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How they met…6…Alex Adams The end

“You’re not like anyone I’ve ever met,” he said. “No one is like anyone you’ve ever met.” “You know what I mean.” “I do.  And you’re afraid of me.” “I’m not afraid of you.  I’m…afraid of me.” “Why?” “Because this … Continue reading

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The end…a poem

when everything’s gone and nothing’s left admit we didn’t do our best for the earth the plants the sea not for the animals or the trees not for anything did we fight all we did was kill the Light

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The end…is sometimes a beginning…a very short story

He had reached the end of the line.  There was no going back and he didn’t know what waited for him in the darkness.  He sat quietly, eyes closed, contemplating his life and how he had lived it.  He was … Continue reading

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The End…

if I live to be one hundred and fifty years old and I read all day every day until I close my eyes for the last time I still won’t have been able read all of the books that I … Continue reading

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Joseph Smith…36 (final chapter)

The dogs were curled around her feet.  Jade looked at them and touched their faces. “They really are your dogs,” said Smith. “I hear their heartbeat, it’s the same as mine.” “What will you call them?” “Love and Freedom.” Smith … Continue reading

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Annie…Short story…25 The End…Finis

Annie walked through the gate and strolled down the street.  White wings were standing on both sides of the lane, watching in silence, as she passed. When she finally came to the place where the angel had given her instructions, … Continue reading

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The end…

Picture from the Public Domain She stood in front of the dilapidated building, the memories piling on top of each other, her heart racing, her hands balled into fists.  If she believed in hell, this would certainly have been the … Continue reading

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In the end…

Picture from:  Pinterest   In the end, when all has been said and done, and the earth is ready to call it a day, I believe the animals will walk into a place of beauty and safety…free from humans and … Continue reading

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