Art and the philosophy of life

When Rene Rosso was asked to sing in Paris, well, she said YES! Of course, she had several requests. One, was that the Art Gowns would open for her with a fashion show. She had a special gown designed, just to announce the Art Gowns. First out on the runway in “The Tulle Collection” was […]

via Art Gowns’ Paris Adventure — Art Gowns

Comments on: "Art Gowns’ Paris Adventure — Art Gowns (Don’t miss this wonderful post by RESA Her drawings are outstanding and the chicklets were allowed to help out)" (14)

  1. the link doesn’t play, but Paris is still the finest city there has been, amen

  2. So much fun! Loved all of it ❤

  3. All so wonderful and glamorous. I love the chicks’ gowns, as well!!!

  4. Thank you, Gi! I’ve been with my nose to the grindstone. I sent an email explaining! xo
    The Chicklets are so wonderful, and I can’t thank you enough, ever, for the drawings and all the fun!

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