Art and the philosophy of life

it’s one more lie
that the meek will
inherit anything at all
it’s a false promise
to keep people quiet
hoping for a payoff
at the end
because that’s what
RELIGION is all about
payoffs at the end
promises that have no
basis in reality
just a way to control you
while you’re alive
while the country burns
they want you to sit back
and watch the flames
get on your knees
think happy thoughts
while people scream
and die in the streets
beg for food
and shelter
the priests rape
counting their gold
and the government
gets rich on the poverty
of others
and the dead bodies of our children
who die in foreign lands
as the meek wait for their
a reward for doing nothing
for obeying
for being quiet
for bowing down to the status quo
for keeping their words
INSIDE their throats
for not speaking out
for being unseeing
in a world that is
that is trembling
under the pounding of
stormtrooper boots
and the cries of uneducated
children are carried away
by unhealthy air
and the water they are given
is filled with lead
and poison
and the meek turn away
waiting to inherit
what’s left
in a world ravaged
by hate
and evil
and all the time
people pull down their shades
close the curtains
and hope for the best
as they repeat their mantras
while they cross their fingers
and wait
for the gifts promised by
men who speak nothing but lies
while wearing white collars
and long black robes
men who promise gifts
they do not have
to people desperate
who believe anything
that will allow them to keep
their eyes shut tight
while others are tear gassed
and beaten
taken away by those
who have lost their way
and forgotten that THEY
are US
that we are their brothers
and sisters
but they have been brainwashed
into working for the overlords
against their own kind
hitting and grabbing and hating
right along with the elite
money grubbers
lost and trained to beat and kill
those who look just like them
blinded to what they are doing
unable to turn around
and see the REAL enemy
because America is BURNING
being reborn into something else
something we can’t envision
and the government turns a blind eye
searching for votes
stepping over the dead
telling their own lies
and doing nothing
to stop the dictator
as we fight a deadly virus
and bodies pile up and rot in trucks
and children are terrified to go to school
and still the army comes
and still the rebels fight in the street
and still the poets write
and the artists sing and paint
as the meek hide
waiting for their reward
of a dead
and crippled earth

Comments on: "America…best read out loud and fast SLAM IT" (4)

  1. Reblogged this on Wordifull and commented:
    Please read this fabulous, powerful poem from Gigi! Read it fast aloud and you will have no choice but to read it LOUD!

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