Art and the philosophy of life

grayscale photo of concrete building

Photo:  Zongnan Bao

Comments on: "We’re a lot more like bees than we think…Our hives are just taller." (10)

  1. I follow Urban Hell over on Reddit, and let me tell you, there are LOTS of hive instincts in this world!

    • I think that’s true. Lots of them. We believe that Americans are independent individuals and that we don’t have a hive mentality but that’s simply not true in many cases.

  2. If we are bees, who’s the Queen?

  3. we call them Chüngelistall in Swiss German which means rabbit cages…

  4. Ahh… I get the hive comparison, but I think bees are more cooperative in their hives than we are in ours.
    I call high rises filing cabinets for humans!

    • EVERYONE is more cooperative than we are. Even in made up bible stories, the first two kids were born and one killed the other one. Even their pretend god started things out with murder. Filing cabinets is a good way of looking at it.

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