infinite possibilities.

Okay, this is from ksbeth. I love it. Let’s do something like this for all the women who have died in back alley abortions, or who have been raped. Does anyone have any ideas about what women in the country, or world can make. We can choose a day in the future to art-blast our cities, towns, etc. Let me know what you think. Thank you.

I didn't have my glasses on....

“tearing the paper means you’ve stopped believing in the infinite possibilities of a square.” 

-tor dual, a thousand paper birds

image credit: artist, vik muniz turned two million cranes into one symbol of strength for japanese earthquake victims

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4 Responses to infinite possibilities.

  1. KSBeth art is amazing. I think protest and boycott is our only hope. They won’t stop until they fear losing their power and money.

    • I agree. We need to find out what they are into and then stop using what they are making. Boycotts work. Money is god. And Ksbeth rocks.

      • It is! These senators are making a bundle from the NRA. I found out that Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida is high on the list of senators receiving millions from the gun lobbyists. Trump nailed it….LITTLE MARCO of Florida.

  2. The NRA owns a piece of the government, along with other wealthy companies and organizations. Nothing would surprise me and I bet he doesn’t get voted out of office. Trump hates Chicago because our mayor stood up to him, even in the face of threats. He’s like, “bring it.” We are getting a new mayor, a woman. So we shall see what happens.

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