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Slavery officially ended in 1863 in the United States but that didn’t change how white people acted towards black people in both the north and the south, but especially in the south. In that country an unofficial apartheid flourished in the southern states keeping blacks and whites apart and the blacks in a pejorative position. […]

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  1. I have lived all over the United States – I will agree with you… the south is brutal with racism – at least it was when I was living there as a child…

    You saw the separation just happen ☹️… in elementary… we were all friends and enjoyed each other… then middle school… suddenly it was different and sides were taken

    By high school, swat teams used to have to be at Friday night football games because people couldn’t get along 🤨😠 wth?

    Here we are in 2020… yet some of it still exists!!! I am not in the south now… I am in the west… but I still see it. It’s still there in the north too, just not AS bad in the north.

    Ridiculous if you ask me, what does color have to do with who someone is? Only the weak minded separate on color, race, religion etc

    8 generations back my family has black… I called my mom and asked umm I think we are black? Lol – I was doing genealogy … she was like no you must be wrong do it again lol… I did it 6 times with same result lol – yeah mum I’m pretty sure (it’s her side)

    So anyway… we ended up meeting and reconnecting with an entire side of family who we had no idea even existed 😮 that was fun lol… hi we are family lol both sides had no idea of the other.

    The trail goes cold with that one family member 8 generations ago… was 1772… she was born a slave in Massachusetts which did not abolish slavery until 1783.

    With her children, they were light skinned … one white washed with irish – that’s my side… the other did not and continued on with the color line.

    I should do a post on that.

    But we are all just people, none of this stupid racist stuff should be seen today… many are mixed anyway – some even don’t know that

    Once you hit a slave… going back any further – I don’t know how to do that yet or if it’s possible!! I am curious though!! They my family no matter what they are

    I also have religious things too… my family is catholic – and VERY recently I just learned of an entire very close (as in first cousin relation) that I didn’t even know existed, came out of woodwork because my brother took a dna test 😮

    The others were written out of the Catholic family because they were Protestant

    Who the hell cares lol… it’s family!!! So yeah that’s why I say is weak minded people who can’t get over those things. It’s dumb and tears people apart ☹️ we could be so strong together ✌️

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