Art and the philosophy of life

white brown and black cat on brown dried leaves

“Are you scared?”

“No.  Are you?”

“I guess not.  But where’s mom?”

“Probably following us.  You know how she is.”

“I don’t see her.”

“We’re supposed to grow up.  I mean we can’t stay kittens all our lives, can we?”

“We’re only a few weeks old.”

“That’s true.  I guess we still have time to get big.”

“Maybe we should just wait for her, or turn around.”

“Okay, but at least put your tail up, so she doesn’t think we’re afraid.”

“But I am afraid.”

“So am I, but my tail’s up.”

“Do you think we’re beautiful?”

“Of course, we are.  We’re cats.  Cats are beautiful.”

“That’s what I thought.”

“I think I hear her.”

“She’s going to be mad, because we left the barn.”

“I know.”

“Here she comes.”

How many times have I told you to stay in the barn?  HOW MANY?  See this blood all over me?  That’s how many things I had to fight, to stop them from EATING YOU.  You’re nothing but snacks out here.

“We’re sorry,” they said, leaning against her.

I know that you’re brave, but you’re too young to be out here alone.

“Really sorry.”

I love you,” she said, licking them and pushing them with her nose.

“We love you too but can we go home now?  Please.”

Did you learn your lesson?”

“YES!” they said.

Then follow me.  And you’re not just beautiful, you’re gorgeous.  Never forget that.”

“Okay,” they mewed, and kept as close to her side as they possibly could, all the way to the  barn.


Photo:  Dorothea Oldani

Comments on: "Tiny kittens…a short story." (12)

  1. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  2. Awww. What a good mom:)

  3. I want them…so bad. ❤

  4. They are so gorgeous… but way too tiny to be out alone!

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