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From Resa & Holly – House of Heart. It all began with a post displaying some of Frida’s clothing. Gigi dedicated that post to me. Click on the pic below, and visit Frida’s costumes. I told Gigi I was going to draw Frida, and style an outfit for her, in her spirit. This was met […]

Frida Kahlo – for Gigi — Art Gowns

Comments on: "Frida Kahlo – for Gigi — Art Gowns (I am overwhelmed by this wonderful post from Resa and Holly. It’s so beautiful and I am incredibly grateful for all their work and especially for their generous friendship–thank you so much, I’m honored–Gigi)" (55)

  1. It’s nice that you have a small circle of friends like Resa, Holly, Melanie and yours truly…

  2. Thank you Gi!
    Drawing Frida has been a wonderful, and learning experience.

    • You’re drawing turned out perfectly. I’m so thankful that you let me see it during the process. It’s wonderful and so is the drawing of Holly. I’m glad you love Frida as much as I do. Thank you again and I’m so happy you took the idea of her and ran with it.

      • Yeah!
        Running with an inspiration has jet fuel!
        Frida is amazing. Her self portraits are of note…big time.
        I know I see her differently than she saw herself.
        I think she was hard/stern on herself.

      • I agree. I think she was hard on herself as well. A woman in that era…she was one of a kind and lived her life the way she wanted to…you HAVE TO WATCH THE MOVIE. You were on fire. I’m so happy because that’s such a wonderful feeling. You did an amazing job. Thank you, from Frida and from me. ❤

      • I will watch the movie!
        I had a great time doing the drawings. Again I stretched, and it feels wonderful!
        Welcome to both of you! ❤

      • I’m so happy you enjoyed doing it. That makes it even better and I know both of you did it with big, open, loving hearts. That’s what makes it even more special.

      • We both adore you, Gi!

      • I’m not sure WHY you’re generous enough to be my friends, LOL, but I’m thrilled that you are. Believe me. I think you’re both fabulous.

      • Same to you and then some. Kisses on the fuzzy ones. 🙂 Em is wondering what happened to her yard. All her hiding spots are gone.

      • Oh dear! Is she liking her new yard? 😀

      • It’s currently a barren wasteland and she’s not happy. No place to hide or hunt. No, she doesn’t like it. Grass seed goes down next week and I think the walkway will go down tomorrow. A shrub and a few flowers too…maybe. Still have a long way to go.

      • Okay… her world is about to build!

      • Yes, it is. I think the path to the back gate is going to be started today and there are flowers and a few shrubs ready to be planted soon. The grass seed goes down next week. She’s just been laying on the dirt. She’s constantly looking at everything and I’m sure she’s wondering where everything went.

  3. So beautiful, Frida, the singer, and both of you.

  4. amazing! and the blogging community is such a rich one!

  5. ❤️🌷🌹🥰

  6. I tried to comment on Resa’s blog but it wouldn’t let me so…

    To Resa and Holly:

    What an amazing post! You lovely ladies did a fabulous job honoring Frida and I’m sure it meant the world to Gigi!!

    You are an Artist, dear Resa…get that right 😀 ❤

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