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When the shooter on the roof, killed six people in Highland Park today, and it was called a mass murder, I thought, that’s not a mass murder, only six people died.   Nineteen kids were just murdered in school,  and seven people just got killed in a snow slide, so six people…not that many.

So many people are killed in this country, that six doesn’t even seem like enough to be called a mass murder any longer.  More may die, since some were critically injured. I hope the twenty-four who were wounded recover quickly and are well, but these things can take a toll on a person’s mind and feelings of safety and trust, kind of like what women feel all the time.

In a place like Highland Park, I think people feel insulated and safe from what’s going on around them.  Well, they did until today, that is.  Because now they know that money and a nice neighborhood won’t save you.

People are being killed in fast food places, classrooms, in Boston Marathons, on the streets and pretty much everywhere.  Some weekends in Chicago have anywhere from 8 to 14 people killed.  So six?  But they weren’t killed in gang wars, or drive-bys, they were “innocent” people watching a parade.

Why are males ALWAYS killing people?

Anyway, they cancelled the fireworks in Highland Park, a courtesy to those who were killed and injured by the guy, with a rifle, who shot them from the roof top.  No children were hurt, at least not physically.  They have a lead, a name, and a description of a silver car, so maybe they’ll find the guy.

Highland Park’s downtown area is tiny.  Just a couple of blocks.  It’s a cute little place and I put pictures of it on my blog, the last time I was playing there.  They used to have a great summer art fair too.

I can’t help but think the republicans should be held responsible for the deaths of all the children and adults who have been MURDERED with the guns the republican party protects for profit.

And, I just saw a guy show that around 80% of republican people want gun control, but the party lies about the stats to divide us even more.  Well, they are liars, after all.

And a nurse just lost her job and had her nursing license pulled because she and one other saved the life of a woman, by giving her an abortion while at work.   They are being charged.  The nurse said, “Well, I guess we can’t save lives any longer.”  I wish we could support her in some way.  She said they had to make a choice, the woman’s life, or an abortion.  They chose to save the woman’s life and they will pay for that.

Seeing what happened to the nurse, I’m sure other medical staffs will just let women die, rather than be fired and perhaps put into jail.  And won’t that make the christian fanatic right wing and the republican party happy.  Because to them, a good woman is a dead woman.

Oh, and one of those religious fanatics said their goal is to live the Handmaid’s Tale and they’ll do everything in their power to make it come true.

Another man said that Canada and Mexico should close their borders to save themselves, because it’s going to get really bad here.  He was one of the good guys and was warning the other countries to get ready for bad things.

So, just a few things to brighten your day from the new america, where unelected idiots, called the supremes, can destroy the lives of all women in one fell swoop, and add more guns to the streets so more people can die, as long as the supremes and republicans get their thirty pieces of silver.


Picture from Highland Park a few summers ago.

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  1. Horrible

    • It’s becoming so common that it’s just one more time. That’s so awful. People need to be shocked, not just accept it as, “one more time.” We do that with violence. We just think that’s the way it is and it shouldn’t be that way at all.

    • It is, and it’s going to continue. I think the republicans would like to pass out guns for free, to anyone who wants one.

  2. As I’ve said before. Life is cheap. After they’re dead the victims a news item for a while and then they get forgotten about. This kind of event is becoming so commonplace in America and now elsewhere – that we are now used to it. Like the atrocities going on in Ukraine and elsewhere it’s become ‘normalised’ and rarely makes the front pages.

    • Absolutely. We are not shocked by anything, any longer. The war in Ukraine is barely newsworthy any longer. The news is simply sensationalism and jumps from one crisis to another, to keep dull minded viewers interested. Content doesn’t matter, getting people to watch does.

  3. It is disgusting that one decides that six is not a mass murder as there are so many “bigger and better” ones.
    I cannot help but think that now that this has happened in an upper class ‘hood more people will wake up – yanno, cos they are “worth” more and all that bullshit.
    As for the nurse – I am curious where this happened? Not that it is okay. I swear, I feel sick to my stomach right now.

  4. Highland Park is now Lowland Dark.
    America is headed into a dark age, an era of horror.

  5. Me too, really. I think women will just do what they always do…die.

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