Art and the philosophy of life


Free River in the Middle of Forest Stock Photo

as long as there are places
like this
dinosaurs exist
and since everything
is happening at the same time
they may be
just a membrane away
one tiny dimension from us
walking next to us
but not seeing us
anymore than we can see them
but they’re here
and they always will be
everything really is happening
at the same time


Photo:  Alesia Kozikpex

Comments on: "Dinosaurs…words." (9)

  1. We are, linked to these days of the pasts, we weren’t, involved in, but, they all, impact us, greatly, just the same.

    • True enough. But according to physicists…it’s all still going on, since everything is happening at the same time. It’s a strange thing. Consciousness is all there is and we are it and consciousness is learning by sending itself out to do everything, including us. It’a ll one of the same thing. And now physicists said space/time is no longer fundamental. We can use it to do experiments and find things out but it’s over and kind of dead. It’s really interesting, the things they are doing and finding out.

  2. That’s the truth. Hard to believe everything is made of consciousness, just trying different things so it can learn and expand. Mind blowing for sure.

  3. I do like that idea.

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