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We’re a lot more like bees than we think…Our hives are just taller.

grayscale photo of concrete building

Photo:  Zongnan Bao

This is from: HELP ANIMALS Please watch it’s very short and lovely

Bees need water but…

most water dishes and birdbaths are too deep and the bees drown.  You have to put stones in the birdbaths, or dishes, so they can sit on them and not fall into the water.


We can’t eat without them…plant for the bees…no pesticides…be bee friendly

Things you don’t want to know but should…

Source:  ADBUSTERS Magazine


Honey, Bee, Buckfast, Insect, Wings

hive mind is for bees
not for people
as much as possible

From: Bored Panda

500 Million Bees Have Already Died In Brazil Within Three Months And The Future Of Our Food Is In Question


We can’t live without them…be kind to bees

Bees, Pollination, Insect, Macro, Pollen


Feed the bees

Feed the bees

Plant bee friendly flowers

Bees keep us alive.  They are wonderful insects who are intelligent and beautiful.  Please help them…we must provide for their needs because WE are the ones who are killing them.  Thank you.  Love a bee.  Love all the bees we owe them… big time.


Bee Hive

Bee Hive

Inside hive

I tried, but the bees refused to stand still and smile…so. The hive is encased in glass and each year the Chicago Botanic Garden has a beekeeper put a hive in the enclosure. The bees go home when fall moves in. It’s interesting, to say the least. The entrance is higher up on the outside of the roof. They work very hard so that we can live. I’m grateful to them.

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