Okay, so…

I’m all for love, if you define it so that it doesn’t hurt anyone…like…I love you and I’m beating you to death for your own good, kind of twisted things that some people call love.

Okay, now that that’s out of the way, here’s the thing…you can’t fight evil people with love and prayers.  No one could love/pray away Hitler, or any of the other evil murdering moronic men who have owned slaves and tortured people during catholic inquisitions and wars.  Loving and praying are completely useless.

I’m not really sure where the disconnect comes in, or why some people think that if they are loving, anything will change, but if they just open their eyes and ears, they will see and hear that a lot of people, many of them YOUNG, don’t feel as IF THEY HAVE A FUTURE because there WON’T BE ONE.  That’s our fault.

I believe all the talk about love and praying is an excuse to not actually stand up and be counted.  It’s an easy out.  If  people are busy praying they don’t actually have to DO anything.  It’s like a gigantic safety net.  I understand how terrifying it can be to stand up to the bad guys.  Believe me, I truly do.  I’ve been quietly terrified a few times, during impending violence, when facing the bad guys.  People just can’t show fear, because that’s like food to them.

Anyway.  Not a single bad thing, where people have been enslaved, tortured, burned at the stake, murdered, in all kinds of ways, including war, has been stopped by love or prayer.  Useless.  Completely useless, except that it make those doing it feel better, while the rest of the people are out trying to make the world safer for them, while they are in their houses loving, or praying, or whatever.

Look.  THERE IS A TIME FOR ACTION.  What if, when Hitler started out, people tried to STOP him.  I think that’s what’s happening HERE IN AMERICA, RIGHT NOW.

So, people can choose to look the other way and love and pray and hope that things get better, or they can speak up, and take action, when it’s called for.

Again, a lot of people have never stood up for anything, not in marches, or in the street, or in writing, or anywhere.  That’s okay, not everyone can do it, but PLEASE STOP PRETENDING THAT LOVING AND PRAYING WILL DO A SINGLE THING.

No kids in war would die, if prayers and love did anything,  because people love their kids and they die anyway.  BUT, IF WE STOPPED GOVERNMENTS FROM HAVING WARS ALL THOSE KIDS WOULD HAVE BEEN ALIVE, and that’s the point! 


So many lives could have been saved throughout history, IF PEOPLE ACTED, instead of praying.  Really…it’s pathetic.  People died because of that, they still are.  It’s going to happen again, unless we can stop these evil, religious, woman hating, men from destroying the lives of women and children.

LOVE WOMEN ENOUGH TO DO SOMETHING FOR THEM.  ACT NOW, SPEAK OUT, FIGHT BACK.  Or else it’s just going to be more of the same.  More suffering and miseRy, more dead kids, and more innocent people in jail, while the real criminals in washington, walk free, over our dead and dying bodies.

People are taught that love and praying are answers SO THEY DO NOT ACT OUT AGAINST THE POWER STRUCTURE.  It’s been done to people ON PURPOSE.  It’s a form of CONTROL.  PEOPLE ARE CONTROLLED THROUGH GOOD WORKS AND FEAR.

Stopping injustice and evil, stops people from suffering and dying.  Prayers don’t do anything at all.  Go to the cemeteries where our soldiers are buried.  Thousands upon thousands of white crosses when, with some kind of action, they might have been able to live out their lives in peace.  Action finally stopped Viet Nam.

Look what women did to get the vote for THOSE WHO STAYED HOME AND DID NOTHING.  Look what brave women did to get other women the right TO GO TO COLLEGE, while other women stayed home and were afraid.  There isn’t a woman alive who doesn’t enjoy privileges, they take for granted, because of the WOMEN WHO WENT OUT OF THEIR HOUSE, FOUGHT AGAINST EVIL TRADITION, MADE THEMSELVES TARGETS, SUFFERED, AT THE HANDS OF MEN…so that they, THE FUTURE, could have better lives than they did.

I am so indebted to those brave women, for what they did for me, for what they suffered and gave up, so my life would be easier.  How can I do less?  I’m a woman.  The women who came before me were brave and selfless.  I won’t disappoint, or embarrass them by not following in their footsteps.  For years and years, when I was active, my friends and the women I have stood with were courageous, intelligent and refused to back down.  I’ve worked with women of all ages who were dedicated to helping women be free and I can’t stop now, not when our very BODIES are on the line.

If our government takes away the right of women to own their own bodies, they can, and will, take EVERYTHING from us.

You know, there’s an easy test to see what works and what doesn’t.  Say your child runs into the street.  You can watch the cars come toward him and love him as much as you can or, you can start praying that the cars will miss him,  The other alternative is to physically ACT and take him out of the street.  See…easy to see what works and what doesn’t.  Everyone knows the truth, they just don’t want to do what needs to be done, so while people are loving and praying, kids will be dying…AGAIN.


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4 Responses to Okay, so…

  1. Resa says:

    Right on!!!!!
    Fab rant! One of your best!

  2. Hahahaha, good point. I’ve had people say they would pray for me and I tell to not to.

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