then on there was always a small pile of food, at the edge of the garden, as if the being left it there, just for her.

The woman in the house watched the hamster nibble her way through the garden.  She knew the hamster was partial to strawberries and made sure there were one or two of them available for her each day.  She also left a pile of mixed seeds for her, as well as the occasional cheeto.

A lovely friendship was born in that garden.  But then everyone knows, that’s what gardens are for.

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“There are basically only five ways to accumulate a billion dollars, and none of them has to do with…” — Art of Quotation

“There are basically only five ways to accumulate a billion dollars, and none of them has to do with being successful in a genuinely free market.” The first way is to exploit a monopoly. A second way to make a billion is to get insider information unavailable to other investors. A third way to make […]

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George Orwell — lauravent69

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Meet Zia…

Wild Turkey, Bird, Close Up, Portrait

Zia is on her way to The Coop, for the Turkey Party.  This will be her second year in attendance.   She plans on staying trough the Chickmas season, since she enjoys being in the kitchen when the cookies are being made and she loves the chicklets.  She’s looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting the three new rhinos, Rosy, Runway and Roland.  She’s heard good things about them and would like to hear their story.

Turkeys are story keepers.  They collect them and pass them on to others.  Zia is filled with new stories that she will tell the others, around the campfire.

She always makes a stop in the nursery and hospital. She’s hoping to meet Beth, who also tells stories.  She tasted Holly’s corn bread before and can hardly wait to have some more.  Resa, will be making some of the costumes for the two plays that will be taking place…one of which, will include three turkeys and she loves Resa’s gowns and the fact that she takes body proportions into consideration.

The Poetry Slam is her favorite event.  She has two new poems to recite.  She is also looking forward to seeing Peter, one of the warming bunnies who stayed with her when she was hurt on the way to last year’s Chickmas Party.  Someone shot at her from a moving car.  Fortunately, she was found and the hens quickly removed the bullet and stitched her up.  But she wasn’t feeling very well and she was so afraid  So Peter snuggled against her and  kept her warm. The chicklets took turns  telling them stories and Josie, one of the horses, pulled them in a wagon, so they could see the entertainment.

It’s possible that Zia will simply stay at The Coop, from now on.  It’s the best place for a bird to be.  It would be silly for her to leave and live where humans exist.

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A Room with a View…

Window, Lisbon, Portugal, Architecture, Sky, City, Old

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