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A Place…a story poem…

I think somewhere
there’s a PLACE
where gender roles
are reversed
a Place where
women are strong
and in charge
a Place where
men are never fully
where they are
seen as objects
and are worth
a Place
where males
have no rights
a Place
where violence
against men
is the norm
and completely
a Place
where there are
Male Shelters
for those men
who are beaten
and broken
a Place
where men have no voice
and their bodies
are for sale
or simply taken
a Place
where men’s choices
are severely limited
and they live
in constant fear
I think there is
a Place like that
it’s a Place
many women
call Heaven


Photos:  Bjorin Pierre

Comments on: "A Place…a story poem…" (28)

  1. Reblogged this on Gotta love Tish and commented:
    I’m inspired!!

  2. Women are, often targets of violence, because we are, stereotyped as, not as strong as the men, and, by, allowing these, gender stereotypes to, define us, we became, that, self-fulfilling, prophecy…

    • Women are targets of violence because there is nothing stopping men from being violent against us. It’s a weapon that is allowed, to keep women in their place. It’s encouraged through media and lack of punishment/consequences. Men want to do it, and they can.

  3. There very well might be… but is that the answer?

  4. All too true , if not physically they figuratively keep there knee on our throats. We have to find a way.

    • Absolutely. We are only allowed to have what they give to us. No more than that. They protect themselves with power and the laws THEY write. There is no justice, not really. It’s all about what men want.

      • They have taken complete control over women’s bodies and our sorry Supreme Court is backing them. But if you ask them why they aren’t vaccinated it’s “my body my choice” hypocrites!

      • Oh, definitely hypocrites. They are the very definition of the word. And they don’t care about children at all. They just care about control and power.

      • Once that child is in the world they don’t care if it lives or dies . They are working diligently at doing away with all social programs that might help them .

      • Absolutely. For mothers and children, there is very little. The Conservative Right doesn’t think women should have sex. The punishment for doing so is poverty and unsafe abortions, even in the case of parental rape or rape by strangers. Women are always punished for what men do and believe Death, from unsafe abortions, is the ultimate punish women deserve for becoming pregnant, no matter how it happened.

      • You absolutely nailed it. They are sexual predators who hate women who have sex! I quit a very long friendships with a Republican (man) while discussing the Tx ban and he said it was good, he felt a 12 year old rape or incest victim should have to give birth and not allowed an option. A Bastard.

      • Wow, you did the right thing by getting rid of him. Isn’t it telling that there are NO LAWS that require the FATHER to do…well…ANYTHING? Anything at all? Rapists don’t even get punished. Like the idiot father of a high school football player who raped a girl, who said, “How can you ruin his career over something like that?” Females kill themselves because of what men do to them, but nothing happens to the men. Really hateful men.

      • I can’t stand the sight of this guy now, I know he’s lying because he had a young daughter ( now all grown up and a maga freak) and I know he would not have let her go through anything but now we’re talking about other women and young girls, not his.

      • Oh, that’s true for so many. The laws don’t apply to their family. Just want to control other women. Rich women just go on a vacation to Europe and have their abortions. The poor, go into a dirty basement or use a hanger, and take their chances.

      • They will get whatever they need while holding other women’s lives in their grubby hands.

      • It’s so disgusting.

      • It deserves a good rant 😊

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